Kuro no Maou Chapter 125

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Chapter 125 Firefight

Today, Simon was not on the rooftop but was currently encamped on the window of one of the rooms on the fourth floor with his [Yatagarasu].

From this room, from the Rone river till the Alsace’s main gate, everything could be perfectly seen and was the second best point for sniping after the roof.

In today’s attack, the magicians were also crossing the river so there was no bombardment on the roof but it wouldn’t be strange if some other kind of attack magic was rained upon him if he stayed at the roof.

A trained archer or magician could easily deal with 1 or 2 attacks of low level magic that came from above.

But, Simon was a weak elf in the first place and also had an inferior constitution. On top of that, he didn’t possess the high magical energy skills that normal Elves have either.

On the roof, he would have been in a far too big danger.

Thus, after considering his safety as well as a position suitable for sniping, this room had been allotted to him.

But even though this was supposedly a safe place, the Crusaders had far too many magicians and they were attacking this small window, where Simon was, as well.

“Uahh, hot hot!?!”

The approaching Ignis Sagita hit close to the window and spread out flames.

Unluckily, his hand got hit by some of the flames and he felt a burning pain.


He left the gun and hid himself inside the room for the time being.

The guild that had been blackened by Kurono, even though it was made of wood, was not shaking at all even under the constant attack of the magicians.

Simon had no worry of a magic piercing through the walls and hitting him and looked for an item to heal his hand inside the pouch that had been enchanted with Dimension magic.

A pouch like that, that could hold more than its looks, was something usually held by rank 3 or above adventurers.

The only reason Simon, a rank 1, had this is because he had been give this as a farewell gift to him a long time ago. From that, Simon brought out a small sack.

“What do I do? This is my last [Fairy’s Miracle drug]….”

As he sprinkled the sparkling powder on his burnt hand, the pain instantly disappeared and his skin returned back to its original soft and clean skin, as if time itself had been turned backwards.

The [Fairy’s Miracle Drug] that possessed incredible regenerative ability was an extremely important magic item for Simon who was not a sturdy adventurer.

But if he got injured again, he doesn’t even have any normal potions remaining now.

There was difference between a normal potion and the fairy’s miracle drug that was like the heavens and the earth.

Just how much affect will the pain remaining on his arm have on his accuracy; the fact made Simon anxious.

“…..But, I have no choice but to do this. Everyone else is still fighting as well.”

Seeing the numerous enemies spread below him, he suppressed all of his negative emotions like anxiousness and fear, and once again picked up his gun.

“That’s why, I’ll work hard as well—–and shoot the enemies down!”

As he took a stance with the [Yatagarasu], in front of him one of the magicians exhausted his shield with good timing for Simon.

He pulled the trigger without hesitation and took another life of the enemy.




“Kuh, What’s going on? Why isn’t that black box falling down already!?!”

Seeing another subordinate of his fall down as blood flowed from his chest, the squad commander of the 5th magician squad shouted.

Disembarking from the raft, the magician squad that had spread out in the shallow areas of the river were firing vigorously on the black box of the Alsace village but let alone getting burned down, the building wasn’t even taking a scratch.

“Commander, for the time being let’s focus on defence and wait for the arrival of the 6th and 7th squads!”

“Guess there’s no other choice. Change to dual shield defences—“

The guild protected by black walls was firing on them from above but they, the magicians, had no cover since they stood at the river. So, they had no choice but to completely depend on their defensive magics.

And even that defensive magic wasn’t omnipotent.

It required quite a lot of magical energy to be activated and it was pretty difficult to cover the whole squad especially in such a condition where they were spread out.

In the first place, if defensive magic had been that perfect, there would have been no use for castles and walls after all.

Against opponents that were hiding inside a structure like the black box that possessed a solid defence, even if they had more numbers, it was not an easy job to attack it from the front and make it fall.

“Seriously, those blockheaded heavy knights. Just how much time do they need to take to care of those demons and break through the front gate!?”

As per the plan as well, the magicians were not meant to take down the guild by themselves. They were only meant to support the infantry and the heavy knights as they broke through the front.

Thus they were firing towards the enemy archers and magicians in the guild to prevent them from attacking the soldiers.

Although, with just their attack magic they had actually thought they could destroy the guild which is why the commander was getting irritated when he failed to do so.

And on top of that, their allies’ attack wasn’t going too well either. They were getting delayed from their actual plan.

Although they didn’t doubt their victory, they couldn’t stay calm within either.

“In a little more time, soon the soldiers and the heavy knights will break through that flimsy protective wall. As expected we shouldn’t be too unreasonable and just support them as planned for now.”

“umu, it is as you say. To lose your life in such a skirmish would be——“

At that moment, a black bullet attacked the commander’s head.

“Co, commander!?!”

Piercing through the forehead, it made a big hole from behind the head from which blood and gore spewed out. It didn’t leave any scope to even try to heal him.

“Kuh, aim for that window! Don’t let the bastard hiding there shoot anymore!!”

Seeing the threat of the enemy sniper, that could accurately aim through the slight gap inside the shield, and locating his position, the vice commander gave orders now that the commander had died.

“Our damages are too great. Hurry up and break through that protective wall…….”

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