Kuro no Maou Chapter 215

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Chapter 215 – Lily’s Route
One month was about to pass since staying in『Cat’s Tail』inn.

Of course, during quests they don’t stay in the inn, but it doesn’t change the fact that they had stayed here the most since coming to Spada, one could say they had gotten used to it.

In one of the rooms of that inn, which was almost like their own house,


Lily, wearing White Punpun robe as her sleepwear, was on her bed, sullen.

She had even put on the long-rabbit-eared hood, if she lied face-down, she would seem like a child of white Punpun.

No, there were cuts in the back to let her wings come out of it, so even if she lie face-down, one could understand she is a fairy, there might be no idiot to think of her as a Punpun subspecies which grew wings.

Incidentally, wearing a fur robe in the middle of summer would feel very hot, and fairies are magical creatures who live naked all the years. Not accepting the effects by change in temperature is a characteristic of magical creatures, so of course even half-human half-demon Lily has those characteristics.

Besides Lily, wearing cartoon-character costumes, sat Fiona on a chair.

She wasn’t in her usual witch form, but was wearing thin black shirt and smooth dragon-leather hotpants, her appearance can be said quite rough or rather her underwear form.

Because Kurono wasn’t here, neither she had any intention to go out, so she was revealing her white skin.


Lily, without paying any attention to Fiona’s sensational appearance, complained about boredom.

From her young sullen appearance, she would seem like a child, but she had returned to her adult form.

Lily was strictly ordered by Kurono for waiting inside the room for the regeneration of her wings, though she accepted the order, but things to do on bed are limited if not sleeping.

Hence, complaining about boredom can be said as the most natural result.

As a result, Fiona said words gently, it was unknown whether she said it for Lily or not.

「Lily-san, I need some consultation」

「Consultation? For dinner?」

Lily looked at Fiona with suspicious looking eyes, the eyes on the hood imitating a Punpun’s head too seemed to be glaring at her.

「No, it’s not about that, in fact, it might not be something so big to be called as consultation」

「That’s quite some evasive manner of speaking, well I have lots of time, so I don’t mind talking about anything」

Though Lily and Fiona were females, but they both didn’t prefer to talk much.

It may be either because of their natural character, or maybe because they were brought up in an environment without much interaction with other people, or it can be both reasons.

But, Lily and Fiona had relaxed their guarded long before, and now liked to have fun while chatting with each other.

The start of their friendship relation, goes back to the time when they both worked hard in the potion making in Alsace Village.

The reluctance in talking with Fiona, who could be said as her comrade and second friend in her life, had long gone for Lily.

Lily casually lend her ear to Fiona’s words, along with the big rabbit ears extending from her head.

「We are weak against enemies with heat resistance, right?」

「……This is more than enough to be said as a serious consultation」

Lily had thought if she didn’t want to talk about dinner then it might be about the lunch they ate before, but Fiona’s words crumbed Lily’s predictions.

「I had been a solo adventurer, so I had dealt with various enemies with resistance to fire, but a monster with that much resistance was a first for me too」

「There were not many powerful monster in fairy garden, so I too can’t be said well-experienced」

Both, who were born and raised in this world, understand their power which they had grown up with more betterly compared to Kurono, who was given non-human power all of a sudden.

It is an obvious truth that they both have sufficient power to go around as a first-class adventurer.

However, they didn’t want to live as adventurer in correspondence to their current powers, but they wanted power to fight with rank 5 monsters on daily basis.

That’s right, not only Kurono, but these two also needed power.

At the very least, Lily and Fiona, both had no intention of leaving『Element Master』, even Kurono was aware of this fact.

「Shouldn’t we both also try to think?」

「For becoming strong? Yes. Kurono will become more strong from now on, he had also gotten the divine protection of demon king, no, even if he hadn’t gotten it, he would’ve got more stronger」

That’s right, Fiona threw in agreeing words.

They weren’t saying this just because they were intimate with Kurono.

Fiona knew about the fact that while preparing interception tactics in Alsace village, Kurono was improving his『Anchor Hand』and『Shadow Gate』at tremendous speed.

Raising the effects of magic a person is using cannot be said an easy thing to do, though Fiona had no way of knowing what sort of magic theory was inside Kurono’s mind, but she understood that his black magic still had too much of a room for improvement.

Just like Lily said, even without divine protection, he would become more stronger in some other way.

「Adventurers have an absolute rule of making party with similarly strong people, right?」

Fiona nodded.

For example『Vulcan Powered』, in that party only Vulcan was Rank 4 the rest were rank 3 adventurers, however they were rank 3 only in saying, in truth they had enough ability to fight along with Vulcan, that’s why the party continued to exist.

Naturally, in the case of nobles playing adventurer-esque game, there is no restriction like that, and they cannot be called ’proper’ adventurer.

