Kuro no Maou

Alternative Name: The Black Demon Lord (黒の魔王)
Author: Hishi Kage Dairi
Artist: Morino Hiro
Category: Japanese web novel, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Seinen, Tragedy
Status: Ongoing
Source: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n2627t/
Translator(s)/Translation Group: Shikkaku, EnTruce
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Kurono Mao is a high school student who sensitive of his sharp eyes and bad expression. No girlfriend, but is gifted with good friends in his own way, had been living a peaceful high school life. But suddenly one day, without any sort of warning, Kurono was attacked by a mysterious headache in the literature clubroom he was a member of and fainted. When he awoke……he was summoned in an orthodox world with Swords and Magic and where monsters roamed.

A Spoiler Synopsis on the Plot of Story
This is mostly a spoiler for those who want to read. It won’t spoil the main storyline, but actually tell what the story is like. In truth the Synopsis is like shit and crap and bullshit. You won’t get what gore, brutal, sadist, masochist, and etc stuff you’re going to read in this novel. This novel is mostly dark, it tends to recreate the MC’s heart, which also is a sort of trial for him(Not that will give him Divine Protection, but what will let him be qualified to get Divine Protection). The MC is kind-hearted, good natured, free living, oh don’t worry, when he snaps, 500+ people kick the buckets. He ain’t a wuss who whines like a pig in human clothing being butchered. This guy shoots, snipes, uses sword, hatchets(Japanese Ones) And kills and Kills and KILLS. Oh gawd, this story is too good!, though it is quite slow, OK, it is really slow, do read at your own risk of reading a slow story

Volume 1 – The White Laboratory
Prologue (Shikkaku)
Chapter 1 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 2 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 3 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 4 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 5 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 6 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 7 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 8 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 9 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 10 (Shikkaku)

Volume 2 – Everyday life in a different world
Chapter 11 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 12 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 13 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 14 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 15 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 16 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 17 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 18 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 19 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 20 (EnTruce)
Chapter 21 (EnTruce)
Chapter 22 (EnTruce)
Chapter 23 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 24 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 25 (EnTruce/Doug)
Chapter 26 (EnTruce/Doug)
Chapter 27 (EnTruce/Doug)
Chapter 28 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 29 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 30 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 31 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 32 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 33 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 34 (EnTruce/Doug)

Volume 3 – Arrival of the Crusaders
Chapter 35 (EnTruce)
Chapter 36 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 37 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 38 (EnTruce)
Chapter 39 (EnTruce)
Chapter 40 (EnTruce)
Chapter 41 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 42 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 43 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 44 (Shikkaku)

Volume 4 – Omen of Destruction
Chapter 45 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 46 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 47 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 48 (EnTruce)
Chapter 49 (EnTruce)
Chapter 50 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 51 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 52 (EnTruce)
Chapter 53 (EnTruce)
Chapter 54 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 55 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 56 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 57 (EnTruce)

Volume 5 – Irz in Flames
Chapter 58 (EnTruce)
Chapter 59 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 60 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 61 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 62 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 63 (EnTruce)
Chapter 64 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 65 (EnTruce)
Chapter 66 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 67 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 68 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 69 (Shikkaku)

Volume 6 – Towards Spada
Chapter 69 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 70 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 71 (EnTruce)
Chapter 72 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 73 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 74 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 75 (EnTruce)
Chapter 76 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 77 (EnTruce)
Chapter 78 (EnTruce)
Chapter 79 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 80 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 81 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 82 (EnTruce)
Chapter 83 (EnTruce)
Chapter 84 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 85 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 86 (Shikkaku)

Volume 7 – Counter Attack Preparations
Chapter 87 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 88 (EnTruce)
Chapter 89 (EnTruce)
Chapter 90 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 91 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 92 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 93 (EnTruce)
Chapter 94 (EnTruce)
Chapter 95 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 96 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 97 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 98 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 99 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 100 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 101 (Shikkaku)

Volume 8 – Alsace Defensive Battle
Chapter 102 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 103 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 104 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 105 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 106 (EnTruce)
Chapter 107 (EnTruce)
Chapter 108 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 109 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 110 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 111 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 112 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 113 (EnTruce)
Chapter 114 (EnTruce)
Chapter 115 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 116 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 117 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 118 (Shikkaku)

