Kuro no Maou Chapter 174

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Chapter 174 –  Rushing Slime Fever!?
「Damn it! Don’t f*ck with me!!」

Rank 2 adventurer Zach, has a skinhead and muscular body appearance and so is the battle axe he is swinging to bring down the attacking slimes, while swinging, he shouts the words of abuse to the comrade who showed its back and ran away leaving him behind.

But, with those words the comrade won’t come back, no, (s)he won’t come back no matter what words he spoke.

After all though slime is a rank 1 monster, but with a very big crowd of them attacking is something those people who just reached Rank 2 cannot defeat.

Hence escaping, the comrade 1, left Zach behind and ran away.

「Shit shit, don’t follow me damn it!」

Thinking back, it was since 13th of Hatsuhi Month that his luck start going down, Zach recalls.

That day, he along with outcasts from the slums he was loitering around, lived a corrupted life extorting money.

But during the evening of 13th, he discovered a girl carrying 10,000 klan that should be beyond her reach, at that time he thought he got a good find, he was so happy that he even gave the words of appreciation to the Black Gods.

Like that, he was able to corner the girl in a blind alley.

Zach confirmed that he would get unexpected perk at that point, and his heart started beating faster thinking he would spend all the money in the night city.

He didn’t think of even assaulting the girl, something like that, only someone who is high due to alcohol or drugs would do or only someone broken from nature would do that.

After all, if they made noises in the back alleys of slums, then those broken bastards would come up like hyenas.

In the worst case, those guys would take the money he swindled, even if that didn’t occur it’s obvious that something really troublesome would occur, he didn’t mind hiding his lewd intentions so as to not lose the ten thousand klan.

In the first place, rather than the small girl, it’s more better for spending the night with professionals.

Anyway, though he had desire swirling inside his heart, he didn’t lay a hand on girl and just took the bag with money.


「Oi, what are you doing there」

1 single man appeared.

A rank 1 adventurer, with gravely stern eyes, that’s how it should have been.

Due to the man, let alone the loss of money, his favorite sub weapon Long sword was broken, the fact he couldn’t use magic and martial skills was revealed to his younger brothers, and while returning back home he was bitten by a stray dog, and it became a really troublesome day.

What in particular was bad was, his two younger brothers were grandiosely making it public that Zach is a good for nothing with nothing else than his height.

Zach did well in slums while boasting about his power due to his stern looks, but soon enough the rumours spread, and he was branded as small fry, he also got into troubles with others.

In truth, Zach was an active rank 2 adventurer, without even magic or martial skills, his muscle power was the same as it looked, so when he got into troubles he would handle them himself, but due to rumours, slums became an uncomfortable place for him.

As a result that man said,

「If you can then stop doing this, and try to raise money by working as a genuine adventurer」

He couldn’t help but accept those words in this situation, at the very least until the rumours, lose their spread and start to the heat starts to cool down.

Then, he took out the bronze plate Guild Card and Battle Axe with dust on them, and after 1 year he decided to show his face in the guild.

There he took the suitable qquest, made a temporary party with suitable people, that’s how he came to this Great Forest of Latifundia, a.k.a The Forest of Lati.

And, it all leads to now.

「Pant……Pant……Stop f*cking with me……」

It was bad move for him to cut into the group of slimes while doing his job as a vanguard.

The moment Zach stepped one step inside, from the surrounding a light blue colored slime army appeared.

The judgement of temporary members was quite fast while looking at that.

They used Zach who was in a bad position as decoy and escaped on their own, it was heartless action but sometimes, to live, things like this can be done.

In the first place, though they were a rank 2 party, but if they were an old party with lot of experiences, then they would choose to escape everyone and there was a possibility that everyone would return alive.

But, in the end it’s a temporary party, if it got a little dangerous, they won’t hesitate to disband it.


Neither any skills or anything, just a simple swing.

But luckily that one swing hit the core of 2 slimes and dealt a critical damage to them.


Crushing the dying slimes while leaving their blue body behind by the sole of his solid boots, Zach retreats.

He had been completely surrounded, but right behind him the enemies are less, determined on that fact he started to escape.

It was quite foolish plan, but there is no other plan he could do in the current situation.

「You damn slime bastards, don’t f*cking get in my way, OraaaAAA!!」

Many tentacles made from the slimes body grab his hands and legs.

Though he suffers acute pain from getting his skin melted due to acid, but without stopping his dash, forcefully breaks the thin jelly-like tentacles.

I can do it, It’s by a paper’s width margin but I can be alive――thinking that, he pushes aside the last slime in the back with the help of axe.

He made it out, affirming that he jumped over the brushwoods in front of him and the thing waiting for him

「Hi, Ah……H, Help――」

「P, Please……fast」

「AH, Argh――I can’t bear it……」

Were the three temporary party members who left him,


Getting eaten by a giant slime.

「Giant Slime……impossible, f*ck, why in this place?!」

Giant Slime is a monster of Rank 3 difficulty.

It’s just a slime that got big excessively, but due to that it got a power up and is regarded as rank 3.

In the shallow areas of the forest where only rank 2 monsters appears, unless someone has really bad luck they won’t meet it.

Ah, I really am unfortunate, Zach thought as such while watching the special digestive process of slime.

