Adorable Consort – Chapter 287

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Chapter 287 – Made to feel even more depressed for being single from treating the illness

It must be because she opened the door in the wrong way, so she would hear this news.

Chu Qing Yan wondered if she should go out again then come back in, so everything would be more normal.

Unfortunately, before she could test this thought, Cheng Yan-Luo had already ruthlessly broke through her delusion. Even her tone had a tiny bit of ambiguousness. “You don’t have to be embarrassed, isn’t it just learning to take care of your husband in advance? In any case, aren’t you going to marry him when you reach marriageable age anyway? Hey, hey, I’m just giving you a justifiable chance to eat his tofu. Such a great opportunity and you don’t want to take it, it’s a waste. You must grasp this chance firmly oh, I’m optimistic about you!”

Hearing this, it was as if Chu Qing-Yan was hit by lightning. Why do these words sound so wrong? As if she was a love sick fool that wanted to take the innocence of a man from a good family.

“Ok, then this heavy responsibility of three medicated baths in one day will be handed over to you. ” Cheng Yan-Luo’s arms were crossed, she continued to smile as if she wasn’t passing on any judgement.

When Chu Qing-Yan sorrowfully and indignantly took the prescription in her hand and left, the corner of Cheng Yan-Luo’s mouth revealed a meaningful smile. She really wanted to watch the interaction between the cold, stiff Highness and the cute adorable little sister, she hoped that day would come very soon.

At this time, how could Chu Qing-Yan have known the little calculations in Cheng Yan-Luo’s heart. She looked at the prescription in her hand with messy feelings.

She has grown to this age, and still hasn’t helped the opposite sex bath, not to mention her own younger brother. Let alone to say a medicated bath done three times a day.

She felt like crying but lacked the tears. She was still a virgin young miss okay?

Why would there always be some inexplicably difficult problems placed in front of her?

Once she thought of Cheng Yan-Luo’s teasing words from just now, her face couldn’t help but turn red. What “take care of her husband in advance”? And things like she will marry him when she reaches marriageable age! She simply hadn’t thought of so much okay? The affairs of the world is ever-changing, she just wanted to safely pass through this period of her youth!

However, the more she thought about this, the hotter her face burned.Chu Qing-Yan’s hand stretched out to pat her own face.

No, she needed to find someone to help her.

She first looked for Wood Spirit, she always felt Wood Spirit was the easiest to talk to.

Therefore the scene was like this.

Wood Spirit was sharpening his knife when he saw the Little Consort come over, he immediately stood up and saluted.

“Wood Spirit, ah”

“Little Consort, the subordinate is present.”

“That is, in order to delay the poison from activating, His Highness must use the Red Stone Fruit in a medicinal bath. Can you help His Highness with this medicated bath?”

Chu Qing-Yan had just finished speaking when Wood Spirit looked at her with fear. “Little Consort, you may not know that Master has a habit. That is, he doesn’t like others to touch him. A few years ago, Master was injured and in a deep sleep Fire Spirit wasn’t careful and touched Master’s arm and the unconscious master broke his hand. It took three months for that hand to heal. This subordinate’s hand still needs to make things for you, so you should just spare me!”

As a result, Wood Spirit grabbed the knife and tools on the ground and ran away.

Chu Qing Yan wanted to call him to stop, but with his wind like speed, it was already too late.

Although she hit a wall with Wood Spirit, Chu Qing Yan wasn’t discouraged.

She took aim at the second target, Fire Spirit.

When she explained why she came, Fire Spirit didn’t even bother with greetings and directly fled up a tree. Afterwards, he used the airy martial arts and flew far away.

From far away came his anguished howls. “Little Consort , please spare this subordinate’s hand. This subordinate still needs to pick up a blade to protect Master ah!”

Chu Qing-Yan looked at the figure that disappeared in an instant, her mouth twitched.

No worries, she could go look for Air Spirit.

