Kuro no Maou Chapter 189

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Chapter 189 – Is this a mixed bath? No, it is a men’s bath

From the afternoon, in the large storage room, no, in the new laboratory of Simon,the meeting revealing about the modern-science began.

Though, I only have knowledge on the high-schooler level, it is not possible for me to think on something that can be immediately made in this world.

For the time being, I told her about my world, more precisely about the modern-day Japan.

I didn’t stop at just weapons like guns, but told about transportation methods like car, train, airplane, then went on to telecommunication means like radio, television, and mobile phone, and also told about computer. I couldn’t know what kind of image would Simon, an another world inhabitant, would have about these devices, but she seemed to have piqued a really great interest in them.

However, the time doesn’t forgive to keep on talking endlessly.

When I realized the sun was setting down, I decided to call it a day there.

But however, at the time of returning,


「It was quite hot today, there is even sweat, maybe I will enter the bath」


If Simon didn’t say something like, I would’ve been back at inn.

「There is a bath!?」

「Eh, yes there is?」

Simon makes a eye filled with suspicion saying ‘Did you not know’, regarding my ignorance.

Of course, I don’t know, the only things I know about this world, are limited to the things I had learned as an adventurer in a rural countryside area.

「There was no bath in Irz」

「There wasn’t even one in Alsace too. Places like public bathhouse wouldn’t be present unless there is a big city like Spada, only and unless a natural spring appears」

Spada, you rock! Here, a public bathhouse is present……This is for the first time, I’m thinking it was good to come to Spada.

Why? Bath is the true heart of Japan, till now I have beared with the torture of wiping my body with wet towel, it’s obvious I want to enter the bath.

I want to immerse myself in the bathtub filled with hot water and just RELAX!

「Ah, err, then shall we go together?」

「Of course, what are we waiting for!」

At that time, Simon seemed like a healing goddess to me.




After walking for about 5 minutes outside of school, there stood a public bathhouse, boldly standing out.

「I-It was in a place this recognisable……」

I failed to notice it, no, I simply hadn’t come in this area.

Still, I can only lament over the fact that I hadn’t come to this area before.

A large building like this on the main street will catch my attention even if I don’t like it, furthermore, due the fact I can read this world’s letters, there is no way I would possibly not catch sight of this largely written『Public Bathhouse』

「It is quite rowdy, even at this time」

The cloudless red dyed sky, informs the end of day

Even so, there are many people like humans and other races, going in and out of public bathhouse continuously.

「Spada has long running times even in night totally different from rural area, therefore many people come at this time too」

Simon, holding a bath towel and bath set under her arms, told me.

「Well then, let’s enter fast」

「That’s right」

While making my heart throb faster in expectation for the coming hyper-relax-time, I passed through the entrance of bathhouse which is two-leaf door.

In the front was an imposing watch stand, customers which entered like me, were paying the fees to the old lady standing there as a gatekeeper.

On the left was a door with the picture of a deformed man along with word『Man』written, on the right was the female version of it.

This place is like a lobby, there are some people here and there sitting on benches and drinking some sort of drink filled inside a cup. Seems like there isn’t much difference in the public bathhouse of this world or of Earth.

「Bathing is of 300 klan, and talking a towel charges 50 klan」

Before I started searching for price list, Simon made a smart move and tells me.

I take out 350 klan, and head towards the watch stand along with Simon.

I pay the fees without a hitch, take the towel set, and head towards the men’s bat for enjoying bath to my heart’s content.

I open the sliding door, inside was the dressing room as if it’s natural for it to be present there.

The scene of nude men walking towards the bathroom with towel in one hand looks exactly like that of public bathhouses of Japan.

But, because they all are adventurers, all have toned muscular bodies only.

Not only that, there are also beast people and other races, it is filled with another world feeling.

It might be none of my concern, would it help the skeleton at all if they enter the bath?

While thinking such a ridiculous thing, I fling the apprentice magician robe in the undressing basket lined up on the shelves.

「But, this is not much different than Japan’s bathhouses」

「Hmm, is that so」


Eh, What, I think I just heard a voice that shouldn’t be present here.

「What happened, Onii-san?」

Looks like it’s an auditory hallucination, I face the way voice came from

「W-Why are you here!?」

And, there stood Simon, with half undressed shirt showing her white shoulders, as though it is natural.

What the! Here is without a doubt Men’s bath, no matter if she likes to cross-dress a boy, this isn’t the place she should actually come to.

No, was there some problem in diving the men’s bath and women’s bath? No, or this place in the first place, a mixed-bath?

Now that I remember it, during Edo period there were mixed baths, so it might only be natural for it to be present――

「Eh, um……Onii-san, you don’t want to enter together with me?」

I don’t know if Simon is trying to seduce me, but she said the line with a really cute expression.

Of course, her body is still half naked, its explosive power will blow my thought process to moon.

But, I’m not the boy who would nosebleed here, That’s right, I can bear it if I want to.

「I-It’s not the matter of wanting or not wanting, in fact this is men’s bath, right?」

「Yeah, that’s right……」

So this really is men’s bath, then even more, Simon shouldn’t remain here.

「I don’t what you’re thinking, but quickly go to women’s bath, this is not a place a girl should be in」

While mobilizing my rational power, I dress up the half-undressed shirt.

「It’s me who doesn’t get what you’re thinking, why should I go to women’s bath……Eh, Onii-san did you……」

Maybe she realized something, Simon looks at me with eyes widened from shock.

