Kuro no Maou Chapter 179

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Chapter 179 Chairwoman

(POV 3rd person)

The one sitting in front of him, wearing a thin silk lascivious dress, was a beautiful young dark elf.

With a darkish brown skin colour opposite to the white skin of normal elves, and her feminine voluptuous body along with the Valhalla Silk dress barely covering her body further increased her charm.

If it was a normal man, his eyes would automatically be attracted towards her plentiful chest which was barely covered and seemed to spill out any moment, her curvy waist line, and her plump thighs visible from the slit that continued from below her hips.

No, maybe they would not be able to even move away from her face that looked like a sculpture of a goddess.

Glossy silver that shined like mithril were tied behind her head, and the silver hair dangling from there held extreme beauty but maybe because it also held magical energy, it gave of a pressure like the tail of a dragon.

Her whole face was made as if trying to perfectly follow the golden ratio but even among that, her long blue eyes were especially prominent.

And, those marine crystal-like blue eyes held languidness as usual but they were currently perfectly focused on the small boy sitting in front of her.

“You did well coming back Simon. I’m happy that you’re safe.”

“Ye, Yes……It seems I have made you worry, I’m very sorry for that, Chairwoman.”

Simon answered with a somewhat restless manner. Just as he said, this beauty was, in fact, the Chairwoman of the Royal Spada Academy, Sofia Sirius Pacifal.

And this place was obviously, the Chairwoman’s office.

As if boldly emphasising the fact that the chairwoman was the absolute top in the school’s authority, the room was located at the centre and the highest point of the school and the whole city of Spada could be overlooked from the whole wall that had been made of not just glass but high priced Scea Crystal.

“I believe I told you call me Sofia 3 months back, did you forget already?”

“Ah, no……not at all.”

In front of the flustered Simon who gave a vague answer, Sofia seemed like a sly snake in front of its prey.

“That’s how our relationship is, right? No need to be so hesitant.”

Simon anguished over how a normal student and the Chairwoman had a relationship where he shouldn’t feel hesitant but he remembered that it was the same when he first met this beautiful dark elf as well.

Basically, he was not good with dealing with this woman.

“Then, um……Sofia-san.”

“umu, Well, this is better atleast.”

She seemed to imply that using ‘-san’ was also unnecessary but he was not like Kurono who could easily talk freely with even his seniors.

“Thank you for allowing me to return back to school.”

“I only did what was obvious, it’s nothing that requires any thanks.”

Simon bowed his head in gratitude but his heart couldn’t be called very calm right now.

After all, it was not his wish to return back to the Royal Spada Academy.

“In fact, I should be the one to apologise. I was the one that recommended you to go to Deadalus after all.”

In the first place, why had been Simon working as an adventurer in Alsace village?

That was a result of the conversation that took place between them here three months prior.

[“fumu, if you don’t have money then why not complete some quests?”]

Due to ‘household circumstances’, Simon wanted to take some distance from his family in Spada, the famous noble household of Bardiel.

Thus, even on Simon’s guild card, the name Bardiel had not been inscribed.

With such reasons, Simon couldn’t ask his family to get expenses for the school and other various expenses.

And at the same time, so as to stay out of his family’s eyes, he decided to work in Deadalus which was a different country.

“No, I’m thankful to the chairwoman. It was me who wanted to go to Deadalus as an adventurer.”

But, now that the situation had changed, he couldn’t stay as an adventurer away from Spada.

That was the effect of the strong pressure of the Bardiel House, no, to be exact his elder sister Emelia.

“But, if you’re here, I would be relieved as well. That human army won’t be able to come to Spada after all.”

In terms of relief, even Simon was the same who had fought against the Crusaders at Alsace.

Yes, even with that ‘monster’ in a woman’s skin who all the adventurers together had been unable to touch would be unable to break through the Spada Army led by the [Sword King] Leonhart in the Gallahad Mountain fortress, he believed that as well.

Originally, Spada which had been expecting an invasion from the Dragon King Gaevinal had already put up perfect defensive measures against it.

Unlike the peace loving idiots of other city-states, their readiness was in a different level.

“Now then, will you start attending here from tomorrow?”

Simon affirmed. The preparations to start attending school had been already completed.

