Kuro no Maou Chapter 170

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Chapter 170 – Mordred Weapon Company (2)
(POV third person)

「How about it, I can exchange that normal『Mithril Sword』with a cursed『Mithril Sword』?」

Hurriedly completing the self-introduction, Vein Wortz Mordred, the owner of Mordred Weapon Company said as such.

On hearing the offer, without being delighted by it, he directed a puzzled glance to the big-sized skeleton.

「Why that deal for a rank 1 adventurer like me?」

Kurono stood in a position with no gaps absolutely impossible for a rank 1 adventurer, but Mordred calmly answered while wavering the purple flame in his eye socket.

「It’s alright don’t be so vigilant, it’s only like a hobby for me. I like cursed weapons, I’m somewhat famous as a collector in the neighbourhood, however, I like a person who can use those cursed weapons even more」

「That’s why you give them to those who are searching for it, huh」

But yeah it won’t be all for free, saying a business-like line, Mordred confirms.

「Can you show them to me?」

Of course I will, along with that answer, the shadow below Mordred expands and is dyed into a color of darkness from abyss of hell.

And like the lady of the lake, a single silver sword with the hilt above rose to surface.

Though Kurono got surprised seeing the same magic Dimension as him in front of him, but he directed his attention to the Cursed『Mithril Sword』without showing any hint of surprise on his face.

It’s length was the same as Cyprus’s sword, but with ornaments at many places affixed into it, just like a decorative ritual sword.

Couple with the silver lustre of Mithril, one swings from it seems like divine.

「You want to use Cursed Weapons, right? Try taking it in hands」

On the provocative words of Mordred,

「That’s right」

Kurono decided to ride on the flow.

In the first place one won’t understand a cursed weapon without taking it in hands, not always they release the ominous atmosphere like the Cursed Hatchet.

Across the sides of Cursed『Mithril Sword』both of their eyesights intersected, in a moment of silence if felt like the domination feeling has risen.

And without losing his way, he reached out his hand to the hilt of silver shining sword.


The moment he grabbed the sword, a painful and resentful voice resounded in Kurono’s mind.

Kurono has experienced that phenomenon many times, now, it’s neither strange nor fearful to him.

At the very least, to scare Kurono, it would need to have the double resentment『Cursed Grudge hatchet「HaraRetsu」』has.

Upon holding, the voice of this sword is really weak that it can’t be compared with the hatchet.

Kurono swings the sword two-three times at that place, and returns it back expressionless to Mordred.

「Fabulous! You have a strong heart to control the cursed weapons」

To the not insane Kurono, Mordred raised a joyful voice.

Even without swinging the sword madly, there are some patterns for knowing the person being possessed by curse, in the case of grudge curses, the most popular pattern is to not let go of the weapon.

At the point Kurono returned back the sword to Mordred is the most definite proof that he didn’t get possessed by curse.

「I had been searching for talented person like you, I seriously want you to use this sword!」

「In exchange with this, huh?」

Kurono takes a glance at Cyprus’s sword put at counter with cold eyes.

「It might not be something you need to worry, right. If you just conquer the curse of weapon, then you can easily use the powerful ability of weapon afterwards. Incidentally it doesn’t have any showy effect, but compared to a normal『Mithril Sword』the hardness, weight, durability and other fundamental abilities are far surpassing, of course, it has double power to ward off darkness. That’s why don’t use it against me, an undead, alright?」

HaHaHa, as though getting lured by the laughing Mordred,

「Ku, Hahahahahaha!」

Kurono too started laughing.

And with a truly strange expression, said as such.

「Haha, in this short 17 years of life this is the first time I have been in a ‘scam’, I got a good experience from it, thank you」

Saying that Kurono took the sword on counter in his hands, and turns his heel back to leave.


Really heavy, a voice sounding like that of a Grim reaper reached Kurono’s back.

「Saying something like scam to me, I don’t think it’s good to kick my good intention one-sidedly」

「Good Intention? So in Spada the intention to give a newbie adventurer wanting cursed weapon, something like a forgery is called as good intentions, huh?」

Looking back, Kurono sprayed light on Mordred’s scam deed.

「Hearing that ‘voice’, most would believe it to be cursed weapon. I can easily understand that, that weak shit doesn’t even compare to a real curse, but if a self-conscious idiot would hold it, he/she would easily accept that it’s a cursed weapon. Now for the touches, if you add shit like talent and whatnot, of course he/she would come biting at your bait without even doubting, on this Mithril ‘Plated’ fake sword」

It looks like a real『Mithril Sword』but, the reason he could know that it was plating wasn’t because he ripped it’s surface off.

Thinking it was a cursed weapon, the moment Kurono tried to use blackening for conquering the grudge of weapon, he didn’t feel the speciality of Mithril, the powerful resilient force which he did during the time he tried to conquer Cyprus’s sword.

Of course, the moment he heard the snicker and resentful complaints completely different from the hatchet, it was more than enough proof for it to be proved as a fake.

Most probably, it isn’t a true curse, but a magic trick rather than curse to let the wielder hear the voice for deceiving.

「Fufu……Fuahahaha! You, are a collector of real cursed weapons even with that appearance!」

「No, I’m not a collector」

「I did a rude thing to person with same hobby as me, sorry, let me apologize」

To the unapologetic and haughty attitude of Mordred, Kurono passed over the anger and showed a fed up expression.

「Is it alright that a famous big weapon dealer like you, should be doing something like scamming?」

「It’s the work of an adult, no, a collector, to scold a youngster like you who is underestimating cursed weapons」

Mordred didn’t show any room for repentance of his actions, but it did show his love and affection for cursed weapons.

But still Kurono still though it wasn’t good to be doing scam.

「You’re Kurono, right, all right, as per your wishes, let me show you the cursed weapons in our company’s possession」

「No, It’s alright」

「Though this is not the main office, but here too are many good weapons, choose at your own discretion! But you won’t even get 1 klan of discount though, Fuhahahahahahaha!!」

Mordred showed a menacing ignoring skill, no, most big dealers might have this much vitality, maybe.

「……Well, if it’s just looking」

It would let him complete his work at first, though it would be annoying, but Kurono let himself drift with the flow.

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