Adorable Consort – Chapter 262

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Chapter 262 – Danger lurks on every side, you leave first

When Fire Spirit’s group showed up, Earth Spirit’s sharp eyes spotted them.

“Master, look, Fire Spirit’s good came.” Earth Spirit wiped away the bloody water on his face, his tone had a trace of being pleasantly surprised.

And when Xiao Xu’s eyes turned to look in the direction of his gaze, both eyes immediately turned cold.

“Master, we came to protect you guys to get out of this encirclement!” Fire Spirit cut out a bloody path among the crowd. With a turn of his body, he jumped to stand in front of master. Seeing master’s whole body was full of bloodstains but there was no sign he was injured, he let out a breath of relief.

Xiao Xu took a step forward, his tone was as cold as black ice. “Didn’t this king make it clear to you guys that no matter what happens, you must not turn back? You guys actually disobeyed this king’s order.”

“Master, the matter was urgent and we temporarily couldn’t obey. After we break through this seige, this subordinate is willing to be hit and accept any punishment without complaint.” Fire Spirit had an anxious expression, afraid that his master would chase him away.

Earth Spirit also advised. “Master, at this time please don’t consider too much, let us first resolve the crisis in front of us then discuss it.”

Xiao Xu also felt that there was no other alternative right now, so he asked. “Where is Qing-Yan?”

“The Little Consort right now is staying at a safe place, you don’t need to be worried.” Fire Spirit looked around and didn’t see her figure among the crowd. He guessed she ought to have hidden somewhere.

Xiao Xu nodded and coldly ordered. “Form the seven star matrix.”


Just now, the situation was in a stalemate. But because of Fire Spirit group’s arrival, the situation became more one sided.

Before, the secret guards Earth Spirit brought were several times less than these groups, but they were still able to fight to a draw, being equally matched. Now that the manpower had increased, these people that launched the sneak attack couldn’t hold on. They repeatedly retreated, and out of the more than one hundred black clothed people, now there weren’t many left.

The black clothed person wearing a bamboo hat, seeing this turn of events wasn’t good, immediately made a decision. “Retreat.”

As a result, the remaining seven to eight black clothed people remaining protected him and quickly dodged to retreat into the forest. Borrowing the night sky and environment right now, they disappeared.

“Don’t chase after the cornered enemy.” Xiao Xu’s tone wasn’t loud, but when Fire Spirit’s group heard this, their footsteps halted. They returned and gathered at his side.

Basically all the Xiao Lie Cavalry members had been wounded, some leaned on each for support. Earth Spirit was counting the people, while Fire Spirit and Wood Spirit went down to take care of the injured.

Chu Qing-Yan hugged her shoulders looking at everyone below doing things without being urged, she wanted to go down and join them.

And Xiao Xu seemed to sense something and lifted his head to look in her direction.

Separated by an endless curtain of rain, the two people’s eyes met in midair.

Meeting that ice like pair of eyes, Chu Qing-Yan forced herself to smile, because she knew Big Block of Ice was currently dissatisfied with her disobeying his orders and returning secretly.

When he met her large pair of bright eyes that knew to be ashamed, the reproach in his heart seemed to be scattered by the rushing rain water. What remained was only tenderness towards her.

Dongting Wang-Yu looked at the two who were separated far apart and still casting flirtatious glances, he was somewhat jealous. But this thought had just appeared when he pressed down on it. He reckoned he must have become dizzy from being drenched by this rain. Otherwise, how could he have such unreasonable thoughts?

Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t care about anything else, she wanted to rush down immediately. But at this time, a long arrow broke through the rain and flew at that person not far away.

Chu Qing-Yan had just taken a step when she was pulled to a stop by Dongting Wang-Yu at her side. She wanted to struggle, but sensed the person at her side got closer to her ear to say. “Another group came, don’t act blindly without thinking. Otherwise if you expose your whereabouts, I, only one soldier with one person’s strength can’t protect you.”

Hearing this, she had no choice but to take back her foot. She turned and looked in the direction where the arrow was shot from.

