Kuro no Maou Chapter 152

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Chapter 152 – Nightmare (2)
That girl, appeared abruptly.

She had light pink hair, at a glance she was wearing a white garment like a magician, but it is short, exposing the thighs and shoulders, the appearance is radical.

She has well-ordered face, as if she fully understood her own beauty, she wore many decorative ornaments on her.

A showy noble girl, that is the most suitable expression for her appearance.


“11th Apostle Misa, Well, you scum demons won’t understand the meaning of this name——”

She was a monster wearing human skin.

“U, A……”

Before he knew it, he was lying with face down.

After taking the wave of some attack magic, his body flew easily, and was struck severely on the ground, he understood that much within his mind.


Having his name called out by a familiar voice, Simon starts to regain his consciousness.


Upon regaining the consciousness, he understood that he was taken to wreckage of toppled over carriage by Susu.

But,the thing that worried him was, the expression of her which used to be always calm and composed was, distorted with panic, no, pain.

“Um, Are you fi—NGUU!”

The words of worry, were interrupted by her hand.

“Don’t make noise, she will notice us”

In a position of being hugged, hearing the words of Susu near his ears, Simon nodded.

“We can’t win against her——”

Susu while hugging Simon, without making a sound slipped in the gap of the toppled over carriage.

Dark, Narrow. The feeling was of getting stuffed inside a coffin with slightly opened lid.

“We don’t have any other way to live other than to keep on hiding……”

Her tone was filled with a given up attitude.

“Nh, Nh-!”

Having his mouth blocked, Simon raised the voice of protest.

Outside the sounds of fierce battle, screams of adventurers was resounding.

They were still fighting, against the girl with despair-giving power, not giving up, keeping on resisting till the end of their life.

Nevertheless, hiding by himself, though he was not a brave warrior but a weak alchemist, he still felt the surge to resist.

“Due to negligence, my core got a strong attack……I’m sorry, I can’t do anything other than to protect you through the camouflage……”

Hearing that, Simon’s body stiffened.

He knew that her race was a slime from the time of self-introductions, and, he, a rank 1 adventurer too, knew the core was the vital point of slimes.

The core acts as the heart and brain of body, it is the most important organ to a slime, a attack to that means an inevitable death.


He couldn’t find any words to speak, no, even if he did and tried to, he wouldn’t be able to speak as long as his mouth was blocked.

But even without words, Susu shows an expression as though she knew what Simon was thinking.

“Don’t worry, I will protect you to the end……”

Simon felt, his legs getting submerged in water-like thing.

That was because, Susu was covering Simon’s body after changing it into slime form.

He didn’t feel any unpleasant feeling from it.

Because, she was only thinking of protecting Simon, even though her own death was in front of her.

“……Nh, Nhhh!”

“Fufu, you’re kind, worrying about me……It’s not something you need to worry about, it isn’t a bad way to die while protecting the person you love, right?”

Susu had already changed her body from below the chest into slime, and was already covering to the neck of Simon.

The places still as a human were, the normal looking girl face, and the right hand covering Simon’s mouth.

“Well then, Goodbye, I love you——”

Susu removed her right hand from Simon’s mouth, in turn blocked it with her lips.

No, that was without a doubt the passionate kiss of a lovestruck girl.


The soft feeling on the lips, didn’t even last for one second.

Finally Susu’s body had turned completely to slime, and was covering Simon from the tip of toe to the top of head with a semi-transparent substance.


The person being protected didn’t knew it, but it was the flawless concealment skill.

The epidermis of Slime had tremendous camouflaging power and changes to match its surrounding, without touching it no one would know that something was there.

Then, the sound and smell.

Even if Simon moved a little, no sound would reach outside and will be absorbed, because it covering the whole body, it even concealed the body odor which even a beast man wouldn’t be able to sense.

And, the flawless presence concealment due to the DP of『Hanzoma』

Susu, the person who can even deceive the sixth sense,

“O-i! Please reply if anyone is alive!”

Really did save, Simon from the threat of Apostle, just like she said.

But, by the time Kurono arrived, Susu’s body had already lost the glitter of life, and reduced to just a red core.

Simon, while hugging her remains feeling depressed, was getting crushed by his powerlessness.

That, didn’t change even now, 1 week after the fight——




(simon POV)


It feels like a I saw a dream.

That was memory of 1 week ago, the memory of the useless me, who couldn’t do anything, and was just protected.

Even if I keep on thinking about it, I will only be engulfed in the darkness.

Intentionally stopping off the thought process, somewhat forcibly tried to move.