「Hihaha……I’m done for……」

Even without turning back he could tell, an army of slimes has reached.

In the first place, even without the slime army, he wouldn’t be able to fight against the giant slime that easily ate 3 rank 2 adventurers.


Seeing the whole body of three being dissolved, Zach guessed the next one to be eaten was him.

Maybe the Giant Slime had somewhat tomcat full after eating the three humans, he didn’t capture Zach by spreading out its tentacles.

To make up for that, the various slimes from behind do the same work and send out tentacles to Zach’s muscular body.

「I’m dead……I will die……」

Though he felt many tentacles spread at him, Zach just stood grabbing his battle axe without moving even a bit.

Then finally, the pointed end of tentacles touch his body, his darkish skin starts to melt.

The moment the acute pain from before ran through him,

「Uwwaaaa! Don’t do it!! Stop it!!」

With tears, snot, and drool flowing out, Zach tried to rampage as much he could.

「Stop it! Don’t come ‘ereeeeeee!!」

While in rampage, he would, with his axe, stop slime attacks and sometimes deal a lethal attack to their cores.

But, the number of slimes he had defeated are somewhere along the lines of 3 or 4.

He can’t possibly stop the waves of uncountable number of slimes with just that much of resistance.

「Uwwaaa, Aaaaa――」

However, by struggling more the more despair is born.

Maybe the hunger of Giant Slime was stimulated seeing Zach swinging his battle axe, it formed log like tentacles and extended them as to surround Zach’s surroundings.

「Ah, AH……」

Having the giant body of Giant Slime standing in his way, finally he lost his fighting spirit.

He couldn’t help but only cry shiver and keep on holding the battle axe, without being able to do a thing.

His mind starts filling with fear of death, without having anything to think, the head went blank white, at that moment, truly white light shined in front of his eyes.


When he thought that a dazzling flash attacked him, the semi-solid bodies started to fall on his body like a downpour.

「W, What is this!?」

He wiped his face off in a hurry for confirming the situation, opening his eyes there is no sign of the Giant Slime anywhere, instead a light green colored 2 meters large sphere is floating there.

What is this light ball――He immediately understood that it isn’t the core of Giant Slime.

That is because he has confirmed the red colored things, core of slimes, scattered everywhere.

Then what would it be, his doubt deepens,


Just when the light of sphere fades away, the true identity is revealed.

「What? Why, this brat?」

A single small girl is clad in the sphere of light.

「No……you, a fairy?」

The blonde hair, green eyes, and more than anything else, the pair of rainbow-colored wings sprouting from her back, frankly explain what she is.


But to Zach’s question, no, most probably monologue, the fairy didn’t answer.

Instead, from the sphere of light cladding her body numerous balls of light are dispatched.


They become saturated white light and shine the insides of dark forest where the sunlight cannot reach.

WIthout being able to bear the light Zach closes his eyes, ears to for covering the sounds of explosions occurring around him.

To add up he crouches down being scared of the intense shockwaves and heat waves coming at him time by time.

「Hi, Hiiiー! What is it, what the f*ck is it! Just what the f*cking hell happened this time!?」

Inside the flood of light and sound, Zach, a human without anything else than high physical power, can only do that.

「I, Is it over……?」

How much time had passed since the carpet bombing is over.

Zach finally understood that the threat has passed, for confirming he raises up his head,

「Ha, Haha……I’m saved……」

Only to find the jelly-like bodies of slime coating the plants and trees.

Inside it, some broken red stone like things are shining with dull light.

The slime army that seemed to like bury everything that came in it’s way, now has turned into corpses army.

「Hahaha……I’m saved, I’m f*ckin’ saved!」

That day, Zach for the first gave his heartfelt gratitude to the Black Gods.




A small girl in black dress is loitering here and there in the dark forest while gathering up something.

If she was picking up flowers in a meadow, even the hoodlum Zach would loosen his cheeks seeing the lovely figure, but the girl was picking up the cores of the now-split apart slimes.

「Just what……am I doing……」

With an unknown development, Zach started helping the shining fairy in collecting the cores.

He isn’t reluctant to say gratitude to his saviour, but without even talking or even introducing each other, doing something this only fills his heart with anxiety.

But once he started, he didn’t stop.

Like that, after most of cores are collected, he gave the bag filled with dull red cores to the fairy.

「Oji-san, Thank youー」

Zach didn’t feel anything bad seeing the sunflower like bright smile on the fairy’s face.

「No, that, you even saved me there, so thank you」

How time would have passed since he has gave his gratitude from his heart.


However, the fairy took the words of gratitude and made a face as though she had no idea what he was talking about.

Zach didn’t expect a child like looking fairy to reply to his gratitude, so he didn’t worry about it.

「Oji-san, Bye bye」

Then, the fairy opened up the dimension magic as if natural, loaded the two full bags of core, and left while waving her hand.

To be more precise, towards the deepest part of Great Forest of Latifundia, the place declared as a dungeon.

Being dumbfounded, Zach thought the series of events that just happened are all an hallucination.

But, the genocide of slimes spread in surroundings extremely proves that everything is truth.

「Fairies are, awesome, right……」

He didn’t really understand it properly but anyway it’s awesome, Zach understood the wideness of the world on this day.

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