Although, like 3 months back, he’ll have to move back into the dorms again.

“Well, this time you’ll get a lab as well so isn’t it fine?”

Well, it’s a bit rundown though, as Sofia continued, a question arose in Simon.

“Um, what kind of laboratory are you talking about?

From the time Simon had admitted here, he hadn’t received any personal lab at all.

He continued with his alchemic research inside his small dorm room and sometimes borrowed other facilities while feeling ashamed to do some other experiments.

But, this was the case for not just Simon but for any student enrolled in the magic engineering course, it was a rare think to have a lab inside the school grounds. Only elites from big houses or geniuses with great grades possessed.

“From what I’ve heard, it’ll be a room from the old dorms. ‘That woman’ has already sent a large amount of money for it as well.”

“Ria-nee……..doing things on her own like that…….”

For any alchemist it was a great thing to get a personal lab, even for Simon, it was one of his dreams.

But it was, in the end, something that should be gained with your own hard work not something to be simply gifted by his elder sister, perfect in authority, assets, power, General Emilia Friedrich Bardiel.

“I’m expecting you to bring about ground-breaking developments for this school in the new environment you are being provided with, alright?”

“Yes, I’ll work hard………..”

And thus, giving words of farewell, Simon stood up from the giant sofa made of Bullhorn leather.

And when he was heading towards the white double doors to leave,

“Wait a minute.”

Sofia, who had closed in behind him without making even a single sound, put her hand wearing a white dress gloves on his shoulder.

“u, umm……….”

His whole body stiffened due to the overwhelming pressure being released by Sofia.

That was definitely not his misconception. Considering that she was once a rank 5 adventurer called the [Valkyrie Blizzard], it’s obvious she could stop a small elf boy from moving with simply her presence.

Although, if she really wanted to intimidate him, Simon would have been lying on the ground flat without moving a bit by now.

“Won’t you think about that thing with me once again?”

As Simon slowly turned, her charming body releasing incredible charm was there.

Compared to Emilia who had a big body as compared to the norm, Sofia seemed smaller but even then her height was still tall among women, and she was almost one full head taller than Simon.

Thus, directly in front of Simon was not Sofia’s beautiful face but her deep cleavage that made one recall of the great rank 5 dungeon [Elgrand Canyon].

The smooth soft skin closing in on his face twisted his reasoning as a man and the sweet fragrance from her body made his heart forcibly beat faster.

“If it was me, I could provide you with a much better room than that rundown one, no, there will be no need for any grades or research result either, as long as you stay there.”

Caressing Simon’s cheek with her finger, she raised his face to look towards her.

Sofia’s crystal eyes looked into Simon’s emerald eyes and their gazes intertwined.

Like before, her eyes looked languid but it held a charming radiance that tempted men.

No, even Simon, a mere student, could understand that she was ‘tempting and inviting him’ as a man.

Not just that bewitching attitude, the first time they met, she had even asked him this directly.

“You, won’t you stop your alchemy and become mine?”

And the answer to that remained the same even now.

“I, have no intention to stop alchemy………”

There was no way Simon, even if he belonged to the Bardiel family, didn’t know what she, who had such a high status and authority, wanted from him.

He had no intention of becoming her treasured doll, even more so if that involved abandoning his alchemy.

In the first place, he was a failure as an elf, without incredible magic, and no manly charm like Kurono had, why would she be interested in him who looked like a never growing child always?

No, maybe that was the reason. Without magical energy, an Elf wouldn’t mature and grow, she might be treating him as a rare animal.

In any case, there was no way Simon, who admired true and proper love, would accept such kind of feelings from her.

And, now that he knew of a woman who had used her own life to protect him, he would definitely not accept such half-assed feelings.

“fufu, well that’s fine. When you get troubled by that overprotective older sister of yours, come rely on me.”

But she, who didn’t know what was going on in Simon’s heart, released him after laughing lightly.

“Thank you, very much.”

He did feel a debt of gratitude towards Sofia who had helped him in running away from his family and sister.

But he wouldn’t accept becoming a pet just for that.

He had resolved to return that favour in the form school merits.

As Simon gave his gratitude with mixed feelings, without realising that his face had become red due to her incredible charm, quickly left the room as if running away.

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