Adorable Consort – Chapter 66

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Chapter 66 – An unforeseen event happened on the way home

Cai Cai’s gaze followed her parents as they left, before she somewhat embarrassedly turned to face Xiao Xu. Just now, she also hadn’t anticipated that Daddy would make those kind of movements.

“Your Highness, today there were many places my daddy was rude, please don’t take it to heart.” Chu Qing-Yan’s voice grew fainter and fainter under his fixed gaze and was almost unable to continue.

Xiao Xu watched as she unnaturally twisted and turned her hands, then indifferently said, “There won’t be a next time.”

The shock that Gu Rong and Gu Yi had received today was already enough. Now, seeing His Highness so easily forgive her, they no longer wondered at this strange sight.

It was a little hard to believe for Chu Qing-Yan. Recently, big block of ice had changed and become easier to talk to!

Now that it was already dusk, it was time to go back to the manor for dinner.

Chu Qing-Yan took a glance at the restaurant behind her, feeling it was somewhat a pity. They had booked a private room but hadn’t eaten anything, it was really such a waste. But after comparing, she felt that the food Huang Yi made was even more delicious, so she still happily caught up to Xiao Xu.

Because the carriage was parked under the shade of a tree, the group of people still slowly strolled back using the original route.

Don’t know if it was intentional or not, but just after leaving the restaurant, Xiao Xu naturally held her hand.

Having adapted to it before, Chu Qing-Yan also didn’t feel awkward, on the contrary, she was already accustomed to it.

“Cai Cai, looks like His Highness doesn’t treat you badly, then Mother is relieved.” This was what her mother told her in a small voice next to her ear before she was about to leave.

Chu Qing-Yan cocked her head to look at him with a pensive expression.

With her thoughts on him, Xiao Xu’s sharp senses perceived it, “Is something the matter?”

“Your Highness, thank you for specifically bringing my parents out. You treat me really well.” Chu Qing-Yan didn’t even think and just squinted her eyes, smiling at him.

Xiao Xu replied in a ‘matter-of-fact’ tone, “Since you know it, then good.”

Chu Qing-Yan originally thought he would be modest about it and didn’t think that he would so openly admit to it. At first, she choked a bit, then she giggled mischievously, seeing it like this, didn’t it mean she had successfully held on to a bankroller?

Xiao Xu didn’t know why she would suddenly giggle foolishly. He only felt that having her accompany him was also a kind of pleasure.

Bear hardship with equanimity, and the years after being calm will be good.

“Big Royal…. Big Brother!” A pleasantly surprised voice broke the current amicable calm.

Chu Qing-Yan felt that this voice seemed a bit familiar, and she looked towards the direction the voice came from. She saw, not far from the carriage, a light blue-clothed boy energetically waving his hands.

Xiao Ran?

Why was he here?

Chu Qing-Yan subconsciously looked at the person beside her and seemed to feel Xiao Xu also had an expression of surprise, but he quickly released her hand and walked forward with large steps, coldly telling Xiao Ran, “If this king remembered correctly, you should be having archery and horse riding classes right now!”

Facing this elder brother, Xiao Ran always had reverence, and so hearing his words, he said with some guilty conscience, “Today, this younger brother wanted to come out and take a walk, I didn’t want to always be locked up inside the imperial palace, it’s too boring like that.”

“Making trouble!” Xiao Xu’s tone remained strict.

Xiao Ran replied with a tone of currying favor, “Elder Royal Brother, this won’t be repeated again, just this once.”

“This king will immediately dispatch people to send you back.” Xiao Xu said with an unquestionable tone.

Xiao Ran had no choice but to comply. He was already used to this kind of temperament from his royal brother.

Chu Qing-Yan looked at this scene with great gusto, she didn’t think that Xiao Ran would also have the expression of eating a loss.

Gu Rong and Gu Yi had already gone to get the carriage. Seeing that he was unable to curry favor with his royal brother, Xiao Ran twisted his head and looked towards Chu Qing-Yan. He had already seen her from the start, and at this moment, with an awkward expression, he asked her, “Hey, has your body gotten a bit better?”

She didn’t expect that Xiao Ran would actually say words of concern towards her. However, after recalling that those pastries came from his hand, she then smiled in understanding, “Basically almost fully recovered. Many thanks for Fourth Prince’s concern.”

