Kuro no Maou Chapter 154

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Chapter 154 – Shadow of Peace (2)

Kurono, Lily and Fiona are taking a somewhat late breakfast in『Tail of Cat』inn, the place they are lodging.

This unique inn organised with all war cats, is suitable for lower-middle or low rank adventurers, there are many adventurers who are drifting from the intense outside quests use this place, a perfect inn for Kurono and others.

It isn’t splendidly tasty, but while eating a good amount of food, the three talk about the plans of today.

「What shall we do today? Should we go to Guild and look at some quests?」

His outward appearance is calm and composed which he is pretending, while thinking the ideal work of an adventurer, Kurono gives out such a proposal.

「You don’t need to overstrain yourself Kurono, it’s good if you rest a little more」

While being in the child appearance, having brought back her adult consciousness back, Lily speaks words of worry to Kurono.

「No, I’m fine, and we don’t have any surplus money too」

The reward for the emergency quest, was 10 gold per person, more briefly it was paid in the money unit of Spada that is 100,000 klan. [ET/TN: klan is the currency unit]

In Daedalus the silver or gold was used just as it was, but in the city-state in the central part of Pandora Continent including Spada all used the currency unit called『klan』.

1 klan = 1 Silver is an normal and easy to understand currency value, even an not-good-with-mind adventurer can understand it.

「With 300,000 klan, won’t be able to live normally for some time?」(Fiona)

This inn takes 3000 klan for 1 night, simple calculation they can stay for 100 days here.

Along with the food, drinks and other expenses, they can live for a little over 1 month, even Kurono quickly understood it.

「That’s right, if we can reduce your food expenses then we can ‘live for more long’ with this much money.」

「Are you trying to tell me to die, Lily-san?」

In front of Fiona the plates placed are twice the amount Kurono and Lily ate.

It felt like it had been a long time seeing Fiona’s real ability.

「We can’t just spend it all on living expenses, We are adventurers, now that we have already spent a lot, why don’t we go to shopping today to buy new equipments.」

Ignoring Fiona, who is increasing food expenses with her additional food orders, Lily gives out such a proposal.

「Shopping, eh, certainly we should……」

Surely, Kurono lost too many things in the previous two fights.

Starting from his favorite black robe『Baphomet’s Embrace』, the rare baton made for black magical power『Black Ballista Replica』, the swords used in Sword Arts, all and every sort of potions, et cetera.

In the end, the only things left with him are『Cured Grudge Hatchet「HaraRetsu」』with a big hole in it from the attack of arrow and the『Mithril Sword』stolen from Cyprus.

Mostly all of the equipments needed in fights, either have exhausted completely, or broken.

「We need to many things, if we couldn’t manage it then 300,000 will just leave our hands quickly.」

Towards the two with no damage to equipments, Kurono ends up feelings guilty.

「It’s not much of problem, something like 300,000 we can earn it easily.」

It’s only ‘small change’, Lily refrained herself from saying it.

「You’re right, we have to work hard and earn money.」

Kurono, felt a need to hurry, in this situation with nothing to do.

Along with Spada’s Military force, and the impregnable stronghold set up near the Galahad Mountain Range, so even if Crusaders were to come Spada has the strength to stop their advance, Kurono and other’s heard all this information some days ago during the time of explanation in Spada’s Adventurer Guild.

However, due to the precedents of Daedalus Army,  no matter how much ‘It will be fine’ is said, the uneasiness just won’t rub off.

Just what could he could do as a mere adventurer, even Kurono understands the limits from his position.

A rank 1 and an outsider adventurer at that, the words of him will be taken as nonsense and he won’t be able to get the attention to Spada Army, it’s obvious even before doing it.

He can’t do anything but pray that Spada Army’s upper echelons are now more vigilant towards Crusaders, after the report of Emergency quest and information of Daedalus’s fall.

Because he knows that, Kurono doesn’t say anything, Lily too thinks that the matter is out of their hands now, and she is talking as if she has forgotten about it.

But even so, Kurono can’t forget about Crusaders, and couldn’t help but worry about it.

The only realistic thing he can do, is once again fight as an adventurer in war when Crusaders come attacking at Spada.

Thinking that, he needs to prepare for the fight against Crusaders, no, more precisely, Kurono thinks he needs to complete his duty to get ‘Strong’ so as to not lament over his powerlessness.

「Well then, let’s do shopping today, I also want to get familiar with this city」

Still, Kurono couldn’t help but lament, regret and say NO to the activities he needs to do for becoming strong, at least for now.

Humans are not that simple after all.

Right now, just like Lily is thinking, Kurono needed rest.

「Ufufu, it’s the first time I have come to a big city, I can’t wait much.」

Lily sends a good and pure looking smile to Kurono

「Yeah, Spada surely is big——」

「Excuse me, Customer」

At that moment a voice calls out from behind Kurono.

They weren’t too noisy were they? While thinking that he turns back, there stood a short werecat in apron, let it be the appearance or statement, without a doubt it is a staff of this inn.

「You are Kurono-sama, right?」


「A letter has been sent for you, here you go.」

While saying words of gratitude, just who would have given the letter, feeling that question in mind he looks at the front, and get the answer.

「From Simon, huh」

From the moment they reached Spada, Simon went his own way and they to their own.

He was taken by his elder sister the commanding officer of the help squad, and maybe because he was busy they couldn’t meet after that.

He had doubts how he could pinpoint his location, but then, if he is related to someone with great reputation in Spada like his sister, it’s an easy task to know the whereabouts of an adventurer or so Kurono guessed.

「So, What about Simon?」

「Hm, Yeah, Err……」

Upon getting urged to hurry from Lily, Kurono looked at the letter.

After reading the whole letter, Kurono conveyed the contents in a serious expression.

「The location of the survivors from refugees is written.」

I see, Lily replies that small word, and guesses the shopping today is now cancelled.

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