Kuro no Maou Chapter 171

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Chapter 171 – Lover Rendezvous in Moonlit Night
By the time I returned to the inn, the sky had already started to be dyed red.

After arranging all the minimum necessary equipments and items, we three reached back while talking to eat the dinner at some shop, but in the end we ate the dinner in the dining hall of『Cat’s Tail』where the quality of food is 60 points and quantity is 100 points.

I come in front of the guest room, open the thin door and enter alone.

From the time we started staying here I slept together with Lily, but from yesterday she had been sleeping in the next room to mine, Fiona’s room.

The rooms are both same, but it might be different with different sleeping partner, well I had been with Lily always so it’s a little lonely for me, but I have no right to complain so I’m letting Lily do as she wants.

「Either way, I’m tired」

I throw off the glittering black robe with a symbol of First-year Student embedded into it, and immediately sit on the bed.

The time I wore『Baphomet’s Embrace』, unexpectedly I had never thought to remove it other than the time I slept, but that ain’t happening with this fake look-alike robe.

It needs to be taken off during the time I want to relax.

It’s better to put it away before it gets creases, thinking that I throw it inside the『Shadow Gate』which had it’s belly full unlike the morning.

After all I filled it with 15 long swords, while having the spare energy of 5 extra swords, I can now use Sword Arts.

Incidentally the extra 5 swords were given as a service to make up for the same he pulled off.

I don’t know if the solatium for the crime of fraud is really worth 50K Klan or not, but I had no intention to complain about it and stiked the deal.

Well though it went fine this time, but like hell I would go to shop like that another time! Oh, I’m not that much angry, when I get more money collected, I’m thinking of going to buy a cursed weapon for sure. [ET: hell he’s being contradictory, but yeah it’s not that I don’t like it]

Speaking of cursed weapon, eventually, I didn’t buy it.

Selling the『Mithril Sword』would’ve gotten me the money to buy two cursed weapons, but thinking of fighting against monsters with darkness attribute or black magic, I rethink and stopped myself.

Due to Mithril’s nature, upon covering it with black magical power it gets purified in some time so it’s got the disadvantage of not being used in Sword Arts, but there is no objection is swinging it normally.

All the other cursed weapons I saw were all very fascinating, my heart wavered, but I decided to bear that pain.

Above all, it was annoying to get carried on with that lich skeleton’s sales talk.

Well then, It was at the time I thought to check the articles I had brought.

「Hm, letter?」

I noticed the existence of a paper folded four times, placed near the pillow.

What if, it is another message from Simon? Guessing that I opened the letter,


I will be waiting in the plaza tonight.


And only that small sentence was written there.

「Who is it……」

Anxiety swirled inside my heart, it’s natural, getting an anonymous letter anyone would feel anxiety.

Just if I had got this in my high school days, I would’ve been in high spirits thinking on the possibilities of it being love letter, unfortunately in this situation something that good, I can’t expect.

From the people I know who would send a letter to me would be……Apostles? From 8th Apostle Ai’s foolish personality, I completely like hell don’t know think it’s written by her written, she would appear almost anywhere while being a normal adventurer.

But, in that case the possibility of naming herself beforehand is high, right? If they want to see my shivering and pitiful state, telling their identity as apostles would have better effect, no doubt.

If it’s not Apostle, then the next would be, self-proclaimed god Mia, huh.

No, this side would too will gave name first.

If so, is here another god wanting to bless me with a new divine protection?

If you’re another damn god, then appear in dreams and do some oracle or crap.

My thoughts swirl while running around in circles, in this situation with no leads, I can’t possibly find the name of sender.

However, ignoring this letter would leave a bad taste, on the contrary it really piques my interest.

I won’t go, is a choice I won’t take.




「Alright, ready to go」

I put on the robe which was thought to be left alone in the shadow gate today, and step out in the Spada ruled by darkness.

I had already discussed about the letter with Lily and Fiona during the dinner.


「Well then, Lily-san and I will hide in the plaza beforehand, if it feels like dangerous situation, I would release the『Aur Soleil』, please rest assured」


That offer which seemed like a scheme to kill me, only had its first part usable.


「At least keep it to『Ignis Kris Sagita』」


I have given a warning, it would be fine.

I don’t have『Baphomet’s Embrace』, also have returned『Nana Blast Amulet』back to Fiona, so I don’t have any particular defensive power on me right now.

But well unless an apostle does appear I can get past it, thinking that I walk the street in the dark.

『Cat’s Tail』is facing a quite wide road, due to that it can gain the benefit of having the street light, so the road is somewhat bright.

In the first place, today is full moon night, even without the street lights the darkness can be made less.

Maybe it’s their return time to inn, I can see some adventurer-esque drunkards.

Seems like only I’m heading towards the plaza, the people who sometimes come across are all passing beside me.

As the plaza is in different location from pleasure quarters, finally the human presence are all gone, only the sound of me kicking the stone pavement can be heard.

Now then, who might be waiting for me, my anticipation rise exponentially wanting to know the answer.

From the contents, the place to meet is most probably the plaza with the obelisk.

Starting from central plaza, there are other places that can be called the plaza but it wasn’t stated particularly, so I couldn’t think of any other than this.

Incidentally the word ‘tonight’ is a quite vague designated time, it hasn’t been much after the moon soared up in the cloudless starry night sky. Therefore, I wouldn’t have made the other person wait long that they went back.