Volume 9 - 6th of the Month of Hatsubi
Chapter 119 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 120 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 121 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 122 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 123 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 124 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 125 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 126 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 127 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 128 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 129 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 130 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 131 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 132 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 133 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 134 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 135 (EnTruce)
Chapter 136 (EnTruce)
Chapter 137 (EnTruce)
Chapter 138 (EnTruce)
Chapter 139 (EnTruce)
Chapter 140 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 141 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 142 (EnTruce)
Chapter 143 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 144 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 145 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 146 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 147 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 148 (EnTruce)
Chapter 149 (EnTruce)
Chapter 150 (EnTruce)

Volume 10 - The Demon King and The Hero
Chapter 151 (EnTruce)
Chapter 152 (EnTruce)
Chapter 153 (EnTruce)
Chapter 154 (EnTruce)
Chapter 155 (EnTruce)
Chapter 156 (EnTruce)
Chapter 157 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 158 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 159 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 160 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 161 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 162 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 163 (Shikkaku)

Volume 11 - Rank 1 Adventurer
Chapter 164 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 165 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 166 (EnTruce)
Chapter 167 (EnTruce)
Chapter 168 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 169 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 170 (EnTruce)
Chapter 171 (EnTruce)
Chapter 172 (EnTruce)
Chapter 173 (EnTruce)
Chapter 174 (EnTruce)
Chapter 175 (EnTruce)
Chapter 176 (EnTruce)
Chapter 177 (EnTruce)
Chapter 178 (Shikkaku)

Volume 12 - Royal Spada Academy
Chapter 179 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 180 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 181 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 182 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 183 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 184 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 185 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 186 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 187 (EnTruce)
Chapter 188 (EnTruce)
Chapter 189 (EnTruce)
Chapter 190 (EnTruce)

Volume 13 - Roar of Red Rage
Chapter 191 (EnTruce)
Chapter 192 (EnTruce)
Chapter 193 (EnTruce)
Chapter 194 (EnTruce)
Chapter 195 (EnTruce)
Chapter 196 (EnTruce)
Chapter 197 (EnTruce)
Chapter 198 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 199 (EnTruce)
Chapter 200 (EnTruce)
Chapter 201 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 202 (Shikkaku)
Chapter 203 (Brady)
Chapter 204 (Brady)
Chapter 205 (EnTruce)
Chapter 206 (EnTruce)
Chapter 207 (EnTruce)
Chapter 208 (EnTruce)
Chapter 209 (EnTruce)

Volume 14 - A Witch Never Loves

Chapter 210 (EnTruce)
Chapter 211 (EnTruce)
Chapter 212 (EnTruce)
Chapter 213 (EnTruce)
Chapter 214 (EnTruce)
Chapter 215 (EnTruce)

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  1. ric3cak3s says:

    This is absolutely amazing
    Thanks for the translations!

  2. ric3cak3s says:

    It’sssssssssssss amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing how did I not find this earlier?
    Much thanks to the translators

  3. faerro says:

    Ya, this series is awesome!

    Thanks Shikkaku and EnTruce!

  4. Jack says:

    Hello how do i read the chapters i am on android device using firefox and clicking on the volume names or the plus next to it does nothing.

  5. Rod says:

    Firstly the translation quality for this project is wonderful.
    The main plot is fairly good, but there is just too much drama and for those who like more action packed stuff that keeps you going, this novel is not that much of a good choice.
    I somehow read till chapter 50 but that was my limit. I am going to try another project now, anyways thanks for the translation.

    • Shikkaku says:

      Yeah the plot moves slowly but if you can, volume 5 is where shit truly hits the fan! And the series gets darker! If you enjoy such novels.

      • Villager-A says:

        uwa… this is the shit man,nice.
        I kinda like tragedy and such,as long as my fav character isnt dead or such its all good. I droped tate no yuusha

        • Villager-A says:

          (damn cant edit,im not done yet,posted by mistake*)
          cuz the author killed my waifu to protect the MC,yet most of the other minor char is still alive and healthy,fuxk -,-
          hope neither Lily nor Fiona will die til the end,or I will also drop this one.

