Kuro no Maou Chapter 135

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Chapter 135 – Fairy and Witch (1)

Fiona and Lily jumped inside the forest from the highway as if escaping from the rain of black bullets.

“I really don’t want to take that attack on with no shield or cover.”(lily)

“Oh, Lily-san you ‘woke up’ now?”

A dazzling emerald green sphere and a black clothed witch were running through the dense green forest.

“You can’t cooperate with the child me. I’m forcibly trying to retain my consciousness, be grateful for that”

Lily in her small form inside the oracle field stares at Fiona with stabbing eyes.

“Thank you for going through the trouble.”

While Fiona expresses her not-very-thank-you gratitude, she swung her ‘Custom Fire Ball’.

The wand reacted to the fire type magic being poured into it. And just like the effect of the magic equation inserted in it, the fireball that is made is always of the same level of power.

But the customized ‘Fire Ball’ makes the formation of numerous Ignis Sagita at the same time, which should have only be fired one by one, possible.

The fireballs fired consecutively intercept the 2 blackened swords coming towards Lily and Fiona like missiles. The blackened swords lose their black magic coating by the explosions from the fireballs and fall down as they can’t be controlled anymore.

“The ‘Dolls’ are all coming here right?”

“1,2,3……There are 9 in total. Just why might they be multiplying?”

Though the figure of gray colored robe cannot be seen, but Fiona can count their exact amount of number by sensing the subtle amount of magical power.

“It’s obvious that they increased in numbers because you came here. Aside from that, it looks like that flashy man wants to go one-on-one with Kurono.”

Separating his own subordinates personally, is a really convenient choice for this(Fiona & Lily) side.

“Though it is convenient, is that person really that confident?”

It appears like the other side is also wanting to go one-on-one with Kurono.

“Apparently. Most probably, he is the type of guy who has never failed even once in his life.”

“Have you ‘seen it’?”

“Even if you don’t peek in his mind, you can still somehow understand that much.”

“You’re right. There was a person like that in my school too—Isn’t it good around here?”

They just wanted to change the stage of fight to forest and had no intention of escaping. The two stop their legs near a suitable place.

“Didn’t they come faster than expected. This shows that they also took part in the same enhancement experiment like Kurono, right?”

4 people jump out of from the shade of the trees.

The simultaneous attack of blackened swords and martial arts assault Fiona and Lily.


The oracle field in the child form is inferior to the one in the young girl form. It will be dangerous to take the collision head-on.

“『Force Edge』”

The light color magical power compresses on the surface of the globe shape barrier covering the body and two glowing swords appear from the compressed light.

It can be easily understood that the swords, which are releasing heat to approximately 1 metre, can burn and cut the person which touches them with more power than the beam.

Lily moves her small arms and the swords follow her hand as if synchronised. The 2『Force Edge』swords, slide past the surface of the barrier.

The 『Slash』released by the two experimental subjects intersect with the『Force Edge』and from their impact instead of sparks, white colored bands were scattered.

After a moment of clashing, as if they sensed the endurance limit of the blackened swords, the experimental subjects draw back their swords.

Another experimental subject in the rear stops Lily’s pursuit with『Rifle』 and within that amount of time the two experimental subjects which assaulted go back in hiding.

“……As expected the cooperation through Telepathy is troublesome.”

“I still don’t really get it.”

Lily gives a fleeting glance to Fiona standing in rear and there a ridiculously large wall was standing.

All the bullets and martial arts are being repelled with the help of『Terra Shield』

With this its possible to not see the coordinated attacks of the enemy.

Seeing it, one would want to sigh, but

“Hm? Your defensive magic is really convenient.”

A somewhat crooked smile shows up on Lily’s small child face as if she has found the way to comfortably cut their way through the situation.

“Convenient for what?”

“I’ll use my divine protection. Don’t let any enemy come near me, you can do it, right?”

“……Leave it to me”

Fiona changed her actions as if she understood the intention of Lily.

She takes out her favorite staff 「Ains Broom」which was stored inside the dimension in her hat and—

「منع صخرة حجر كبير جدار لحماية」

—Starts chanting.

At the same time, Lily fires large amount of light bullets to the places where it seemed like the enemy might be lurking, so that there won’t a chance for them to counterattack.

「ثلاثاء حرق درعا الشعلة لمنع توقف كبيرة」

The black bullets counterattack from the gaps between the light bullets, but it couldn’t interrupt the chanting of Fiona as the chant was completed without a single chanting error.

“—『Terra Armor Shield』

—『Ignis Armor Shield』”

“To be able to make a Dual Shields by yourself. You’re pretty good, aren’t you”

The moment Lily sends a wide grin to Fiona, the two shields cover her whole body.

The thing that first appeared was a rock cliff.

The『Tera Arma Shield』didn’t appear as a normal rock wall but it appeared as a 10 metres tall rock tower with Lily as the center.

Immediately following, the whole rock tower got covered with magma like flames.

The thunderously burning flames by it’s sweltering heat can stop enemy’s advance and burn the attacks to crisp.

The dual shield can generally only be deployed by more than 2 magicians help. The shields made from Fiona’s astounding power will protect Lily till the time it’s magic runs out.

“And so, till the time Lily-san ‘awakens’, I’ll be everyone’s opponent.”

Fiona standing in the rear of the blazing defensive tower with『Ains Broom』in her left hand and『Custom Fire Ball』in her right.

In front of her are 5 men and women with black hair, black dull eyes and are wearing gary colored robe.

She couldn’t make out the position of the other 4 but she has a rough idea that they are waiting for a gap in her stance while hiding in her sides or rear.

The 9 people Lily calls as ‘Dolls’ really don’t have any emotion and don’t have even a speck of fear.

They can shoot swords and control the shooting, they have enhanced body, furthermore their telepathic communication through which, it is possible for a perfect, no-mistakes coordinated attack.

“Please try to come out very fast, Lily-san—”

but, even after accurately knowing the ability of enemy, Fiona says as such with her as usual sleepy face and in a calm and composed voice.

“—If you don’t come out fast. I’ll defeat them all alone.”

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