Kuro No Maou – Chapter 69

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Chapter 69 – The 4 Apostles (1)

The Daedalus royal castle’s throne room was the same as it was, elegantly made by Dwarf artisans, but just the black dragon emblem had been replaced by God’s cross emblem.

In that throne room that emphasised on its new ruler, 4 people were sitting in armchairs.

“Welcome to Daedalus.”

The one who spoke the words of welcome in a soft voice the Supreme Commander of the Crusaders as well as the one who single-handedly defeated the Dragon King Gaevinal and earned the title of [Dragon Slayer], the 7th Apostle Sariel.

“We came especially for the sake of seeing you so better be thankful, Sariel!”

The one calling Sariel by name in a girly high-pitched voice was the 11th Apostle Misa.

As usual, wearing a high exposure modified robe, Misa crossed her seductive bare legs and reclined on the chair arrogantly.

“It, It has been a long time, Lord Sariel…….”

A boy so beautiful that if a believer saw him they would get a nosebleed looking at that cute, blushing face showing restlessness and nervousness. It was the 12th Apostle Mariabelle.

He had thought up various smart lines but when he came in front of Sariel, he could only use the safe words of greeting only.

“It’s good to see that you are in good health Sariel-chan, but—-“

And, with a gentle smile truly worthy of being called the [Holy woman], the 3rd Apostle Mikael stood uo from her seat and walked towards Sariel.

Sariel who possessed an elegant and ephemeral presence and Mikael who had a voluptuous body and the charm of an adult; the scene of these 2 together having 2 extreme types of beauty looked somewhat similar to seeing a mother and her child.

“It seems your injuries have not yet healed.”

Mikael gently held Sariel’s right palm that was still in bandages.

“Oh my how terrible! Such a big hole has opened here.”

Mikael somehow guessed the extent and type of injury just by caressing Sariel’s palm.

The palm that was struck with Kurono’s poison needle, Sariel had pierced her own palm with her spear to remove the poisoned portions, that wound had not yet healed up.

“[Pain, Pain go away♪]”

At Mikael’s carefree words, not a single one here felt that she was joking around.

“……Thank you very much.”

“No need. It’s my duty after all.”

As Mikael let go of her hand, the bandage automatically started coming off.

On Sariel’s hand, the painful wound that should have been there was now nowhere to be seen, as if there wasn’t a wound in the first place. Sariel’s clean white hand could be seen.

To have healed the wound, that would have normally taken some time even with treatment, instantly, was one part of the 3rd Apostle Mikael’s abilities.

With a satisfied smile, Mikael returned back to her seat.

“That wound earlier, how did you get it? Did a dragon appear again?”

Misa asked in a sharp voice.

“Yes, it seemed different from the wounds gotten from facing the Dragon king.”(mariabelle)

Those two were simply worried about Sariel, or rather, they were curious about this existence that could damage Sariel who was an apostle even after the Daedalus army had been annihilated.


Sariel answered with silence.

Anybody else could have just lied, but for the extremely awkward/tactless Sariel, lying was almost impossible. Thus silence.

“fuuun, so you won’t answer.”

Seeing Sariel stay quiet, Misa’s eyes flashed.

Sariel thought for a second, that maybe she realized that she(sariel) had let an enemy get away but,

“fufun, you, stupidly got into an accident and injured yourself, right?!”(misa)


[Thank god she’s an idiot] anybody would have thought that on seeing Misa misunderstanding splendidly by herself.

“You must have carelessly touched the blade of the armament scripture and got that wound, right?”(misa)

“Isn’t that what you did a while back?”

While sighing, Mariabelle recalled that embarrassing event where Misa, ‘Can armament scriptures cut even Apostles?’ thought that and grabbed the blade that was not just at a level of being extremely sharp, and gotten her wrist severed!

“Oh shaddup! If I can mess up then Sariel can too, right?!?!”(misa)

“Just who, other than yourself, would make such a mistake?”(mariabelle)

“I just know that’s how Sariel messed up as well!!”

Demonstrating her convenient skill of not listening to inconvenient things about her, Misa approached Sariel while ignoring Mariabelle.

Against that Misa, Sariel,


Slightly nodded and accepted.

She can’t lie, but there’s no need to correct the misunderstanding of the opposite side either.

If she agreed here, there would no pursuit for Kurono, even Sariel could make such a judgement.

“See! It really was an accident!!”(Misa)

“Everyone makes mistakes of course.”(mariabelle)

Mariabelle made a perfect 180◦ turn in a few seconds. (T/N : Wow this guy.)

“Mariabelle, you……..”

That’s completely different from what you were saying till now, said Misa with her eyes.

But he showed no signs of wavering because,

“I am Lord Sariel’s ally.”(mariabelle)

“fun, yes-man aren’t really popular though.”


Misa’s one line, disrupted the boy’s heart.

“Of course, even Sariel doesn’t like guys with no individuality, right?”(misa)


“See!! Even Sariel doesn’t like guys like you!!”(misa)

I haven’t said anything, or so she thought but Sariel had already lost the timing to interpose between the rapid fast talking.

“uu…….Lord Sariel, I……..I am……..”

Heartbroken, Mariabelle’s shoulder dropped down disappointed.

Misa looked down on him with a triumphant pose.

Sariel remained expressionless but was thinking hard to at least say something.

An idiotic composition that can never be shown to a devout believer of the cross religion, was taking place currently inside the throne room.

“ufufu, it was the right decision to come for a visit. Everyone seems so happy.”

Mikael, who was much older, looked at the three Apostles with a warm gaze.

But she was supposed to control this meeting and not let it go like this as the eldest Apostle here, anyone would think that, but there was no one here who could point that out to her.

And thus, the first meeting between the 4 Apostles on the Pandora Continent kept on going with a ‘pleasant’ atmosphere like this and not a single topic relating to politics or the religion was raised.


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