Kuro no Maou Chapter 202

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Chapter 202

It was an accessory inlaid with a blue jewel like a blue marine.

[Protection of the Blue Flame – NanaBlast Amulet], that was the name of that accessory.

A magic item of Fiona that held an incredible level of fire resistance. The fact that it had protected Kurono from Fiona’s [Aur Soleil] while fighting against the 8th Apostle Ai was a proof of it effectiveness.

On the night of the 1st of the month of Kouen, I had received this rare item.

“This is a present from me, please take it.”(Fiona)

An amulet giving off a blue radiance was given to me.

On asking why, she answered that I bought it. No, that wasn’t what I was asking though.

“It matches with mine now.”(Fiona)

While getting embarrassed by those words that might make a man’s heart misunderstand, I wanted to ask about the cost of this ‘rare’ item and all but,

“Th, thanks.”

I could only answer like that honestly and accept it.

At that time, Lily’s unusually cold expression was also scary……..




As I cut through the fireball attack of the Wrathpun, I saw surprise in its eyes.

It seems it didn’t expect me to get out of it unharmed.

Well, if I had not been equipped with this amulet, this unreliable robe would have been completely burnt through.

This present I received from Fiona is fastened to my leather belt through a chain.

Thanks to this, I was able to nullify most of the damage of the fireball.

The shockwaves and power of the explosion had been completely stopped with the help of the Black Shield that had become stronger with the help of [Black hair curse [Coffin]] as well.

As a result, I had only felt a slight heat and nothing more.

And so, at the same time as I got through the fireball,

“—–[Speed Boost]”

Support magic came from Fiona.

My body became lighter and more strength came into my legs that were running and I became able to cover a distance of a few meters in an instant.

“——[Force Boost]”

And, as I raised my [HaraRetsu] to swing with all my strength, further support magic came to my body and increased the power of my Martial Skill.


The Wrathpun took a backstep with speed unbelievable for its huge body and tried to escape from the black blade’s range.

But, my Martial Skill that had been enhanced in both speed and power; it could not evade it completely.

From my hands holding onto the grip, I felt the sensation of cutting through its gum-like elastic flesh.

The Wrathpun that landed after stepping back had blood seeping out of its left hand.

Its nowhere near a fatal wound but it proved that this blade could damage it.

Then, I can do this. We can defeat this guy.


In pursuit, I took one step ahead and my opponent also rushed towards me while roaring in anger.

Its right arm raised and was enveloped in the same crimson flames that had blocked [Meteor Strike].

I instinctively realized that this flame was even stronger than the previous fireball and even with the protection of the Amulet, the flames might really reach me.

Of course, even if the flames didn’t, there’s a high chance that I’d be instantly KOed if I simply took on that battering ram-like punch directly.

“Magic Sword Arts!!”

I launched all 10 of the blackened swords without hesitation.

Wrathpun took them on without showing any signs of worry.

7 swords struck him. Shoulder, arms, legs and chest, the places were varied but all of them were only shallow wounds. It only evaded the attacks to its head instinctively.

Didn’t work. It wasn’t strong enough to stop its attack.

Even with the Glove and the Amulet, it was still dangerous to take on its fire punch head-on. Since I was unable to cancel its attack, I can only try to evade it now.

In my head, I remembered those days of the maneuvering experiment where I fought giant monsters daily as if it was normal.

In those days, I had no weapon, no equipment on my body. How did I face those monsters then?

Charging attacks that made the earth tremble, attack from claws that could sever even the bones, jaws that were inescapable once trapped in them, attacks that would be simply impossible for a human but truly normal for the monsters.

I, who had neither armour or shield, fought such monsters and had come out victorious. It was only because I had been able to always dodge all such attacks.

That feeling, fights against giant monsters, the theory behind it, everything had already been engraved into this body as unforgettable memories.


And thus, the burning fist came down on me from above.

To dodge, I have to go neither to the back nor to the left or right. I have to go front.

Since the giant monsters had great size, places near their feet or bosom were out of their range.

Jumping forward in a summersault, I felt that I had dodged heavy burning attack behind me just barely.

The fire punch aimed at me had only cut through the air and hit the weed filled ground, gouging out the earth as a result.

With the moment of feeling the shockwaves hitting my back, while rolling, I slipped through the Wrathpun’s body.

My posture had collapsed due to using the Martial Skill but I still swung the hatchet while passing through.

Feeling a slight response, I barely cut the monster’s right hind foot.

I, who had slipped through to the Wrathpun’s back, stood up and took a stance but that monster’s reaction speed was really fast. In the moment I attacked its open back, it quickly turned towards me.

At that moment, the one that attacked its back wasn’t me but Lily’s light beams.

It doesn’t look like it caused much damage but I felt its consciousness move away from me.

A chance—-no, a fireball seems to be concentrating in his hands.

“[Anchor Hand]”

From my left hand that was not holding the hatchet, I created wires out of the cursed black hair.

As the Wrathpun, raised its burning hand above and was about fire the ball of flames towards Lily, my [Anchor hand] entwined around it.


I pulled the wires with all my strength but I couldn’t win against its incredible physical strength no matter how much my body had been enhanced.

Soon, the wires started to get torn off and its right arm got free from its constraints.

But, that was enough.

The fireball that was fired was made to miss its target due to my intervention.

Without trying to see where the fireball flew, the monster quickly started pursuing me.

Pulling the remaining few wires still entwined around its right hand, I climbed up its giant body as if it was a mountain.

The Wrathpun shook its body to shake me off and I was swung around like an insect while holding on to it with my both hands.

Due to that action, me body flew in the air, and crossed 7m, i.e. right above the monster.

My body began to freefall due to gravity but I corrected my posture and released a Martial Skill in mid air.


My aim was its neck covered with crimson fur.

Rather than its thick looking skull, it’ll be easier to deal a fatal wound by cutting its neck.

If I’m lucky and am able to cut away the bones along with its neck, the battle will be over there and then.

And, the moment the black blade was about to reach its target,


A roar loud enough to blow things away; it resounded in my head as if trying to destroy my eardrums.

But, that wasn’t the only problem. The reason why I instinctively felt danger was because the parts of its fur that had been black till now also became completely red instantly.

But still, the swing of my blade wasn’t going to stop, I have no intention to stop in the first place.

My full powered Kuronagi exploded against its thick neck covered by heavy fur and steel like muscles, which was still a weakness as a living being and was fully exposed.

“Guah, Hard!—–“

But the sensation that came to my hand was the same as cutting through an armoured Knight’s tower shield.

This was definitely not just my imagination. At this moment, the Wrathpun’s flesh was similar to steel covered with multiple layers of defensive magic.

As a result, let alone cut its neck, my attack stopped at barely scratching its surface.

“——Are you kidding me!?!”

Wrathpun, that had become completely red now, the parts that had originally been black fur was now shining as if it was made of metal.

I who had landed after releasing Kuronagi faced against the Wrathpun who was giving an atmosphere as if it was wearing full red armour.

It seems, this reddening is not similar to the Martial Skill [Iron Guard] that enhances defensive power for only a short time.

Mettalification (T/N: I know no such word exists but that was the closest I could think of), should I call it? At least this change is not just some kind of bluff as it holds enough ability to defend against my sure-kill Kuronagi.

“So this is its serious mode, eh?”

Unintentionally, a cold sweat flowed on my cheek.

This Wrathpun that has high heat resistance to defend against both Lily’s light and Fiona’s fire, had now sealed the only attack that could work on it.

That is, basically, we have no means of beating it now.

“……..What the hell are we supposed to do now?”

Chapter 202 Element Master Vs Wrathpun (2)

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