Of course, using this sort of way to call me means, that they have the willpower to wait till dawn.

「Good, just after this, huh」

I walk in high spirits from the entrance of the now deadly quiet plaza which was lively with people in the noon.

It isn’t that big, upon entering the『Beginning of History (Zero Chronicle)』,enshrined in the centre can be seen.

Apparently, there isn’t any sign of people in front of the obelisk of more than 10 m size including the pedestal.

「What, no one is here……」

My head cools down rapidly.

Yes, I had completely thrown the choice of this being a prank into oblivion, that’s right, that is the most possible pattern.

While feeling sad and regret for making Lily and Fiona do some labour, I hold on the faint hope of the sender appearing, and move towards the obelisk for waiting some time.

And, when I reached the jet-black wall which is completely immersed in the darkness of night,

「You really did come, Thanks」

That voice came from behind the obelisk.

It is, the sender was already here from before.

I, in a hurry run towards the opposite side of obelisk while feeling half surprised and half vigilance.

Now then, the person waiting for me there was,


「I’m sorry, for calling you in this way」

My most intimate and trusted partner in this world, Lily, she was standing there in her true form, the young girl form.

I see, today is full moon night, that’s why she can remain in her true form without using divine protection neither『Queen Beryl』

But more that, more mysterious thing is,

「Why did you do something like this?」

That’s right, even without sending out an anonymous letter, she can talk to me no matter how much she wants.

If it was something private that she didn’t want Fiona to listen, then it could’ve happened someway or other.

「……I’m, sorry」

Lily, dropped her head down with the most sad expression I have seen and spoke the words of apology.

「No, I’m not angry, for Lily to do something like this means there is a reason for it, can I hear it」

Lily always looks pure and innocent even in her little girl form, but that form too has a skill, that is ‘to read the atmosphere’.

That’s why she won’t spring out selfish desires and play pranks as a child, and neither tries to do them.

She has 32 years old equivalent, no not that much, but yeah somewhere along those lines of thinking power and judging power, for her to do this means she has a reason.

Even now I can’t find what it is, that’s why I’m asking her.

Just what, did happened to her?

「Thank you, Kurono, for caring about me」

「It’s natural, what happened, tell me」

Though I didn’t speak, Lily can understand my heart, that’s why my feelings were transmitted to her.

And, Lily replied quietly.

「I was scared……when Kurono told me to leave. Kurono didn’t want to be by my side, I thought you would go somewhere leaving me alone, in the end, I could only see you going off without having words to stop you……」

No way, I did think that she would’ve been worried, but to this extent is somewhat.

「That’s why, when you came back during night in high spirits, I was really happy. But, even so I, the adult me, couldn’t find courage to call out to you. It would’ve been better if I remained as the child me and would have lived happily like today, but that’s not good, upon becoming adult, I can’t help but think about the bad and scary things――」

Now that I think about it, Lily didn’t change her consciousness from yesterday till today even once.

From the day she got『Queen Beryl』, Lily has been conversating, consulting, and chatting with me for some hours everyday.

She must have changed her consciousness on an event like shopping, but, I didn’t realize that she didn’t.

Without knowing what Lily had hidden in the deepest part of her heart.

「I’m sorry, if I didn’t do something like this, the current me wouldn’t have been able to meet you, Kurono. I couldn’t come, so I asked you come to me, I’m sorry, this is only my selfishness」

「No, I should be the one apologizing, after all because if me you got worried so much. I on my own will got depressed and cheered up, I only thought about myself without understanding about Lily at all.」

Certainly, that defeat, that rejection of me, had enough shock to break my heart into tiny fragments.

But, Lily always was beside my side, she worried about me, cared about me.

That’s why, don’t be depressed, get yourself together and don’t let Lily make that sorrowful face.

「Nope, I’m the one wrong, I got scared on my own――but,」

There Lily cut off her words, kicking the ground with her feet, she jumped right into my chest.

With full moon as the background, the figure of her coming at me while her wings leaves a trace of rainbow color in air, was without a doubt fairytale-like.

I accept the body of Lily, which was small and delicate in this form too while being fascinated.

「Fufu, if you think you’re wrong, then can you listen to one of my selfish wishes」

Then, Lily reveals a mischievous smile she rarely shows, and looks at me with her alluring gaze.

I can’t possibly refuse, if you look at me with those eyes.

「What is it?」

If I can close the gap created between us while I was being oblivious with just one wish, then shouldn’t I take responsibility here and do it.

Lily increased her smile, and answered.

「Kiss me」

Saying that, she looked away and showed her white soft cheeks to me.

「Ah, I wasn’t able to do it during the festival last time, right」

「Yeah, That’s why this time without fail, okay?」

That time, if I had made decision even a second before, I would’ve kissed her adult form.

However, I don’t have to worry about losing the chance to kiss her, after all the moon’s going to be up until dawn. More than anything, this time I won’t hesitate.


It seems like before I knew it, I now cared about Lily as a little sister, care about her as my important family.

Surely, Lily who lived alone till now would be feeling the same.

Though we’re not blood-related, but she would be thinking as me as her family. [ET: Dude, you’re off the mark by hundred miles, no, adding her Yandere side, you’re off the mark by 1000 miles.]

That’s why, this time I kiss her cheeks with deep familial emotions.

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