Kuro no Maou Chapter 192

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Chapter 192 – Genealogy of Demon King
I had always felt something ‘different’ from this world ever since I was a child.

I also think that the place I need to be is not this boring world but a different place.

However, I don’t know where that is, and it’s troublesome to go find on my own without any clues, is ridiculous, and I hate to waste my energy.

[ET: Hyouka anyone? Well this guy is more like me! and less like Oreki]

That’s why I, Nero Julius Elrod am ditching the boring needless class, and taking a nap on the roof of school.


I sight while watching the endlessly stretching blue sky, boredom comes.

But, this place is much better than the f*cking royal place of that shitty Avalon.

It’s not like I wanted, but I got born in the f*cking tremendous royal family of Avalon, the legitimate successor state of Elrod empire.

Let’s add spice, I am also the first in line to inherit the family, f*ck that.

I’ve got no interest in becoming the king, after all then I would need to handle those shitty country level problems.

Even in this school life I am living, I have to deal with troublesome problems or get into accidents too. If I became the king, wouldn’t a world war start, no I’m being serious here.

I only want to live peacefully, want to evade troublesome situations, not stand-out, but the gods of Pandora don’t let me and I want to kick their asses one time, especially, the guy who rules over fate, I won’t stop with one kick.

Well, if becomes too peaceful then once again boredom kicks in, one can’t be satisfied with life easily.


While thinking those ridiculous things, I sense presence of people.

It’s not like I trained, but my five senses are better than a run-of-the-mill sort of person, thanks to this talent I had two times killed the assassins when I was a child, this is one great talent.

There are 2 signs of approaching, neither can I can feel magical power nor hostility, they’re simply moving forward and climbing the stairs.

Oh geez, I never thought someone else other than them can come here during class times, they’re quite rude visitors that can’t read atmosphere.

Even I have no intention of showing my sleeping face boldly to others, it would not be good if I got attacked, in both meanings.

Me getting up from the bench and the entry of the uninvited guests coincided.

I sent a fleeting glance, there stood a known face and unknown face, this is quite an odd couple with great difference in house.

The small one is Simon, a person from that Bardiel family, and is also a famous student so even I who can’t remember names easily have remembered his guy’s name.

He is the legendary man who gets full scores in written exams in every elite course examination but gets zero in the practical exams. It has been going on for 3 years already, really a lauaghable story.

In the fourth year he finally entered the Magical Engineering course, and the legend has finally come to an halt.

However if he can get more scores than me in written exams he could go into the Civil course and get an elite course there, but I can’t understand the reason he entered the magical engineering even though he’s not a dwarf. In the end, he is too much jumbled up for me to understand.

I heard that he left the school temporarily for raising funds for school fees, but from that uniform looks like he came back.

Well I only know the name and legend, and I don’t have even the tiniest bit of interest in his circumstances.

I’m more curious about the tall man who is with Simon.

He is wearing a shitty thing like Magician Apprentice robe which even the freshmen don’t wear now-a-days.

But, there is no opening in this man.

Even the instructors of this school can’t possibly have no openings like him, he is without a doubt someone with lot of power and is hiding it.

[ET: No mate, only you can understand his value in Spada other than his companions]

At a glance he would seem like a magician due to the robe, but his body is supple and toned to the extent.

It’s like he is bodyguard hired for Simon by the Bardiel family.

However, even more surprising things are his hair color and eye color.

The black hair and red eyes, are only found in the direct descendants of 1stEmperor of Elrod Empire, Mia Elrod, the demon king.

The people with black hair and red eyes both are quite rare in the royal family, mostly they get one, either black hair or red eyes.

This man, though one eyes is red, but he has the characteristics of black hair and red eye.

If he got that by coincidence then it must be miracle.

Thinking from the left black eye, then one of his parents might have black hair and black eyes like that of those foreigners.

[ET: Foreigners = Another Worlders = Earthlings = People like me and you = people struck by boredom]

And as for the other left eye, if he inherited some magical power then only he can have a red colored eye.

Well what, it’s only somewhat rare, not something I have to think about.

Well half of the genealogy of Demon King is a rumour, neither does it has credibility, so upon searching there must be a person with black hair and red eyes, not like I had seen one before today, though.

Concluding like that, I, with sleepy eyes, left the roof because some intruders intruded my sleep.

The other side too must be thinking of me as an intruder, well then, what would that man and Simon do on this roof with no people, it’s not like I have no interest.