「Onii-san do you think of me……as a girl?」

I couldn’t get what you’re saying.

What does it mean, did Simon by any chance think of me a girl?

No, even in this world, the way of differentiating male and female is same, It’s easy to understand upon looking.

Recall it me, I did get Simon is female on the first glance I saw her……Hm, huh, I perfectly remember that I had trouble differentiating Simon’s gender.

Furthermore, not even once, had Simon said her to be girl.

Then had I, on my own accord, thought Simon was a girl and had kept on thinking it?

「Simon……are you a man?」

I timidly ask,

「!? Onii-san, you idiot! I’m a man, you can look at it!!」

Like hell I can understand it by looking, I can’t say that, I just can’t.

Her line is same as the one said by some self-proclaimed god, but yeah, here it was my fault.

「Sorry, I always thought you were a girl……」

「I’m a man! Really, Onii-san is an idiot! Dimwit! Idioot!!」

I try to soother Simon who is pleasantly hitting my chest again and again in a cute manner, and I don’t I need to tell how much time it took.

Also, the stares from surrounding, hurted.

I was sorry for creating a ruckus, but when I heard the words「What, just a lover’s quarrel」, I seriously wanted to fire Bullet Arts everywhere.

「……I’m sorry」

「Uu……It’s fine, many people think I’m a girl many times……」

Ah, so that is true.

But leaving it all that, let’s have fun in the bath that got postponed.

Like that, I take off the white shirt, and Simon takes out his shirt,


It’s just that, it feels like that, when I see Simon taking out his clothes at a close distance that our shoulders  can touch. It can’t be helped, right?

Without noticing my irregular heartbeats, Simon takes off the clothes.

Taking off the shirt, there is no there thing to cover the upper part of body, and the naked body of Simon, who looks like a girl, appears in front of me.

Pale white skin, round shoulders, slim waist, as for chest, unless one knows he is a man, one would of him as a unfortunate girl with very less breasts.

Simon, without hesitating moved his hands to the belt holding up his slacks.

With a click the clasp is released, he then takes out the slacks without hesitation, this time the white legs appear.

As if natural, there is no body hair present on his body,not even leg hair.

Simon is now in just underpants, but I still haven’t seen the proof of male gender.

Even theses trunks type underpants, look like squash bloomer to me, is Simon really a man?

Am I, by any chance, getting deceived?

But my conflict gets done in a second, after all, Simon has moved his hands on the underpants.

Gulp, I reflexively gulped, I am seeing the proof of male gender of Simon in next second.


「Eh, What?」

Simon faces me, in his hands a towel, and his body is stark-naked.

「No, nothing」

Yeah, there is nothing, because I have the seen as it is from my eyes.

Simon, though you’re ‘small’, but you’re without a doubt man.


[ET: Don’t worry, you’re an ass**** Kurono, you do like cute guys too]


「Come on, let’s go」

「Ah, Yeah」

I too am now naked, completely ready to jump into bathtub.

No, I don’t mean jumping literally.

「Simon, why are looking restless?」

I, after learning the truth have nothing to fear, and even my rationality has come back.

Simon is restless, no, maybe vigilant of something.

「Uh, err……」

Simon becomes shy, stop it, I, who has learned the truth will have my heart wavered, from his back it doesn’t look like he is man.

Even so, I can’t ask him to show the front, no, above that I need Simon’s explanation.

「Sometimes, people touch my butt, that’s why I have be vigilant」

「I see……you’ve got lot of troubles」

I realized, that it doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman, as long it is a cute, everything is fine. This is the truth of world.


[ET: See, I told you guys above!!]


For the time being, I will take care of perverts who will try to molest Simon.




At any rate, I reached back to inn in good mood, I even wanted to start humming.

The summer breeze on my hot body feels just great.

I was feeling so good, that on my way back, I even bought the rabbit ears attached kids robe for Lily, the one she liked.

The old lady was still the same stubborn witch, but showing my rank 2 guild card, she was somewhat impressed.

I’m grateful that she understands that I’m not some damn noble kid playing around.

Well, still she didn’t give me a discount of even a single klan, and I had to purchase the robe for 37,000 klan.

Incidentally, I had thought this robe was made from a white rabbit, but when I heard it was made from the white Punpun living in snowy mountains, I got surprised and also consented to the fluffiness.

Like that, when I reached back to inn in high spirits with the white Punpun robe in one hand,

「Huh, Kurono-san, there is nothing for me?」

I totally forgot about her.

No, I think it’s rude to ask for presents, but a sense of guilty swells up, upon seeing Fiona sending a jealousy filled gaze to Lily who is froclicking around white wearing white Pun-robe.

After apologizing, I promised Fiona, to treat her pudding at a later date.

When Element Master was formed, she asked for pudding, so it’s natural to complete the promise now.

Incidentally, I have planed to use Simon’s laboratory’s kitchen, which is quite run-down.

That isn’t some storage room, at first it was a dormitory, so there all equipments needed for living.

Setting it aside, I thought to tell Lily and Fiona about joining Royal Spada Academy upon reaching rank 3, but

「In truth, we both have prepared a present for Kurono-san, please take it」

I got an exciting surprise.

「Thank you, I will gladly take it」

But, I, at that time didn’t knew the true surprise was the present these girls have prepared for me.

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