To unleash maximum power as a party, and defeating monsters of higher rank with incredible teamwork, can only be possible on having members with suitable power.

With hindrances, let alone showing more power, they wouldn’t be able to even show their normal power, and taking a weak member in party is totally avoided as adventurers risk their lives.

That applies the same to『Element Master』too.

Kurono thinks of both as precious comrades, and Lily and Fiona too had constructed a relationship of mutual trust, with differences in degree of trust.

But『Element Master』was not a friend group but an adventurer party, if in future there happens to be a change in power relationships within the party, and they happen to not be able to fight along with Kurono, then they would have to leave the party.

And the kind yet strict Kurono, would agree their withdrawal from party.

「I definitely don’t like not being near Kurono, not being helpful to him, doing that is more painful than dying」

Lily, without hiding anything, speaks out her intentions.

「I……too hate it. I finally got a comrade I can trust, so I don’t want to be away from him」

Lily was not able to clearly read the emotions filled in Fiona’s words.

Conversely speaking, her words were spoken in a condition she had protected her true intentions, which even Lily cannot read through telepathy.

Lily didn’t knew what she was hiding, and was having a not-so-good premonition, but for the time being she set it aside.

「Well, this time the opponent was rank 5 monster, had high fire resistance, so it can’t be helped we had hard time against it――」

In other words, if it was rank 5 monster on which light and fire worked, they could’ve defeated it easily.

「――But, certainly there is that ’something’ needed to fill in that weak point」

「Yeah, after all we would definitely have to fight against Apostles」

Defeating an apostle?

If someone in Republic heard it, they would either laugh scornfully saying「As if you can do that」or get angry saying「How many soldiers do you want to sacrifice?」

Fiona was also one of the people who gave same reaction, but since being a part of Element Master, she has to be determined to fight against apostles.

Being in Element Master, fighting along with Kurono, both meant that.

「There is no proof that apostles would definitely come when crusaders come here, but, it sure is a problem when we don’t know how much time we have left」

「Then let’s expect more of Spada Army, they might buy enough time for Kurono-san to get complete divine protection and for us to gain more power」

In truth, there wasn’t any means to know the movements of crusaders, so thinking about this can be said useless.

In that case there was no other way than to find a solution as fast as possible and become stronger, without paying attention to the time remaining.

At the very least Kurono, thinking that, challenged the trials of Demon King Mia Elrod which who knows when will end.

「Although, what should be do actually?」

Most probably Lily must be the one racking her brain the most.

After all, she had always used her extra magic till now, she had no route to learn powerful magic like other mages.

Fiona, used model magic, so she had made a goal to learn all the high-class magic of all attributes except Fire, Light and Darkness.

「Well then――」

However, Fiona point out an answer to Lily, quite easily.

「How about using weapons?」


Lily showed an expression of surprise and agreement as if saying she never got that idea, miraculously the head of robe too showed a surprised expression.

「It had been bothering me from before, but Lily-san has no class, right?」

Reflexively Lily took out her guild card and stared at it.

There normal information like『Rank: 2』『Name: Lily』『Class: Fairy』were inscribed.

After all this time, Lily, for the first time, thought it was wrong to state race name as class.

This guild card was made in Irz village, when she was in her child form, so there was no doubt that she stated fairy without thinking anything.

She felt hate and embarrassment to her old-self, by killing her feelings,

「You want me to become a witch?」

She chose to move on with the talk.

「I won’t say only witch, but after setting up a class, get a weapon suitable for that class, how about this?」

However, equipping a single magic staff, won’t be much of help to Lily who was already using the power of『Queen Beryl』

「But, that’s right……a weapon I can use, no, if I can learn other magic, then I would have magic of different system from extra magic and my power would surely increase」

The more she thought the more possibilities she found.

「We would go to school after reaching rank 3, so how about learning there, you might get some new idea too」

「Indeed, I was only thinking of spending a fun school life with Kurono――」

Lily, had read many romance-based books with school as their stage, those books were left by the mage in the hut, in fact, Lily also held a secret admiration for places known as schools. (TN: Anyone remembers him/her, I seriously think that mage got something to do with Kurono)

She wouldn’t go there alone, but with her beloved man going with her, her expectations were increased for absolutely no reason.

It was unfortunate that all romance novels that mage left about bonding between men. (TN: *&%#*(&$(&(#%@&%&@#)*&%) (EN: that mage is female…. damn yaoi &%$*/$#%& how were they called; fujoshi or something….. )

「――Right on, I would find the perfect class for myself」

「By the way, Lily-san, which class would you like to become?」

「That’s right, how about Necromancer」

「I see, it sure is a surprise」

Fiona, who didn’t understood Lily’s fairy joke, the next moment tried to curry favor from Lily, who had now returned to her child form with a sullen mood.

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