Kuro No Maou – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – To the Village of Irz (1)

The treasure box not only contained the robe but also contained a baton and a knife as well. They must have been the favourites of the magician as all of them were first-class items it seems.

During the experiments, I had also faced an orthodox magician wearing a robe and equipped with a baton as well.

The robe had the effect of defending against magic. Maybe because I had also used the baton after stealing it during the battle which had the effect of enhancing the magic or had a complete magic hidden inside it, I could somewhat compare the quality with the one in my hand right now.

Obviously, after the battle ended, the masked men confiscated the items from me.

Leaving that bitter memory aside, I realized that this robe was of a better quality than the others on touching it. The baton seems to be built with using black magic as a premise, so even I should be able to use it well.

The knife is probably a magic weapon. Whether it had a trick or spell behind it, I didn’t know how to use it. I’ll need to examine it more thoroughly later. As for the baton, well, not everyone can use the staff or book of a magician even if the other person is also a magician. Every magician has a different speciality like fire or water, so the element should also be compatible.

By the way, mine is black magic and Sariel had white magic but fire, water, wind, lightning element magicians have their magical energy of colours red, blue etc. respectively. These together are called the primary magical energies.

I knew this as a fact as some basic knowledge regarding magic was present faintly inside my head. Probably this was also an effect of the various experiments done on me. But thanks to that, I was able to grasp and understand things related to magic quickly.

I digressed a bit but, this baton was apparently built for the exclusive use of black magical energy and I instantly understood how to use it the moment I touched it.

It felt as if someone had prepared this intentionally for my personal use but the actual reason is probably that the magician who lived here was also a black magician like me.

Anyway, the fact that I didn’t have to be in an embarrassing outfit while going to the village was an extreme blessing for me. Somehow, my luck seems to be getting better nowadays.

But underneath this fine quality robe I am only wearing trunks. I’ll have to make sure that the insides are not seen by mistake. This is my long awaited village debut after all. I don’t want to be taken in by the police due to obscenity. Obtaining clothes is still the top priority.

“Alright let’s go then! I’ll be counting on you to show me the way Lily!”


With expectations filled in my heart, we started walking.


The place where we are heading to is known as the Irz village.

I had an image of it being a remote countryside village in the mountains but considering that it’s located on a pretty wide highway, it should not be a very small village.

But still, the Pandora continent is also at the level of Middle Ages it seems. Even though I called it a highway, it’s not even made with stones let alone proper asphalt. Though it still seems wide enough to let 2 carriages stand side by side. Although it doesn’t have a width of a normal road, no wait, this might be the main highway here.

“If you go that way, you’ll reach the village of Kuar.”

“I see. The villages are connected by this road.”

Away from the fairy garden, the village closest to Lily’s hut is the Irz village. After that is the village of Kuar. It seems it’ll take a few days to reach Kuar even if Lily were to fly there. To find the actual time to be taken, I’ll have try walking there.

“If we keep walking like this, we’ll reach Irz village before afternoon?”


There’s no need to hurry so let’s walk leisurely. And thus, while holding Lily’s hand or carrying her on my shoulder, we kept walking on the single road under the clear sky.

“Now that I think about it, we didn’t come across anybody.”

It has been 2 hours since we started and there have been no signs of anyone up till now.

Is going across villages is not popular here? No, we have cars in the present age but maybe in this era only merchants or travellers would leave their villages. Well I’ll come to know sooner or later what the actual situation is.

As I kept thinking about these things, in front of me, finally the shadow of a building came into view.

“Oh, is it the village!?”

Excited I start running. By the way, Lily is currently on my shoulder.

That building is a small house made of wood. The signs of people living can be clearly seen but no matter how I look at it, the scaling of this house is weird.

“Isn’t this a bit too small?”

The door is at most at the height of my neck, and the roof is small enough that it could be reached if I tried to stretch my hands a bit. It closely resembles the houses of the hobbits that appeared in that famous epic fantasy trilogy. (T/N: Lord of the Rings in case you didn’t know. Are there people who actually have not watched the LotR?)

“Kurono, this is—-“

The moment Lily was about to say something, I became aware of a presence near me.

From the shadow of the house, a goblin with a sickle in its hands appeared.

