Kuro no Maou Chapter 193

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Chapter 193 – Wing Road
The quest Charl took was,

Quest: Subjugate the couple『Salamander』

Reward: 30 million klan, 10 million klan upon the subjugation of just one

Time limit: By the 1st of Blue Moon month.

Client: Adventurer Guild

Description: New salamanders have started acting in the『Nest of salamander』. The couple this time are very big ones, rare to find in recent years ——(Rest omitted)

Exactly like what I had expected.

「In truth, one month ago a rank 4 party accepted the quest but had their tables turned, thanks to that we have the chance of getting the quest. We’re lucky, right!」

What the……, damn clumsy party, salamanders are monsters living here since ancient times, so there are innumerable ways of defeating them, still they lost.

However, the ‘big ones’ should mean that they are unexpectedly very strong.

At any rate, they are still tiring and troublesome opponents, I’m not quite willing to accept it, but

「Ooo, I’m fired up! A man needs to fight a dragon, only that is worthy for a man!」

This muscle headed idiot, Kai, has become too fired up.

And I mean, don’t get up from the damn chair and shout, the painful stares from everyone in dining hall hurt.

But well, an fight-loving idiot like Kai, would naturally want to take up the quest, after all salamanders are representatives of monsters, are quite strong compared to normal ones, and have defeated a rank 4 adventurers.

This man, Kai, though is saying completely foolish sentences, his full name is Kai Est Galbraith, the son from the one of the 4 Great Nobles, the Galbraith Family.

Furthermore he is the eldest son, yeah Galbraith family is doomed.

Or so I would like to think, but because they are a family lineage of Knights standing equally with Bardiel family, so if the person is strong then almost everything is OK to do.

Kai is lacking in magic, but as for the swordsmanship he has already reached first-class level, in a normal sword battle with me he can easily win, defeating me.

Including the top of his pointy golden hair, he can easily be of 2 metres tall, it’s just as you think, this guy is a friggin giant strength-type person.

Thanks to that he swings the tremendously heavy long sword as though it is a baton, and has already learned many master class martial skills, his talent isn’t something that should be as a student anymore.

Well, he can’t use anything other than sword, so if I use magic on full power, it’s easy to defeat him, in fact, if I don’t defeat him then i can’t continue being a close friend with him.

「You’re really a stifling idiot……worst, just go and die」

Cold stare and words strike at Kai who is still fired up even before the salamander subjugation and is standing from his seat.

The person who said is a slender beautiful girl with eerie violet long hair, the eyes behind her glasses are also the same violet which reminds me of some sort of deadly poison.

No, her eyes truly are ‘deadly poison’, if there were no glasses the nasty effect of『Magical Eyes』would’ve already attacked Kai.

In fact, a little effect is leaking from the sides of glasses and attacking Kai.

「Ouu」Kai raises a groan and sits back quietly, you’re good, keep on doing this thing.

「Eh, What, Safi, you’re against it?」

As if the damage caused by friendly fire to Kai is not seen by her, Charl asks nonchalantly.

Safi is her nickname, even I say that.

So, the reply of that Safi-chan is,

「I’m in favor of quest itself, I can get new materials after all, really interesting」

FuFuFu, the sight of her revealing an eerie smile on her cold beautiful face seems like the witches that come out in fairy-tales.

But her true identity is not a witch, but something even more ominous, her class is the one which rules over the dead『Necromancer』, that is her, Safiel Maya Hydra’s official class and identity.

The family of Hydra is the same as of Kai’s family, in other words it too is one of the 4 Great Nobles.

Spears for Bardiel, Swords for Galbraith, every family has their special weapons, but Hydra family is well versed in magic, that is of course, not model magic but『Necromancy』.

Kai is a prodigy who has already learnt the swordsmanship needed to inherit the seat of head of the family, but compared among the prodigies Safi would be superior.

She knows『Necromancy』and also has learned model magic to a high level, furthermore she also has『Magical Eyes』for support.

These『Magical Eyes』can deploy an effect of some sort of magic upon seeing someone, this is one sly ability in the eyeballs.

It is possible to have them due to genetic hereditary, but the possibilities are really low.

But, well as you can see, this girl has magical eyes as if it’s natural.

「Sigh, it’s just a cheat」

I leak out that murmur unintentionally, but

「What do you mean cheat?」

Whoops, looks I said it out loud.

「You don’t know, they are the underhanded tricks used when playing board games, or the person who uses them, for example, a dice which always gives 6」

Hmm, Safi consents to it while raising a tone not showing any admiration.

「So, who’s the cheat? 」

「No, that was just me talking to myself.」

I evade while raising a smile and giving out a vague answer

Safi glares at my face for some second then moves her head away, looks like the threat of magical eyes has gone.

「So then Kai and Safi have agreed, so it’s decided to take this quest!」

「Where’s my say in this?」

「It’s decided!!」

She is pushing through without hearing me.

Well there are 5 party members, now 3 have agreed to it, so I can’t possibly make them not take the quest.

「Well it’s fine with me, but have you clearly asked Nell?」

I speak the name of the last member who isn’t present here.

「Yeah, I’ve already asked in the previous class」

Don’t keep talking in the class, or so I thought to tell her, but that isn’t a line someone like me, who ditches the classes, should say.

The class Charl was in before, Safi too was『Magic Circle ApplicationⅡ』, ah, no wonder that clumsy Nell is overworking right now.

「What did she say?」

「Naturally, she too agrees」

Sigh, I heave a sigh.

Nell, full name, Nell Julius Elrod, just like the name says, she’s my little sister.

She is the only member lacking in fighting ability, that’s why she feels inferior and so she never objects to anything.

Though I say fighting ability, Nell is a『Priest』so she doesn’t need to have tremendous powers like we four have.

Though she has no spotlights in fights, but she can use Heal and Cure both, a rare talent, furthermore she also has a more rare divine protection, so because of her, the balance of party always remains constant.

But, even if I, her brother says it, it would only seem like I’m favoring her, so there is not much effect whenever I say it.

The one problem I’m currently being troubled, the low self-confidence of my sister, needs to be set aside temporarily and I need to pay more attention on quest.

「Then, us『Wing Road』’s next quest is the subjugation of Salamanders」

The leader of party, I, officially inform the taking up of the new quest.

We 5 elite cadets, I, Charl, Kai, Safi, and Nell, have formed an adventurer party which goes by the name of『Wing Road』

Now that I think about it, it has been a year already, and we’re rank 4.

If this quest is successful, we’ll be one step closer in reaching the highest rank, Rank 5.

It is unheard of someone becoming Rank 2 in the second year of academy, I don’t want to stand out at all……Well, working as an adventurer I can’t show a behaviour that will make us fail in our quest, that won’t be good, let’s go and finish this quest quickly.

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