Xiao Ran saw that she didn’t have any intention of blaming him, so he felt a little uncomfortable. He coughed lightly, clearing his throat before continuing, “This Highness also didn’t know why those pastries were poisoned. Because you escaped this calamity, this Highness is also happy for you. As the proverb goes, ‘one is bound for good fortune after surviving a great disaster’, afterwards, you will be a blessed person.”

It was really hard to imagine that the person who got so angry at her at that time was now actually talking to her in a nice tone and manner. This was somewhat inconceivable, Chu Qing-Yan feigned having gained favor from a superior and agreed, “Many thanks for Fourth Prince’s lucky words.”

Xiao Ran saw her being clever and obedient, and his heart released a breath of relief. His whole body relaxed and he said, as if they had always been familiar, “Alas, I say, Chu Qing-Yan, your appearance is a bit lacking, and temper’s also a bit lacking. However, this Highness finds you pleasing to the eye, so from now on, we are friends. When there is an opportunity, this Highness will go to Prince Ying’s manor to play with you!”

He already finds her pleasing to the eye so quickly? Then what about their former hostility? Chu Qing-Yan felt that this Fourth Prince’s way of making friends was really outlandish. But, when she carefully looked into his eyes, she discovered a hint of unnatural expectation and worry flashing through his eyes. Was he afraid of her not wanting to be friends with him?

Chu Qing-Yan suddenly had a little sympathy for these people in the royal family, who looked to be clothed beautifully and neatly but were actually lonely and desolate, without sincere friends and only having mutually beneficial relationships. Even big events like marriages were used as bargaining chips in transactions. The enmity she had for the Fourth Prince, from this moment, was dispelled.

Seeing Chu Qing-Yan was lost in thought, Xiao Ran thought she was being difficult, and so, his expression couldn’t help but change, and somewhat fiendishly, he said to her, “This Highness wanting to be friends is to look highly upon you, don’t——Ow, who hit my head, eh, Elder Royal Brother!” Xiao Ran hurt so much that he almost became hopping mad, and in the instant when he turned around and saw the person clearly, his voice immediately weakened.

“Stop dilly-dallying, first, I’m going to send you back to the imperial palace now.” Xiao Xu said indifferently.

“Let this younger brother play for a bit longer! If this younger brother isn’t learning to compose poems in the imperial palace or playing instruments, then it’s learning how to ride and shoot and play chess. There isn’t a bit of freedom. Royal Brother, please don’t be as severe to this younger brother as mother concubine oh!” Xiao Ran’s attention was immediately drawn over by him. He wanted to tug on his sleeves and act like a spoiled child, but he didn’t dare. He could only pitifully look at him.

Xiao Xu looked at Xiao Ran who, although acting as if he had been wronged and was complaining, yet whose cheeks still overflowed with radiance of happiness and bliss, thus, Xiao Xu’s eyes turned murky, “There are people who supervise you and are concerned about you. You ought to feel satisfied and happy. No need to say more, if you don’t return now, Father Emperor will dispatch Yun Lin army to search for you.”

When these words fell, Xiao Xu waved his hand, ordering Gu Rong and Gu Yi to bring the carriage over.

Xiao Ran’s face immediately lowered dejectedly.

Chu Qing-Yan saw this scene and couldn’t help but feel it was funny. Although Xiao Xu usually seemed ice-cold, but with regards to this younger royal brother, he still kept an eye out for him.

Only, she faintly felt that when he said those words earlier, his tone seemed to tighten and he sounded somewhat lonely.

She recalled the rumors she heard before, that Western Xuan Emperor was more guarded against this eldest son than he doted on him. He treated the eldest son with more coldness than intimacy. She raised her head to look at this perfectly straight and calm figure before her, and a trace of heartache for the other person suddenly rose in her heart.

“Elder Royal Brother, smelly girl, I’m going back.” When the carriage arrived, Xiao Ran no longer put up a useless struggle. He waved at the two people, and although he was a bit unhappy, he still obediently listened and got into the carriage.

And just at this moment, more than a dozen shadowy figures leapt out of nowhere, holding sharp daggers and cold swords, and landed with a whizzing sound.

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