Kuro no Maou Chapter 106

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Chapter 106 – Fairy vs. Pegasus Knights
In a certain room of the guild, Lily was sitting alone on the floor.

Just outside the thin walls a battle is taking place and a lot of blood is flowing on streets. Naturally, the great noise is also reaching that room too but strangely, inside the room was an atmosphere screaming ‘Dead Silence’.

That is something the figure of Lily sitting on top of a shining magic circle with her eyes closed might be making the atmosphere.

She is playing the role of communicator between adventurers through the magic circle through which she is using the Telepathy magic.

And that role of hers is soon going to end.

“Lily, I think you have heard already, the Pegasus Knights are here.”


Kurono’s voice resounds in Lily’s head.

Understanding the meaning of the words, Lily speaks a word of affirmation and nods with her small head.

“I will cut off the Telepathy from now on, change to ‘analogue’ communication methods.”

The moment after Kurono gave these orders to every adventurer, the telepathy network disappeared.

Right now only Kurono and Lily can talk through telepathic means.

“Sorry Lily, I gave you the most difficult role.”

“No way, it’s alright.”

A pure reply, without any sarcasm.

Lily takes the Queen Beryl placed on floor in front of her.

“I leave it up to you, Lily.”

By the time Kurono’s faith filled words reached in her head,

“Yeah, just leave it to me.”

The little girl was no longer there, all that stood was a beautiful girl with long, slender and well-proportioned body. [ET: First time author wrote good words]

Lily, who took the power from Queen Beryl, takes action to complete her role.

“Just wait Kurono, I’ll beat those ‘sluts covered with feathers’ soon enough.”

Those words were said after cutting off the telepathy, so there is no chance they will ever reach to Kurono.

And he also had no way of knowing, the gruesome smiling face full of bloodlust of Lily.

“I’ll try hard, so you have to praise me later, Kurono”

Lily opened the window, spread out her rainbow-colored wings and flew up in the bright sky.




The Pegasus Knight Troop is made up from females only. That is the same in Arc Continent and Pandora Continent.

That is because the in the Pegasus tribe, only the females (sluts) have feathers. And except some rare cases, the ones who ride on them are also females (sluts).

The Pegasus Knight Troop under Norz heading towards the Alsace Village was also made up by females only.

Below them the infantrymen were losing their lives easily due to cross fire.

“Seems like the rumour of the ‘devil’ is a truth.”

The girls are flying in the sky in a splendid formation. They are not in the range in which their words can reach other, but due to them each having a telepathic magic item they can talk with each other while flying with no problems.

The magic item that lets others talk with each other in their minds in real time comes at a very high price, but the class called as ‘Pegasus Knight’ have more than enough value to have them.

“How horrible they are, I can see the bloodied river from here.”

“If we don’t support them, we will only have more useless casualties.”

“Really? I don’t care if it’s a devil or crap, but I really don’t think that this sort of attack will keep on continuing.”

“Isn’t that alright, to just let the men keep on attacking? Soon enough they will break through that gloomy forest.”

“That’s right, the infantry are expendable assets after all, just let them have their way.”

“Shut your mouth, though only we can hear us, that is problematic statement.”


The girls’ voices were not filled with any tension while heading to the battle field where a lot of their comrades have died.

That was neither because of no fear of death nor faithfulness to mission.

That was because the difference between infantrymen and Pegasus Knights. In the first place the defensive power of Pegasus Knight is at another level compared to infantrymen. Infantrymen will die from an arrow or two but that is something impossible with Pegasus Knight.

The armour of the girls are enchanted with boosts such as ‘Light weight’, ‘Force’ and ‘Concentrate’.

Only the elite soldiers expert in martial arts magic can wear such high-class amour.

The infantrymen are incomparably inferior in armour and even skills.

In the battlefield the possibility of the girls returning alive is obvious. None of them are thinking that hostility from the attacks going on below them that have killed a lot the soldiers can kill them too.

“—But , you girls are going to die here.”

That time, the voice of a beautiful girl is heard.

