Kuro no Maou Chapter 165

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Chapter 165 Zero Chronicle

The 14th of Hatsuhi, the blue sky was bright, befitting of a summer day and occasionally, a cool refreshing wind would blow.

This city called Spada, as I looked at the streets and buildings again, I realized that it was really a magnificent city.

Buildings tall enough to match with modern buildings were lined up, the roads were made beautifully from tiles and even street lights that worked with magical energy were installed.

I had thought of this world as having culture at the same level as Medieval Era but streets like this have the same beauty as modern European cities, it’s really amazing.

Probably with the boon of magic, they must have developed different techniques and methods of construction and other systems that don’t exist on Earth which only has science.

Spada was such a city filled with dreams and romance but right now our objective is to get some quests from the guild and also procure equipments and items.

The Guild and the item shop was located at the plaza around 10mins away from our inn.

An ancient relic Obelisk was also set in the plaza and was very useful as a meeting place or a landmark.

We three members of [Element Master] weren’t really meting up here but anyway, we came here to use it as our starting point.

Compared to the plaza of Irz village, the number of people is overwhelming here.

I wonder how many people would be there at the central plaza of the whole city.

After coming to this world, I am seeing a place filled with so many people for the first time.

Well, it’s still better compared to the crowd of Tokyo but still I ended up feeling a bit overwhelmed when surrounded by such tall buildings and so many people.

“This might be late but Spada really is a big city!”(kurono)

“I know right?”(Lily)

While saying something totally what a country bumpkin would say along with Lily, I gave a sigh of admiration while looking at the 10m high obelisk.

On the monument-like obelisk, something was written with letters different from the ones used currently in this world. The letters were giving off a faint white light as well.

Considering that the Obelisk was a thing of the Ancient  times, this completely different letters must be what was used during those times.

“Lily, can you read what’s written there?”(kurono)


Focusing with her eyes, Lily gazed at the words that were shining with a white light.

Her gaze seemed to possess an intellectual light as if her adult consciousness had returned for some time.

“I don’t know!”(Lily)

“I see~ So even you don’t know~”(kurono)

It seems I was mistaken about the intellectual light I felt in her eyes but as a reward for working hard I patted Lily, fuhaha, this damn cute fellow!

“Kurono-san, something about Mia Elrod is written on the obelisk it seems.”

While I was admiring Lily like a pet cat, Fiona gave a serious answer.

And somehow, she is also stuffing her cheeks with a litchi like fruit that she had bought from a cart but I couldn’t retort to that.

“Is that so? Fiona, you can read this?”(kurono)

“Yes, of course I can read this.”(Fiona)

I am really surprised! To think that Fiona could read Ancient letters! I guess an actual witch is in a different league from the everyday magician—–

“After all, the translation is also written there.”(Fiona)

Return my feelings of surprise back to me!

To the place where Fiona was pointing, the translation of what was written on the Obelisk was written with full explanations, clearly to help tourists.

Of course, it was in letters even I could read.

“Let’s see, about Mia—-ah, it really is written here.”

As I looked at the explanations written there, apparently on this obelisk praises about the Emperor Mia Elrod of the great Elrod empire or something like that was written.

By the way, here rather than ‘Demon King’, the title used was ‘Emperor’ for Mia.

Well that’s normal. Mia was titled as a Demon King afterwards, Mia herself/himself used Emperor when he/she was active.

“It seems, a bigger one is located at the Central Plaza as well.”(Fiona)

“Reading that, we might be able to know about some specific episode.”(kurono)

On this 10x3m black rectangle, only praises towards Mia have been written and nothing describing what Mia actually did is written.

“But still, [The beginning of History – Zero Chronicle] is a pretty grandiose name that they have used.”

[The beginning of History – Zero Chronicle] is the word referred to the various Obelisks that talked about Mia located not just in Spada but all over Pandora.

But, to say that the history of people began only when Emperor Mia Elrod unified Pandora is pretty arrogant in my opinion.

It’s basically saying that everything that happened before that is not ‘acknowledged’ by them.

To think like that, isn’t that too narrow minded of them?

“It’s really mysterious, on the Arc continent ‘Zero Chronicle’ holds the exact opposite meaning of the ‘End of History’.”(Fiona)

“Is that so—-“

As I wondered about it, a question arose in mind.

“Now that I think about it, both Pandora and Arc use the same system of Model magic, don’t they?”

Not just that, they both speak in the same language as if it was something obvious and even use the same letters and alphabets.

When you think about it, isn’t that really weird?

After all, the people of Arc hadn’t arrived at Pandora just now, they had no chance of ‘cultural exchange’ with them.

It couldn’t be that it’s a coincidence that they ended up developing the same kind of culture right?

“Well that’s normal. After all, the current culture has been derived from the Ancient culture. In Ancient times, both Arc and Pandora were under the same sphere of cultural influence. The proof is the fact that our language is the same, though there are a few differences.”(Fiona)

Furthermore, if one was to compare the Ancient Dungeons of both Arc and Pandora, the similarities are even more apparent, or so Fiona explains.

“I have only entered Medea(T/N: prev used media) Ruins but I believe that other ruins also belong to the Ancient civilisation.”(Fiona)

“I see…..”

I agreed but at the same time several more questions also rose up.

In the first place, what the hell was the Ancient Civilisation? They existed thousands of years ago but they still had influence over the current culture?

But, for the time being I set aside my curiosity.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to be leisurely sightseeing.”(kurono)

That’s right, we need to quickly to restore our adventurer lifestyle and start working.

“That’s true.”(Fiona)


Or so those two gave an energetic response but before I realized, even Lily was now enjoying those litchi-like small fruits which chipped away the persuasive power in their replies.

“You guys are really unfair……….I’ll go buy some too.”

I, who yielded to the sweet fruity aroma of the fruits, resolved deeply in my heart to get serious after we’re done eating this.

But, for me who usually abandons his own resolve in few steps, is there even any meaning behind resolving my heart? Such question rose inside me……….

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