Adorable Consort – Chapter 76

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Chapter 76 – When weirdos converse, the dialog is weird

“Xi Ning, where’s my dad?” After Chu Qing-Yan looked around and couldn’t find him, she asked Xi Ning who stood at the side waiting upon her.

Seeing her family’s master looking so worried, Xi Ning immediately replied. “Just now, this servant seemed to have heard Master parent-in-law say he wanted to go to the pond to take a look.”

“The pond? Which pond?” Chu Qing-Yan was baffled. Prince Ying’s manor was very large and she hadn’t even had the chance to walk once through it. Now hearing this, she couldn’t help but have some misgivings.

At this moment, Mother Chu suddenly thought of something, she immediately said. “Could it be the lake your father and I passed by on our way here just now?”

Xi Ning also showed her agreement. “Master, the front courtyard has a lotus flower pond, maybe Master parent-in-law has gone there! These days, the lotuses in the pond have been growing extremely well. This servant had originally wanted to wait until master’s injured foot had gotten better so that this servant could then bring you over to have a look!”

The corner of Chu Qing-Yan’s mouth twitched, she said to Xi Ning. “You, quickly go search for my daddy. By all means, don’t let him get into trouble!”

Xi Ning didn’t know that Father Chu’s state right now was no different from a child’s, seeing master was so worried, she immediately broke into a run to search. Mother Chu couldn’t feel at ease and also followed after her.

Chu Qing-Yan held her forehead, she could never forget when they were still in Mao village, their neighbor, Elder Aunt Li planted a lot of taros in the soil. She did it in preparation to get through the winter and was waiting for the harvest days in the future. How could she have known that once Daddy saw those leaves were good-looking, he would pull them out one stalk at a time, then pick off the leaves and build a canopy against the rain for the bird nest on a tree? It enraged Elder Aunt Li to the point that she lied on the floor wanting to cry but lacked the tears. In the end, it was mother who personally carried a bag of white flour to Elder Aunt Li to apologize and make amends, only then did Elder Aunt Li beam with joy and let bygones be bygones.

This time, seeing those lotus leaves are even bigger than those taro leaves, she didn’t know what kind of ghostly idea her Daddy would come up with, probably pick those leaves to make a rain canopy ah!

Chu Qing-Yan blushed with shame!

The proverb said it well, ‘no one knows a father better than his own daughter’.

Just now in the courtyard Daddy Chu kept thinking of those gigantic lotus leaves, thinking that in several days there definitely would be a huge rain, don’t know if the birds in the village would have a roof to shelter them from the rain without him there. So this time, he must pick these big leaves, hide them and wait until they go back to Mao village, then he’ll give these leaves to the birds. This way, they wouldn’t have to ever worry about not having a roof to shelter them from the wind and to block the rain.

However when he walked to the pond, he started to feel awkward. Those leaves were basically in the center of the pond, he simply couldn’t reach them to pick them. If Cai Cai were here, then it would’ve been better. Cai Cai was so smart, she definitely would have a plan to be able to pick them.

Daddy Chu originally wanted to go back and call his daughter, but then he recalled she had injured her foot. He immediately gave up on this idea. He looked at the lotus leaf in the center of the pond then looked at his own hands and then looked at his foot, visually estimating that it would probably be enough to reach it!

And so he rolled up his sleeves and stood on tiptoe, leaned his body forward and extended his hands towards those lotus leaves, determined to reach those leaves.

And just at this moment, several servants that was passing by saw this scene and immediately cried out in alarm. “Who are you? What are you doing?”

Daddy Chu was startled, his hand hadn’t even reached the leaves when the soles of his feet slipped, his entire person was about to fall head first into the pond.

“Cai Cai——” Daddy Chu subconsciously shouted out loud!

“Fire Spirit!” A call came in a low tone, the person at his side heard the order and immediately dashed over. He fished up Daddy Chu who was close to touching the surface of the pond and smoothly landed on the ground.

After Daddy Chu stood steadily, he happily clapped his hands to smilingly say. “I just knew my daughter is the best, every time I call her, I can always avert disaster!” Daddy Chu said this while turning around to see Fire Spirit’s face that was as black as the bottom of a pot. His smile immediately disappeared as he pointed at him to say. “Who are you? Are you the rescue force that Cai Cai had sent over?”