No, heard is not the right word here that is because it resounded directly inside their minds.

“Who is it!?”

The captain of Pegasus Knights notices that the enemy, a demon has appeared.

“My name is Lily. Welcome to Alsace village and goodbye.”

The voice of the beautiful girl the girls heard was transparent and beautiful but all were mixed with malice, enmity and bloodlust.

“Stay vigilant, we might be targeted—–”

“Ufufu, foolish person.”

The Pegasus Knight Troop takes battle stances, and Lily’s voice ridicules them.

“Meteor Strike.”

Above the Pegasus Knight Troop, cutting through the clouds, a rainbow coloured light appears.

A scene that looks like a star is falling down in the night sky.

The high speed light draws near the Pegasus Knights as if it has its own consciousness.

“From above you say!?”

The attack Pegasus Knights have to stay vigilant for is the anti-aircraft magic attacks from the surface. The only ones that can attack from above them are Pegasus Knights, Dragons or else some sort of flying monster.

During a battle it is very rare for the existences of those who can go above Pegasus Knight to appear. And it is unthinkable that the poorly made demon army would have an existence like that.

That’s why they are only vigilant of surface attacks. The only time they can die is the time they will cross swords with demons.

That is how it was supposed to be, but the reality completely betrayed their expectations. A massive meteor is heading towards them from above having unbelievable mass and destructive power.

The attack came at them when they were not on guard and has closed its distance so much that they cannot evade it anymore. They deploy the strongest defensive magic they can in the short amount of time.

An intermediate level defensive magic is deployed boasting of great defensive power. In addition both the attack and defensive magic are light so their compatibility is not bad, that’s why it will be easy to block.

‘We can break through it, we will definitely break through it’, the Pegasus Knight Troop leader thinks as such while heading towards the collision time between both parties.

“Ahahaha! Waste, waste, waste!!”

The rainbow coloured meteor light and white coloured shield.

The girls believed they were evenly matched in this contest of magic but the shield is smashed to pieces after a few moments from the impact and becomes a part of the seven coloured mass of light.

And the rainbow coloured light engulfs the captain along with some Pegasus Knights and explodes in the mid-air.

The explosion sound and shock wave from blast jolts the bodies of all the remaining Pegasus Knights.

“No way, Captain—”

“Hey, you’re lying, right!?”

“What the hell is that power! Unbelievable!!”

The traces of the people engulfed in the blast are now not present on the face of world. The flesh and blood left of some cannot be distinguished between human or otherwise.

The numerous pieces of bloody meat scatter far away in the sky and fall down to the ground.

Now there is no trace of the girls in the explosion, the only thing left is the blood, some meat and the remains of magical power.

“Quiet down! I, the Vice Captain will take the right to command, the enemy is above the clouds, take the interception stance—”

“I see, so you’re the next boss.”

At that time, for the first time the Pegasus Knights saw the figure of the girl named Lily.

The girls of Pegasus Knights mostly made up of beautiful girls were themselves entranced by her. The platinum blond hair, the juicy white body, and the beautiful emerald green eyes that can charm anyone regardless of gender.

The figure of her floating wearing a jet-black cloth and the two pairs of rainbow coloured wings closely resembles the image of the Fairies Princess that appears in the fairy tales.

But the girls soon return to their senses, as they recognise her as the enemy that deployed a powerful magic that killed their captain along with some comrades of theirs.

And, more than anything else.

“Wh- When did she—”

“Nh, I came just now.”

Lily was standing on the back of a Pegasus behind the Vice Captain as if holding her from behind.

The ‘enemy’ is already in front the girls. In their hearts filled with fighting spirit and enmity, fear is spreading, and it’s impossible to tell which emotion is dominant.

“Deploy Oracle Field.”

Lily while putting her hands on the shoulders of vice captain activates the extra magic the fairies boast of.

The pale green coloured light is a magic for protection from outside attacks, but it’s not for protecting those inside it.