She only saw that over there among the thick undergrowth, suddenly appeared ten bows and arrows. In a half circle arrangement, they neatly aimed in Xiao Xu’s group of people’s direction. In the darkness between heaven and earth, only the torches were not extinguished in the rain. The specks of light landed on those bows and arrows. An accidental glance at that sharp arrow point showed that it flashed with a sinister deep green light, as if it was smeared with poison.

Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but recoil back by two steps. These people really want Big Block of Ice to die!

Dongting Wang-Yu jeered as he shook his head. “These assassins came one group after another, in the end, how many people did this Xiao Xu offend? Why does it seem like the amount of people wanting his life seem to be as numerous as a school of carp crossing the river, breeding like flies?”

Finished speaking, Dongting Wang-Yu couldn’t help but look in all directions. Don’t know where the Suicide Squad from his Moon Palace sect is or whether they had already prepared to make a move!

Fire Spirit lifted his sword and blocked that arrow.

This was a matter that happened in the time it took to blink.

Xiao Xu only faintly swept a glance at those people, then once again turned his gaze toward the little fellow under the tree.

His soft petal like lips, separated from her by the rolling thunder and curtain of rain said several words to her silently.

When she could see clearly what he said, Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes turned red as she shook her head.

“No I don’t want to leave first, I won’t abandon you by yourself.” Teardrops mixed with rainwater flowed down. It seemed as if there was a thorn in her throat, making her unable to speak again.

Xiao Xu closed his eyes and didn’t look at her again. Rather, he seriously faced the enemy not far from him.

“Xiao Xu, today is the day you die. I will take revenge for everyone in my Li Family!” A voice came after the burst of arrows shot from the bows. It landed, accompanied by the sound of thunder. Everyone listening felt it was somewhat mournful.

Li family?

Chu Qing-Yan remembered it was that Li You who swallowed the disaster relief money at that time and privately raised an army. As a general that guarded a region, it was actually discovered he had colluded with the bordering country to sell them weapons. This crime was unforgivable. Everyone in the manor was arrested and sent to jail, didn’t expect he actually had accomplices.

All of a sudden, in the wake of a cry “Release the arrow”, those arrows flew toward them with overwhelming force.

Xiao Xu narrowed his eyes, his body flew up, both sleeves puffed up as the long sword waved in midair. His posture was handsome and agile, full of imposing manner as if he wasn’t confronting enemies but was rather performing a sword dance in the rain. Very quickly, he blocked the first wave of attack.

The feathered arrows fell to the ground one after another, inserting themselves into the soil.

Xiao Xu’s pair of legs landed in a flash and he sensed his breathing was in disorder. Blood flowed out from his mouth, only very quickly it was washed away by the rainwater and disappeared.

Earth Spirit looked at his family’s master worriedly. He wanted to step forward to lend a arm in support, but was stopped by his meaningful glance. “Face the enemy seriously.”

Master did this to boost the heart of the soldiers. If he stepped forward, then he would break master’s painstaking effort.

Those people hiding behind the row of bows and arrows were somewhat discomfited. “Continue, continue, I want him to die!”

The second wave of arrow carrying imposing strength arrived.

Earth Spirit lifted his sword and contained his anger to block, the Xiao Lie Cavalry all lifted their weapons to break through this wave of arrows.

While Fire Spirit brought several people to quietly scuttle behind the rows of brows and arrows. Just when the third wave of arrows started, they caught the enemy off guard with a surprise attack and broke this troop with bows and arrows.

These people, in order to resist Fire Spirit’s group, already couldn’t attend to releasing more arrows. This just so happened to give Earth Spirit’s group precious time. Attacking from front and back, very quickly the bow and arrow troops were broken apart and put in disarray. They were annihilated until almost none was left. Even the person behind the scenes standing behind the bows and arrows also received several deep stabs and met a violent death.

“Take advantage of now when they almost have no energy to confront enemies, go!” The woman clothed in snow white sneered.

And on the other side, the cloaked person looked at the people below. He calculated the time and opened his mouth to say. “Almost our turn to appear.”

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