Kuro No Maou Chapter 124

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Chapter 124 Fairy Vs Pegasus Knights (4)

(Lily POV)

“—-they’re here.”

There are enemy presences in the air. If one were to say that, they could only be talking about the Pegasus Knights.

This time they arrived even faster than last time, just as Kurono had said. They really are going all out this time.

“Disconnecting Telepathy. After that, please use analog comm., alright?”

After informing the adventurers instead of Kurono who was busy fighting on the front lines, I quickly opened the windows and flew to the skies.

My body is already in my normal form, condition is also not bad either. Although the sound from bombardment was really annoying but in my child form I was still able to sleep well.

“Hurry up and come here, I have a time limit after all.”

As I soared above Alsace Village, I saw the Pegasus Knights flying towards here in a formation.

They are clearly on guard against me. I guess I won’t be able to surprise attack them with [Meteor Strike] like last time.

Last time, maybe I should have showed myself as a bit more weaker to make them drop their guards at least a bit.

I had been able to take the initiative with the surprise attack, and I was also able to see through their plans with my powerful Extra magic telepathy.

But, although I had maintained a superior position in the last battle till the end, in reality, I was also at my limit.

In the first place, I’m not even a dragon. Why am I supposed to fight so many of them together?

Since I’m fighting for Kurono, the only reason I didn’t yield even with the gap in our overwhelming war potential is all thanks to the power of Love.

Seriously, what will I do if my precious body got injured?


As they came closer and closer, and when they were about to enter the range of my telepathy, I felt an uncomfortable feeling.

Yeah, this feeling, no doubt, this is,

“Mind Protect? So they took a protective measure, how impudent.”

I can’t see inside their hearts, a thin wall, no, a mist like barrier is preventing me from seeing their thoughts clearly.

Mind Protect was only a low level mind protection magic but it seems I won’t be able to read through the whole squad like last time.

I can break through just their Protect but, doing so while under heavy fire and while attacking and dodging at the same time, it is difficult to spare even a shred of my concentration.

“Well alright, as long as I can just see through any special tricks, I’ll just fight them head-on like last time.”

I’ll soon be inside their attack range; I put up my Oracle Field.

If I don’t have any scope of using a surprise attack, I’ll just attack them from the front.

“Now, I’ll kill all of you and get praised by Kurono, so quickly die for me!!”

We both attacked at the same time.

Lightning, wind, flames, ice—-a diverse range of elemental attacks were fired towards me.

I also fired beams and balls of light. Its size was the same as Light Sagita but its power is at intermediate level.

The high level tracking ability of the light balls interrupted the attacks that blocked my path of flight as I closed on into them.

The light beams that can only move straight forward, aimed for the Pegasus Knights at high speed.

Even though fast, the enemy is also an elite squad and can evade these beams by predicting its path.

As my attacks approached the knights, they quickly disp—–did not evade.

“Eh, they turned back!?”

I thought they would scatter and move to surround me but my prediction was overturned.

I wonder what they were thinking as they turned 180 degrees even with an enemy like me in front of them and started returning back.

“Wait, wait a minute!!”

As I tried to find out their intentions, they were barely inside the range of my telepathy so I couldn’t interfere strongly enough to break through their mind protect.

For the time being I should get closer to them to attack as well as to read their minds, so I started to chase after the running Pegasus knights.

But, in a straight line, they were slightly faster and they were slowly getting further apart. I rasied my flying speed to pursue them but, no, I can’t catch up.

“Tch, anymore and I’ll be chasing them too far.”

I lowered my speed and stopped in mid-air.

It’d be too dangerous to go too far away from Alsace.

In the first place, luring an enemy like me then trapping them was a very basic tactic.

If that was what the enemy is aiming for, then I have no reason to go along with it.

As I thought of returning back, the next moment, the Pegasus Knights once again turned back.

Once again they approached me as they fired a volley of magic attacks.

“I don’t want to move any further than this, no choice but to move backwards.”

A volley fired from barely within their range was easy to dodge as well as to intercept.

I began to retreat and move backwards while still facing them.

As I did, the Pegasus Knights maintained the same distance as they flew this way.

And every time I entered their range, they would start firing magic attacks towards me.

“Kuh, could it be—-“

I stopped in mid air. The Pegasus Knights also stopped in mid air.

If I advanced, they would retreat.

And if I retreat, they would advance, while maintaining the same distance. And the attacks were nothing more than a way to try and harass me.

“—-they’re trying to buy time!”

I understood their intentions.

Even without reading their minds, if they move this obviously, only a fool would not be able to understand that.

Basically, the enemy was trying to make me exhaust the ‘time limit’ of my DP.

“Really, doing such impudent things……..”

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