Today is 13th day of Hatsuhi, finally the summer is coming, the heat in atmosphere has risen a lot from yesterday.

I crawl out of bed dragging my body which is sticky due to unpleasant sweat.

The king-size bed with white sheet spread over it, is already too big for the small me.

It is not only big.

Though there isn’t any canopy, but all the materials used for making this simple bed are first-class goods.

It isn’t something, I, a rank 1 adventurer should lie down on.

And, the  unsuitable social position thing was not only the bed, but this whole room too.

It absurd to even compare it to the normal storerooms of guild, like the laboratory or guest rooms.

The vastness and structure, along with the furniture and equipments, not even one is something normal.

Just like a place where a noble would reside—–No, this place, in itself is a room inside the mansion of a genuine noble.

“When will I be able to get out of here?”

I mutter involuntarily.

Any further monologue would only turn into complaints towards my never-stopping elder sister, so I will refrain for now.

“It’s good we got saved, but for it to turn like this……”

Haa, while sighing, I recalled the reunion with my step sister, a noble of Spada, and the commanding officer of Spada’s Army’s Second Squad『Tempest』, Emelia Friedrich Baliel.




Spada’s Army’s Second Squad『Tempest』was walking bravely in the night road while making strong sounds of horse’s hoof kicking the ground and their neighing.


Shouting with a loud, while waving hands, was Simon.

Kurono, Fiona, Lily, were standing 1 step behind Simon quietly.

They had the ulterior motives to not get involved in some strange things by letting Simon talk with them, after all the commanding officer of the approaching army was his sister.

And, that bore fruit.

Without being vigilant, nor suddenly attacking, the armored warrior army, stopped in front of Simon.

“Simon? Is it really you!?”

Under the night sky, the voice of a dignified woman resounded.

“Yeah, Lia-nee”

Hearing Simon’s answer, an armor knight in dark grey armor, no, most probably a general flew down from a king-size unicorn.

She gives the Halberd and Tower Shield to the warrior besides her as though she were forcing, and ran towards Simon with both hands spread.

The appearance of a full armored girl approaching, was just like having an intimidating atmosphere of a steel wall approaching.

Simon almost ran away, but he couldn’t pull back in the situation, and accepted the rush of his sister, the giant armor and helmet.

At that moment, Kurono recalled the video of a dummy colliding head-on with a 10 ton truck, in the traffic safety class of elementary school.

“Simon! You big fool, because you got deceived by the old hag that you had to——”

Simon while being strangled between two sturdy gauntlets, no, while being hugged, suddenly started to get lecture from her sister.

The almost-going-to-sleep Simon, woke up around the latter part of her words.

“Umm, Lia-nee, right now I want you to help——”

He requested for rescue, the original aim.

Kurono stood behind without saying anything, and started to observe Simon’s sister.

(Awesome, this is the first time I can see a girl taller than mom, or rather, isn’t she taller than me too?)

The results from the diagnosis were true, though she was wearing armored helmet, but her height was crossing 190cm.

The scene of Simon, 150cm + somewhat, was more like that of parent and child embracing.

However having a tall stature, the face peeking out of the helmet was not that of stern man or gorilla, but a well-ordered beautiful elf-like face.

Her dark honey-colored blonde hair was different from Simon’s ashen-colored hair, but her eyes were the same emerald green, her eyes and hair were of a typical Elf.

Her slit eyes were beautiful, but they could give the impression of coldness more.

As for Kurono, aside from that, he was more concerned about her not lowering her guard down even while hugging Simon.

Kurono had a hunch that she had higher ability than himself.

(If she would be hostile, no doubt we will die here.)

With Simon here it should be fine, but even while thinking that, cold sweat streamed down his cheeks.

After the state of tension, the talk between Simon and her sister was,

“——We know somewhat about the situation. His Majesty Leonhart wishes for accepting all the refugees from Daedalus.”

On those words, Kurono and Simon breathed a sigh of relief.

Even Kurono knew about the name Leonhart, the king of Spada with a second name as『Sword King』.

Though being the people of Daedalus, an enemy nation, but still generously taking them in, for that Kurono gave him gratitude within his heart.


“It seems like we moved a little late, the people who seemed to be refugees, all have died within the mountains of Galahad. Here too is quite brutal scene, just what happened?”

Not only Adventurers, but also the refugees met the fate of death, that fact Kurono was about to know while travelling through the Galahad mountain range.




(simon POV)

After wearing the morning outfit, I left the bedroom for getting breakfast,

“Ah, Good Morning……”

“Good Morning, so you were awake. I was thinking of beating you to wake you up if you were still sleeping.”

