Kuro no Maou Chapter 190

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Chapter 190 – Hero and Angel

The Daedalus royal castle, from the topmost balcony present there, an unbroken view of Daedalus townscape could be seen.

That wasn’t some capital of uncivilized demons as people from republic had thought, but was civilized and modernistic like the cities of humans.

There were two people standing in the balcony watching Daedalus grow dark slowly.

On one side was a small girl, on the other side was a large youth, both carry beautiful silver hair, at a glance they would seem like brother and sister.

However, there was no connection of blood between them, the word expressing their relationship would be ’work companions’.

The small girl was 7th Apostle Sariel, the large youth was 2nd Apostle Abel, both of them are transcendental beings rewarded with the divine protection of White God.

The warm welcome of him as an envoy sent by Pope had already been completed, the people also had been sent away, and Abel’s masculine face was out without any need for hiding.

As 2nd Apostle Abel, he called out to Sariel, who had been standing silently.

「I have heard from Miss Misa, looks like you have had a lot of troubles.」

Though the tone was indifferent and somewhere cold, but it was, without a doubt, words of gratitude.

「Not at all」

Sariel said just that and looked at Abel with her deep crimson pair of eyes.

On the other hand were the pair of black and blue eyes which seemed like night and day, the line of sight of both crossed just for a second.

「Her actions were clearly abuse of her power, I have strictly ‘warned’ her」(Abel)

The person who can warn an Apostle could be another Apostle only.

Sariel couldn’t possibly know what sort of warning had the『White Hero』2nd Apostle Abel, given to her.

Even more because she hadn’t gotten such a warning even once, as she had faithfully obeyed the orders of Church till now.

「I don’t want another trouble of this sort, however, considering her personality, that can be a tough case」

Sariel saw Abel sighing as though to say Good grief.

Sariel suddenly thought that though Abel always kept an expressionless face and was also cool, calm and collected, but he had human emotion unlike herself.

「I think you already know it, Miss Misa thinks of you as a rival. Though it might be trouble for you, but I want you to keep a good relationship as Apostles」


There was nothing Sariel thought about Misa.

The ill feelings like troublesome or annoying were non-existent, though, good feelings too were non-existent.

「……Maybe it was unnecessary advice for you」

「No, thank you very much for the advice, Sir Abel」

Perhaps he sensed that Sariel truly didn’t think anything in her heart, so he said that, but Sariel could only take the meaning as stated.

「As for problems, Ai too has come here, right?」

「Yes, she visited here on 15th day of Hatsuhi Month」

The information he wouldn’t have known from only the report of Misa, Sariel conveyed it along with the words of affirmation.

Abel didn’t seem surprised,

「Is slipping past the defenses to come out of blue called as ‘visiting’」

And stated as though he had seen Ai’s actions, no, more probable he had experienced the same as Sariel.

Sariel had suspicions whether she could slip past the defenses of Elysion Cathedral, but she suddenly accepted it, because Ai too was loved by God, so it wouldn’t be much of a work for her.

「What was she saying?」

「She requested to establish Guilds in Daedalus」

She asked for a normal request, eh, Abel muttered as though being impresses, but he had no way of knowing that she took actions for kissing Sariel after stating her request.

「Have you started the Guild?」

「Yes, for now the quests are only for outskirts of Daedalus, but in near future if would spread in the whole territory」

The mercenary squads which hired from Republic, were still employed as military force for next invasion, but there were some who were disbanded after the suppression of Daedalus territory.

They would have two choices, either stay on Pandora Continent, or return back to Republic, but they would choose the latter because there might be another war in this land.

It is because those type of people were present, there was no deficiency in numbers of adventurers.

Once the Adventurer Guild starts up, the number of people would naturally increase.

「I see, it’s good to hear everything is alright, looks like it was alright to leave the supreme commander seat of Crusaders to you」

「Thank you very much」

There were whimsical people like Misa and Ai among the Apostles, so the people like Sariel were valuable.

Thinking that, the compliment by Abel wouldn’t be an unnecessary compliment.

「Well then, let me get to the point」

These two ending up together by natural flow would be impossible.

The only reason they had removed the people to be alone meant they had something to talk which shouldn’t be heard by others.

「This is the main reason I had come to Pandora Continent, so instead of telling Miss Sariel by letter, I had thought of telling it orally」

In other words, it meant that he didn’t want the contents to be seen by her adjutant Liuchrome either.

Thought Abel hadn’t said the disclosure is prohibited, but Sariel understood she had to keep the information inside her only.

「On 13th of Hatsuhi Month, I received an oracle saying ‘A Demon King is going to be born’」

The moment she heard those words, the face of a single man appeared inside the brain of Sariel.

It was the man with black eyes black hair, experiment number 49, Kurono Mao

Why Kurono appeared, the reason, even Sariel didn’t knew.

Was it because his black appearance was similar to a Demon King? Or was it because he did deeds in Alsace which cause him to get name ‘Devil’?

「I don’t know what it exactly meant, but I think a person controlling the demons in Pandora Continent is going to appear, and so I have come here for scouting」

The oracle of White God don’t ever explain themselves, it was the work of priests for interpreting what the god in actuality wanted.

Thought there’s no proof that Abel’s interpretation was correct, but considering the various possibilities, it was the most easy to understand.

In that case, is the person who would ‘control the demons in Pandora Continent’, that Kurono?

「Of course, from the places I had gone there didn’t seem to any person who would be a Demon King, so it is probable that Demon King would be born in this world as a child」

As for warning, she should inform about the man named Kurono, though there’s no definite evidence, but she should have.


However, other than those words, no other words came out of Sariel’s mouth.

The slight hesitation, the silence of a second, wasn’t noticed by Abel, so he continued in a calm voice.

「If a Demon King really appears, then it would be Miss Sariel, you, who would make the first contact with it, and, that Demon King must be a great existence because he was informed of through an oracle. Just when we thought our work of conquering Pandora Continent would be easily done after repelling Daedalus army, has now gotten wrong. Take actions with vigilance」


After that, they both talked some more words, then Abel left the place.



[ET: It ain’t his name. Maou = Demon King, Satan, Demon Lord. Mao (his name) = kind-hearted, lovable (his face doesn’t look like that), strong, and truthful. In other words, Mao = pussy wimp who can’t be cruel]


The image of Demon King, which every citizen of Republic holds, Sariel too holds it.

The sky shrouded with dark ominous clouds, a creepy castle standing in the dark night, and sitting on the throne positioned at top, a fiendish looking man waiting for Hero while laughing, that’s the image.

After becoming an adult, they would laugh it off, saying such a Demon King couldn’t possibly exist.

However, Sariel imagined the scene of Kurono sitting on throne, who was ordering army of demons to annihilate the Crusaders while laughing loudly. This was the first time she had felt her imagination to be abnormally real.

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