Having just found Air Spirit, Chu Qing-Yan stared in surprise. He was looking at the sky from a forty-five degree angle with a depressed expression. Was he still that outstanding, elegant Air Spirit she knew that needed nothing?

Before Chu Qing-Yan could speak, his bleak voice sounded. “Little Consort , this subordinate knows your purpose for coming. But now this subordinate’s mood is very confused and very upset. Afraid I am not up to the task. Asking the Little Consort to find someone else!”

Such preoccupied appearance, she also didn’t feel assured to hand over Big Block of Ice to him!

She hesitated for a while, now only Earth Spirit was left for her to ask for assistance.

In the courtyard, she found Earth Spirit who was arranging the staff and guards. While Chu Qing-Yan was wondering how to bring up the subject, Earth Spirit who saw her took the initiative to say. “Little Consort , I heard that in a while you will help his Highness to take the medicinal bath. Normally, us subordinates can’t get near Master’s body. Fortunately, he made an exception for you and won’t reject you from getting near him. So this tough job will trouble you.”

Finished speaking, Earth spirit nodded slightly, he took the subordinates and walked out the door.

Leaving Chu Qing-Yan alone to wilt facing the wind.

She really couldn’t avoid this matter?

And at this time, the life saving talisman had already arrived.

“Older sister Chu, the ingredients for the medicated bath is already prepared and ready. The wooden bath barrel has also been placed in His Highness’s room, you can start now.” Eleven walked in and looked at her with a smile while saying this.

Chu Qing-Yan had always felt that this little disciple smiled like an angel. Now she had the illusion of sharp teeth growing from his mouth. A sinister wing seemed to grow out from his back.

“I, I know.” Chu Qing-Yan replied with her head hanging down. Until she walked into the room, then she suddenly cheered herself up.

How could this even count?

For the well-being of Big Block of Ice, she should go forward and not turn back!

Besides, as for Big Block of Ice, she has hugged and kissed him. How could she be afraid of this kind of interaction with the opposite sex?

Clearly she thought like this, but her heart was still a bit nervous.

When she entered the room and the door slammed shut behind her with a bang, It scared her.

She subconsciously wanted to open the door, but when she saw Big Block of Ice laying on the bed from the corner of her eyes, her hand couldn’t help but hang down.

Big Block of Ice’s life is at stake, how could she still have the time to think about things that exist and don’t exist?

She had a mature mindset and modern forward thinking, was it really necessary for her to be so shy?

Asking herself this, the trepidation and nervousness from just now slowly calmed down.

She quickly walked in front of the bed, she extended her hand then took it back. She scratched her head, how should she do it? She visually measured the distance between the bed and the wooden barrel. It was at least five to six steps away. She didn’t know the Great Heavenly moving technique, how could she shift him into the wooden barrel? But Fire Spirits and the others had already fled, if she wanted to call people to help, it would be impossible. She could only do it herself.

She remembered it was written very clearly on the prescription, in order for the body to fully absorb the medicinal juice, she must take off his clothes.

She glanced at the clothes on Xiao Xu’s body, took a deep breath and swallowed a mouthful of saliva, cough, cough ——

Throw caution to the wind!

She extended her trembling hand and placed it on his belt. The hard and cold belt was like his icy cold appearance when dealing with people daily. The instant she touched it, Chu Qing-Yan’s fingers trembled slightly.

As if he sensed someone was approaching, Xiao Xu’s brow wrinkled. And at this time, in order to undo his tightly knotted belt, Chu Qing-Yan could not help but lean down.

The familiar fragrance lingered in the tip of Xiao Xu’s nose, the wrinkled eyebrows slowly smoothed out, and the tightly clenched fingers relaxed, as if his heart had relaxed.

Chu Yan-Yan didn’t know she had just escaped being murdered by the person under her. Right now, she was still struggling with his belt. She finally untied his belt with great difficulty. She gave a long sigh of relief before turning to fight with his outer clothing.

In fact, the moment she untied his belt, his clothes spread open, it seemed as if she could see that exquisite collarbone——

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