Adorable Consort – Chapter 224

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Chapter 224 – I can take charge of this

When the stone door behind them was smashed until it gave loud banging sounds, the people’s hearts on this side also shook along with it, thumping one after another. The more than forty children huddled together in a circle, frightened to the extreme.

“Don’t be afraid, even if they came, I will still protect you guys.” Chu Qing-Yan stroked the dagger on her belt, her expression was calm and unperturbed as she said this.

Although this youth and their age were clearly similar. They didn’t know why, every time they were about to collapse; when they heard her clear and spirited tone that carried a placating meaning that was almost undetectable, they couldn’t help but want to depend on her, to be near her.

When everyone was lonely and scared one person stood out. The others would involuntarily hide behind her, because they subconsciously felt that this person could guard them as they advanced forward.

After that youth detected everyone’s mood was once again placated by her, he used an astonished expression to look at her. He didn’t know where this person inexplicably popped out from. How much tenacity and vitality must she possess, as well as the endless stream of self-confidence that made people rely on her again and again.

At this moment Chu Qing-Yan was listening to those banging sounds, although she was far from the sound, she still couldn’t bear the bursts of echos from that noise. Her head was about to explode! With great difficulty she tried to maintain consciousness, but she was almost about to be swallowed by the darkness. She shook her head and once again touched the dagger at her waist. When her fingers touched that ice-cold blade, she didn’t hesitate to grasp it, once again seeking to be clear-headed. She must keep in mind the present conditions. These guys were all children, she must take charge of this.

The brightness was immediately restored to her pair of misty eyes. Chu Qing-Yan felt now she needed to talk to people and shift their attention. Otherwise before those Daoist priests arrived she would have fallen down already.

As a result her eyes turned and saw that youth that was taking care of everyone, and she couldn’t help but open her mouth to ask. “Where did you come from? What is your name?”

That youth took a glance at her. “I don’t have a name. I also don’t know where I come from.”

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t expect that something she merely asked about without thinking would jab at his heart. Because even though that youth’s tone was normal, she could clearly see the loss and anguish in his eyes. She couldn’t help but sigh faintly. Looking at his shabby clothes, maybe he was a roaming beggar in Ping Yang city!

“Hello, I’m called Chu Yan, how did they grab you?” Chu Qing-Yan once again started to talk.

“One day when I woke up, I discovered I was lying in an alley mouth in Ping Yang city, so hungry I couldn’t move. I couldn’t remember anything. The second time I woke up, I was already in the stone room.” He narrated his own matter in an ordinary tone. As if these three sentences represented his entire life.

Chu Qing-Yan closed her mouth, she felt if she continued to ask it would be as if she was sprinkling salt on his wound. As a result, she turned her attention to that iron door. Their group of people had already safely arrived at that final iron door. She guessed that at this time, Big Block of Ice should have finished dealing with Liu Ying’s matter. Then as long as she waited a bit more, she would be able to see Big Block of Ice!

“We should do something.” Chu Qing-Yan’s gaze floated to the top of the stone wall, and suddenly she became fixated.

“You say.” That youth directly said with an appearance of listening to her sending him on an errand.

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan smiled. She immediately leaned toward his ears and carefully told him her plans. The more that youth heard the more amazed he was, in the end he controlled the admiration for this person in his heart and nodded repeatedly.

“Okay, let’s move!”

Chu Qing-Yan selected several rather sturdy children from among them to aid him.

Although they have only been there for fifteen minutes, it already made people feel as if it was incomparably long.

And just at this moment, she could hear a breaking sound coming from a long distance away. Chu Qing-Yan immediately straightened her back while her hand gripped that dagger with a frosty expression.

That youth quickly walked toward her, his hands gripping another sword as he said in a low voice by her ear. “It broke.”

“En! In a while we must do our best to stall them!” Chu Qing-Yan said coldly.


That youth had just agreed when the sounds of messy footsteps could be heard approaching. The sounds came as if stepping on everyone’s hearts, the atmosphere all of sudden became tense.

“Run ah, run ah, this seat let you guys run, why aren’t you running?” That Daoist priest appeared in the narrow passageway with a gloomy expression. Following behind him were more than ten Daoist priests wearing the same type of clothing.

“If we ran, how could we see such a malicious and duplicitous Daoist priest ah? Oh no, using malicious and duplicitous to describe you really is an insult to those two words. You ah, are simply not as good as a beast!” Chu Qing-Yan leaned against the stone wall, with a smile at the corner of her mouth. But the words coming out of her mouth were enough to make that Daoist priest vomit blood.

“Such a clever, gab person, wait a bit and see how this seat will deal with you! Those bright white teeth, this seat will pull it out one by one!” That Daoist priest’s teeth hurt from being angered by her, his footsteps immediately sped up, itching to swallow her up whole.

If that loathsome boy hadn’t stuck in a foot, setting those kids free, he would have already started to refine that pill by now. Now missing this optimal time, he could only wait another day.

For so many years with great difficult he had waited for the perfect time to come, but just like this it was spoiled by this loathsome boy. He could not let him off so lightly!

Chu Qing-Yan calmly watched as those people slowly pressed closer, as if she hadn’t heard that Daoist priest’s threat. She still maintained her smile as if she was naive, with an appearance of not knowing to be afraid. Now she still unhurriedly reminded. “Daoist priest walk slowly, be careful of it being slippery.”

She had just finished speaking when the soles of the Daoist priest walking in the front suddenly slipped. Lacking sufficient center of gravity, with a shocked cry his entire person fell down flat on his back.

The people hurriedly walking in the front immediately stopped their footsteps, but the people behind didn’t know the circumstances of the road ahead. They immediately rushed up, so the people in front were forced forward and as a result, one after another the soles of their feet slipped and they fell down. The first people that fell down couldn’t climb up, while the people that followed couldn’t stop falling down one after another like a human pyramid. They couldn’t go forward nor could they climb up.

That Daoist priest that was walking in front was also pressed down by people. He fell because he was caught unprepared as he snarled at the people pressing down above him to get up. Those Daoist priests immediately tried to get up in a fluster. When that Daoist priest was finally helped up, his clothes were already wrinkled beyond repair. His Daoist cap was also askew, very comical looking.

Even though those children were deeply afraid in their hearts, still as they looked at the people cutting such sorry figures, they also couldn’t help but laugh.

“Already told you guys to be careful, who told you guys not to listen ah! This is called ‘don’t listen to good people’s words, now suffering the consequences’!” Chu Qing-Yan pretended to sigh, with an appearance of ‘you children can’t be taught’.

That youth also couldn’t help but laugh at her making fun of them.

That Daoist priest, seeing the group of children pointing at him, and that loathsome boy laughing with a face full of ridicule, a raging flame immediately ignited in his heart. He was deceived by this loathsome boy’s clever and seemingly innocent appearance, thus letting the wolf into the house. Can’t blame him for being impatient with victory so close, otherwise he would have already anticipated this. The back of this mountain was so well hidden, no matter how lost he was it was impossible for him to appear there.

That Daoist priest’s ice-cold and gloomy eyes looked at the person in front of him, did Chu Qing-Yan really think that he was so easily pushed around?

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