“This servant is Fire Spirit.” Finished saying this, Fire Spirit no longer paid any attention to this lively chattering Daddy Chu. He turned around and bent down to salute his master who had walked over.

When Fire Spirit turned around, Daddy Chu then saw Xiao Xu. He immediately joyfully pushed Fire Spirit aside and walked to his front and smilingly asked. “Inserted-in-backwards scallion, why are you here? Did Cai Cai tell you to come over? So are you going to accompany me to play?”

Xiao Xu had come into contact with Daddy Chu several times, he knew that this person loved to cling to him. Originally he didn’t want to show his face to him, but how was he to know this Daddy Chu wouldn’t play properly and insisted on playing with those lotus leaves? He almost threw himself into the pond. However, since he was Chu Qing-Yan’s father, he couldn’t just sit there and watch. So he ordered Fire Spirit to save him and averted the disaster of falling into the water.

Xiao Xu didn’t like other people getting so close to him, as a result, he seamlessly retreated back a step. He ignored Daddy Chu’s other questions and only answered the first one. “Just so happened to be passing by, that’s all.”

“So it’s like that ah!” Daddy Chu also seamlessly advanced a step, mischievously looking at Xiao Xu, not moving.

Although he was used to people’s fixed attention as a courtesy, but to so brazenly stare at him without the least bit trying to conceal it, was still the first time. Xiao Xu wanted to turn around and leave, but years of education in etiquette wouldn’t allow him do so. As a result, the corner of his eyes twitched as he asked. “What other comments does the Elder Chu master have?”

“I don’t have any other comments ah! I’m waiting for you to reply ah!” Daddy Chu looked at him innocently, “You still haven’t answered my other questions!”

Fire Spirit on the side couldn’t bear it and wanted to burst into laughter. Fortunately, he was able to hold it in, he quickly lowered his head and coughed lightly in a low tone.

Xiao Xu glanced towards Fire Spirits’ direction, before his gaze fell on Daddy Chu again, he couldn’t help but pucker up his eyebrow.

Daddy Chu saw inserted-in-backwards scallion frown and thought that he had forgotten the question he asked just now. He somewhat sighed and said. “Inserted-in-backwards scallion son-in-law, you are still so young, how come your memory is so bad? Aren’t you worried that after you hide away some delicious foods, once you turn around, you’ll forget where you placed them? Forget it, this father will remind you once more!”

Daddy Chu didn’t see Xiao Xu’s face going green because it was all concealed by the mask.

After Daddy Chu finished speaking, he turned around and left. This action not only confused Fire Spirit, but it also confused Xiao Xu. Don’t know what medicine this Daddy Chu was trying to sell from his gourd (1)!

And just when Fire Spirit was puzzled, Daddy Chu dragged him towards himself and then——

Daddy Chu pushed him aside then joyfully skipped towards Xiao Xu. “Inserted-in-backwards scallion, why are you here? Did Cai Cai tell you to come over? So are you going to accompany me to play?”

As a result the corner of these two people’s eyes twitched at the same time.

Xiao Xu held his forehead, it turned out that the outside rumors of Chu Huai-Yuan becoming foolish and ignorant turned out to be reality and not just in name only.

Fire Spirit stood fixed in place, stunned, he stared dumbstruck at Daddy Chu. His position as a stately first class expert under his Highness that rides out on brave exploits was pushed by an ignorant fool just like this, and it was even twice? If this was to spread out, where would he place his face ah!

However, where did Daddy Chu have the time to care about the expert rider with brave exploits being butthurt? He continued chattering to Xiao Xu in a long winded manner. “This is what Cai Cai calls this situation: playback, you remember it? Quickly answer ah! Not allowed to stay silent! Otherwise not explaining means it’s being covered up, silence means tacit agreement! This way you’ll have to play with me ah!”

Daddy Chu proudly brought out the words Cai Cai would say. He imitated her very well.

Xiao Xu felt that the arc of the twitch in the corner of his eyes had become bigger.


1) A gourd is a vegetable and Chinese people dig it out and dry it to use it to hold wine. And you can’t see through to the wine inside the gourd. So the phase literally means don’t know what Daddy Chu is trying to sell.

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