I can maybe even scoop the time of legendary man Simon entering the world of adultery with same sex.

Maybe I should let the servant record it, and I will get really high money if I leaked it out, after all the other man with Simon, though his type is different, but he can be considered as a handsome guy.

Well those sharp glaring eyes may a subtraction point for many people.

I have lost an interesting chance, while thinking that I come down the stairs,

「Ah, you were ditching the classes by being on roof!」

and a voice I’m all-too well familiar with resounded in my ears.

「No, I’m not at the roof right now」

I’m on the stairs.

「These stairs lead to only roof, that means you were on the roof just before!」

He guessed the truth with his reasoning.

「Aren’t you too ditching the classes, Charl, the classes are going on」

The girl wearing a red mantle the proof of elite cadet and is waving her red twin-tails is called Charlotte. In full name it is Charlotte Tristan Spada.

[ET: Name reminded me of Charlotte (anime)]

It’s not like you won’t understand even after hearing it, this girl a true princess, more precisely, third princess.

Well to me she is a lass who is a hard to please and has an inseparable relationship of childhood friends with me.

「Don’t think of me the same as a delinquent like you, I have already completed my quota of Magic Circle ApplicationⅡ」

More than half of time for classes is still left, she is excellent like always.

Her golden eyes and red hair is the same as her father『Sword King』Leonhart, but unlike that monster of a father, her face is of a beautiful girl, it’s really good for you Charl that you got the face resembling your beautiful mother.

If you say my desire, I would’ve liked if her body was raised like that of female, like her mother, like the chest or bust.

Well then, there is no time to think about the part of girls can be called rude, if she sensed it, then she knows no restraint, and a kick would certainly fall into my face.

「So you finished first? Fast as always」

I want the kick in face to go in hell, so I change the subject to a safe topic.

「Unfortunately I’m 2nd」

Not being much depressed, Charl tells as if natural.

No matter how much pride Charl has, compared to him she too doesn’t be conceited.

「It can’t be helped with Safi being there」

「Yean, it couldn’t be helped because of Safi」

Though she is necromance not a magician, she has learnt the model magic to perfection, that villain in glasses.

[ET: The same line people in log horizon use but here it’s a woman]

Right now she might be shut-in her darkness filled laboratory while creating her new manservant.

「So the reason you came searching for me is for lunch?」

「That too, and also about the next quest!」

This princess is having too much sparkling eyes, Ah, please no, she has surely found some damn troublesome quest.

「Give me a break, we’re already standing out as rank 4 adventurers with talent and whatnot」

At this pace, we would become rank 5 adventurers even before Charl’s brother Eisenhart became.

Just by the royalties of Spada and Avalon combining in party is more than enough to stand out, now I don’t need anymore spotlight.

I’m merely using Adventurer Guild for killing time instead of working as an adventurer to learn something.

「Don’t worry about their jealousy or envy, we are we and don’t care about the surroundings」

「Hmm, well you’re right but……」

Do you know princess who is the one who deals with those problems every time?

It’s better to not say that, I’m not a super masochist who loves getting his ass beaten.

「Well okay, so what is the quest?」

「You have heard about the nest of salamanders, right?」

Of course, no matter how much appropriately we’ve been doing, after reaching rank 4, we obviously have heard the information about famous dungeons and places.

The nest of salamanders is the place in northern part of Galahad Mountain Range where every year the salamanders build a nest.

It is the cave in surroundings of summit, it is the ideal location for making nests, it seems.

The salamander who has gotten the first place leaving his same family behind means it must be the strongest.

So to say, it’s like a natural dungeon like place where boss appears.

And it is the mostly recommended dangerous sport for jumping in the flames nest.

「Don’t tell me……」

「Yes that don’t tell me , it is!」

Sigh, I heave a heavy sigh.

But, I don’t know the magic to stop Charl after she has gotten this much interesting in something.

「Well alright, a two-headed salamander, we’ll see it when time comes」

「This year’s one is really big, so you too have to be serious about it!」

I hate getting serious it tires me out, and these guys will defeat it while I only need to do little support, please help me okay, get it, right?

「Then, let’s quickly go to school cafeteria, we need to take the seats」

Charl starts running in the corridor while forcibly pulling my arm.

「Ah, Oii, geez……it can’t be helped, huh」

I am always manipulated by Charl.

But, when I’m with her talking like this, I don’t feel the ’difference’ in world, neither get bored, so even though, she does all troublesome things, I don’t hate being with her.

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