          • EnTruce says:

            Nope they won’t they will be saved by harem armor, just like how Kurono is saved by plot armor

          • N says:

            Um I want to ask too why is this a tragedy? I hate tragedies but want a magic harem story…but tragedy is emotionally draining big time…does the MC die or a side companion die?

            I don’t want to read something that’s going to be a waste if the MC dies…?

  6. Random says:

    Thank You for your Hard work

  7. darknova says:

    Thanks for the translation. The “tragedy” tag is kinda unnerving though, feels like someone close to the MC will die. Will bookmark it anyway.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I just came upon this translation site. Great job and thanks for translating this novel!

  9. massive says:

    in the latest chapter the only word i can say to chrono is
    RIP Chrono-kun may your soul rest in peace
    (JK)(though he is not really dead)
    p.s chapter 27 : Aishiteru # 521

    • EnTruce says:

      Mate, read at your own risk, the novel is really slow, but yeah I just now started reading a novel that is even more slow that is : ATG.

      • Anonymous says:

        ATG is a rocket compared to this snail fest.
        Not only does this story takes forever to go somewhere, it also skips out on every single moment of character development in order to gleefully focus on the slice-of-life and mundane mediocrity.

        In ATG, the author knows what he tried to do.
        In this story? He had absolutely no idea. It’s a really disappointing story, considering the amount of effort went into building the setting. =/
        (but f*** me, the MC won’t stop going on tangents about things that do not matter. 70% of every chapter is nothing but padding..)

  10. arken says:

    the links starting from chapter 157 are showing as “page not found” . is it just me ? i can access upto chapter 156 just fine ><

  11. aby says:

    Why chaptaer 174-180 no page?

  12. Pmm says:

    For some odd reason, chapters 174-186 give me page not found. And while I could go read the new updates, I don’t like skipping parts of a great story. Thanks for updating Koro no Maou though.

    • EnTruce says:

      Now all the chapters are updated. Seriously took my 15 minutes and somewhat more, and now my body is hurting even more. So, yeah…..go ahead and binge read it!

  13. mimo krokodil says:

    Really good novel. Thanks for hard work!

  14. Omar says:

    Thanks for the release. Took me about 2 weeks to catch up crom ch 1, couldn’t put my phone down. Awesome job so far keep it up.

  15. Horek says:

    63 chapter good. Lili evil/ Good. Uhahahaha.

  16. 4 Pencils says:

    Heya, is this really on going…?

  17. meat_bun says:

    no donation no chapter coming..truly misfortune

  18. Keyleth says:

    Someone should update this page… The trad is already up to chapter 245 on entruce.wordpress (the translator’s blog)

  19. Anonymous says:

    So I’m about 150 or so chapters in. This novel is so much crap. Seriously I’ve never seen such a masochistic story. I figure I’ll read one more volume. if the story doesn’t have a change in tragic and absolute failure as it’s running gag after that I’ll quit reading.

    • EnTruce says:

      Well the story changes the tragic part after 200 chapters, so try to read till there. and after the true harem starts.
      moreover, at least be thankful that this much sadist stuff to MC gives him a reason to not give a fuck on killing people later.
      At least he doesn’t become asshole like xianxia MC’s for nor reason.
      However, you will have to read till the latest raws for knowing what I just talked about.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Is Kuro no Maou droppt?

    Is there no fix schedule for new chapter?

    I can´t wait to read more. I don´t want to beg for quicker release, but i hope there will be soon a fix schedule.

    • EnTruce says:

      Oh sorry, I haven’t updated it here, tbh the latest TL’ed chapter is 265.
      And did you like story finally? Or maybe it was someone else who hated it?
      Anyhow, I will update it ASAP. For the time being, read on my WP. (bad news, it doesn’t has next chapter | previous chapter links)

  21. Anonymous says:

    It was someone else.

    I like the story. Maybe it is a litte bit frustrating that the MC is naive in love matters.

    Anyhow, thanks for your reply and your hard work!

  22. DDark says:

    Love that spoiler synopsis, made me want to start reading right away.

  23. Daemod says:

    So, wait, has this been dropped?

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