And met with the person who speaks the most fearful things in morning, Lia-nee.

She really wakes up others by ‘beating’ which I can’t deal with, what’s more it’s not a slap but punches.

Many others say her face to be beautiful, but to me it looks like a face of man-eating dragon.

Right now on her face, there were drops of sweat.

Her blonde straight hair also seem somewhat wet.

From her body wearing a thin shirt and simple leggings, steam is rising up, as though it is something like an aura, most probably she was doing martial skill training from early morning.

It’s good that I was not forced to accompany her.

She is the sister who has been bullying me with the punishment called training, while knowing my weak body constitution.

The most of the reason as why I am doing work as an adventurer after running out from this Baliel house, is to run from this dreadful sister.

Really dreadful, worst case psycho, overbearing, sister who doesn’t treat others as people, a person who can’t act as a good person like Onii-san——

“Hm, are you thinking something rude, Simon?”

Her line of sights attacks me as though it will release laser beams.

“Eh, No, nothing”

“You’re nervousness easily appears on your face, really, you get flustered easily, still you call yourself a man.”

While abusing, she grabs my both shoulders and forcefully pulls me.

Due to the difference of more than 40 cm in height, Lia-nee bends forward, and brings her face really near that I can feel her breathing.

T-This is the stance of threat, maybe because I was safe for 3 months, that my senses got dull and I got caught.

The glint of light in the sharp green eyes, seems like it is peering through my eyes.

Along with that, two mountains of ultra weight lean on my small chest, she is leaning her oversized breasts like it is natural.

I feel unpleasant for myself getting embarrassed even if for one second.

“Simon, if you’re not within the home then you’re no good, come back.”

And due to the words of rejection, the disgust within my corner of heart bursts out.

“I did not run away from home because of some child play……I’m already an adult, and can live alo——”

“You are weak. You cannot gain success from being an adventurer. It would be good if any ordinary person lives its life being a low rank adventurer, but though you’re adopted you still are a person of Baliel Family, that’s why you have to live a life corresponding to the family status.”

The complaint of Lia-nee, I would have obediently accepted if I was the eldest son.

However, the successor to Baliel, in other words my step brother are present, and there are 3 of them.

“Stepfather also consented to it, Lia-nee, you don’t have any obligation to speak this and that.”

“Father is really kind towards you, Why don’t you understand that he is letting you do your selfishness?”

“That is——”

“Stop the worthless research of something like alchemy, return back to home. It’s not too late right now, I will give you the right ‘job’ which doesn’t insult Baliel’s family, listen, I am thinking about you, do you understand”

“Lia-nee is only worried about the status of family, not about me……”

I won’t say her to understand, just leave me alone.

It’s just that much, but this person interferes at each and every opportunity.

Really, Lia-nee’s mansion is not a good idea, even the parent’s home is more better than this.

“You can’t even use magic or martial skills, as an adventurer you are useless. Even after experiencing ‘war’ one time, you still don’t understand that much?”

These were not the complaints like before which I could refuse, this is fatal.

“You going speak excuses like alchemy is not fighting? Even so, it doesn’t change the fact that you were protected till the end and are still living disgracefully.”

“S, Stop it……”

“Know your position, you’re not strong enough to protect someone, you can never become strong.”

“Shut up!”

I try to shake the hands restraining me, but due to my powerlessness they didn’t even budge a bit.

That in turn acts as a symbol for my weakness, it is extremely shameful.

“Hmph, Whatever”

She pushed me and released me from her hand restraint.

Due to the push, I stumbled some steps, and fell on my backside, even more shameful.

“I will do this talk later.”

After showing me eyes full of disgust, she turned her back towards me.

“That’s right, the survivors of the refugees you were worrying about, their treatment has been decided.”

“Eh, Really!? What will happen to them, no, where are they!?”

I know the fact, the ‘girl monster’ who attacked us, had already killed all the refugees before the start of fight in Alsace.

Though there was tragic state inside Galahad Mountain Range, but there were some who were saved miraculously like me.

The survivors are only 50, at first there were more than 10,000, the survival rate was really low, just a mere, 0.5%

Even so it doesn’t change the fact that they are survivors, I am greatly concerned of their treatment within Spada.

This is an information that Onii-san, a normal adventurer, won’t know anytime soon, and so I will have to tell him.

“Don’t be impatient, I’ll tell during breakfast.”

Saying that, Lia-nee left as though she lost interest to talk with me anymore.

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