Lily has not the least intention to save the enemy, in other words the humans, so she is using this barrier as a deadly weapon. [ET: Finally Yandere & maybe Sadistic Lily’s Killing Spree]

The vice-captain suddenly realises the abnormality that has happened to her while being captured in the barrier of a radius of 2 metres.

“What is this, hot—”

Inside the Oracle Field is full of high heat. And that so, that can melt the arrowheads of more than 100 arrows in a second.

That heat has far surpassed the temperature any existence can live in.


While feeling the heat that can melt the body from inside Lily’s hand, the vice-captain takes her leave from world.

The skin is heinously burned and in the next moment turns into ashes.

The figure of the beautiful Pegasus Knight is now nowhere to be seen.

The only thing left is the corpse of a Pegasus which has only the legs and armour left, all other things are burned and have turned into ashes already.

“Now then—”

The Pegasus that has died by fire and has only armour and bones left no has no more power to keep on flying in air, and by following the gravity’s order falls down.

Lily pays no attention to the person that was present in her hands just some moments before as if she has completely forgot her existence and has no interest in her at all.

“If you guys are going to surrender obediently, I will leave it at this. Of course, I’ll guarantee your safety.”

Lily asks the Pegasus Knights while her face makes a bewitching smile.

“Then, decide fast about what you’re gonna do—-”

“Don’t underestimate us, damn brat!!” [ET: Oh Crap! Blood War now! Hyu Hyu]

Along with the abuse, the Line Sagita flies towards Lily.

“Did you think we, the Pegasus Knights will surrender by getting scared of a single damn fairy!?”

The Oracle Shield completely repels the arrow; Lily did not suffer even the damage at the level of static electricity.

“I see, so that’s your answer.”

The Pegasus Knights ready their spears and spread out while taking battle stances.

This time the Pegasus Knight which declared the war takes the right to command.

Having the two main heads gone will neither diminish their fighting spirit nor cooperation. They are not called an elite squad for no reason.

Lily raises her head and glares at them while clicking her tongue as if saying ‘Ah, so much hassle to take care of them all.’

“Well then I’ll kill you all….Be prepared you ‘sluts with feathers.’”




“Don’t underestimate us, f*cking brat!!”

One of the Pegasus Knights, Ester, moves her hands and mouth before she even thinks.

The chantlessly made Line Sagita flies towards the fairy named Lily.

“We won’t get scared by a shitty fairy.”

Line Sagita hits Lily, but even Ester knows that a lower grade attack magic cannot kill Lily, who has killed many Pegasus Knights.

“I’ll definitely kill her here, is that alright!”

She asks everyone through Telepathy and came back 4 replies immediately.

“I agree with you Ester, I’ll follow you.”

“I also agree! I’ll take the revenge for Captain!”

“Eh, you won’t stop?”

“Let’s go back”

The replies from every squad leader were in agreement and disagreement both in the ratio of 50:50.

“Then retreat, Camy and Cathy are rear guard unit.”

“We have to take revenge!”

“Yea, yes, let’s join our powers and fight!”

The opposing parties also, in the end agreed with them.

They can kill her by throwing attack magic at her from left and right, up and down.

But that is only when the opponent is a human.

“Lower grade attack magic is only for stopping her movements for some time, we can’t kill her until we’ve stuck our spears into her. Franc and Maty, don’t let her escape, cover us, and also stop her from chanting or else something terrible will only come towards us. Camy and Cathy will attack with me, get ready! ”


“Eh, Eeeh, why are we in the assault group!!?”

“It really is super scary!”

“You foolish sisters are only good in attack, that’s why!”

“Ehh, what’s that, complete discrimination.”

“Even I am only good in martial arts and am a muscle-brain”

“Stop spouting rubbish! Want to get down to ground from here by falling, huuh!!”

“Yes, yes, got it.”

“It’s good if we go, right?”

Ester, Cathy and Camy start moving their squads for attacking.

“Regret it that you have pick up a fight with us, you damn single fairy bastard!”

And so the battle between a single fairy and many Pegasus Knights started, 100 metres above Alsace village.

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