“Are they survivors from yesterday?”

Although, its outfit was a bit different from those of yesterday. Instead of wearing rags or pieces of leather, this one was wearing matching clothes on both top and bottom. Well, the green skin of a goblin is still the same though. Leaving that aside, to think that monsters would appear here. Could it be that the residents of this house were attacked?

Already prepared to fight, the moment I readied myself to shoot [Buckshot] at any time——

“What is it lad (T/N: He use An-chan), an acquaintance of Lily?”


The goblin suddenly spoke in fluent Japanese.

Well, he must have been talking in the original language of this world but I was able to understand due to the various modifications done on me, but that’s not what the problem is here!


“Hello, it doesn’t look like you came to sell medicines today.”

“Yes, today you see—–“

Suddenly she starts chatting with the goblin. What the hell is this? Just yesterday you were committing genocide against them so why are you suddenly so friendly with them now?

“Um, err..”

For the time being it doesn’t look like an atmosphere of a fight, I’ll also resolve myself and try talking.

“oo, that’s right I didn’t hear who the lad was. Well, since you are Lily’s companion you don’t seem to be a bad guy.”

“Hello, my name is Kurono Maou.”

I don’t know why I was greeting a goblin, but I ended up introducing myself politely. (T/N: This is a bit weird to translate but Kurono basically uses very polite and formal speech while introducing himself.)

“Oh my how polite! I am called Vats. So since you have a surname, are you perhaps a noble?”


“Kurono is a magician!”(lily)

“A magician? Now that you say it, he does look like that.”(Vats)

“Yesterday he also helped me exterminate the goblins together.”(lily)

“Is that so? They had been appearing recently so there had been a talk about a mountain hunt but I guess it’s alright now. Sorry for the trouble as usual.”(Vats)

A goblin is happy that goblins were exterminated? What the hell is this?

“Say Lily, is this person (?) not a goblin?”(kurono)

To avoid letting the person himself to hear it, I asked Lily in a small voice.

“He is a goblin. Why?”

With a face as if wondering why I asked something like that, Lily instantly answered like it was nothing.

“Ah lad, could it be that you don’t know much about monsters?”

“Ye, yes, if possible I’ll be happy if you could explain.”

“Sure. You see, from my point of view, even same goblins are completely different from me. Though from the point of view of other races, the difference can’t be seen properly.”

“Even though you are the same goblins, does that mean that the goblins that we exterminated and Vats-san are different from each other?”

“As expected of a magician, you instantly understood.”

Vats-san who was laughing with a cackling sound looked similar to the ones I killed but now that I properly talked to him, his presence/atmosphere is completely different.

The looks are the same, but inside he is like a human similar to me.

“That means you are a villager of the Irz village?”

“That’s right. I am here in the outskirts growing vegetables and making medicines.”

Is that why he was holding that sickle? It only looks like a bladed weapon to me, but someday maybe I’ll get used to it as well.

“Is the village of Irz a village of goblins then?”

“No, there are also humans and beastmen as well. Lad, are you going to a place like that for the first time?”

“Yes. I have come to this region for the first time so there are a lot of things that I don’t know.”

Yeah, that wasn’t a lie.

“Is that so? Around here most villages are like this filled with many races living together. Although I have never done so but there are people who come here after living in villages with only people of their race. They usually do get surprised like you.”

I see, so there are villages with just one race and villages with mixed as well. I thought that only humans lived here, but it seems monsters with intelligence are also treated the same as humans. If multiple races living together is the norm here the they should accept even an outsider like me too.

Even now, Vats-san has been friendly towards me, though it might be due to Lily being with me.

“Well, everyone is good natured so you’ll soon get used to it. Humans like lad are also there as well. If continue from here you’ll soon be in the centre of the village. They’ll easily let you in since you are Lily’s companion.”

“Is that so? Thank you for everything!”(Kurono)

I don’t want to keep him busy any longer. Although I had a few more things to ask, I’ll talk to some other person there.

“Sure. Well then Lily, I’ll be counting on you for the medicines.”(Vats)

“Yes! Bye-bye!”

And thus, after separating from the first villager, Vats-san the goblin, we move towards centre of the village.


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