Kuro No Maou Chapter 132

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Chapter 132 Experimental Squad (Hundred Numbers)

Surprise and anger stirred up inside my mind.

Those painful days, memories of fighting against monsters everyday due to those white masked bastards, is still vividly burned inside my mind. But still, after meeting and living with Lily, I had finally gotten back my peace of mind.

I had not considered that those masked bastards of that experimental facility were closer to me even when Irz village was burned by the crusaders and when I was fighting them for the villagers to escape safely.


“Say Oi, you seem to having a lot of fun living with those women. Also fighting so desperately along these shitty demons, is this country so important for you? HUH!?”

One of those masked bastards has arrived here.

Why, how, why now——–such questions didn’t come from my mouth. I only asked this.

“You’ve come to take me back? What’s that supposed to mean?”(kurono)

“How dare a damned ‘foreigner’ speak like a human with me!—-is what I’d like to say but fine. You’re special so I’ll talk with you.”

With a listless expression, the man walked right in the middle of the highway.

(“Kurono, should I kill him?”)

Lily used her telepathy to talk with me.

(“No, not yet. I have a mountain load of things I want to ask him. I know that we don’t have time but…….just play along for a while.”)

(“If Kurono says so then fine. But I’ll say this in advance, I’m already—-“)

Out of time. As she spoke,

“Ah, Lily!?”

Enveloped in a dazzling light, Lily,


Returned back to her child form.

“buhahaha! What the heck, why did it turned into a brat? What a waste.”(mask)

The man laughed defencelessly. As if to hide from his unpleasant gaze, Lily hid behind my legs.


Lily clearly showed her displeased expression towards the man. She’s like a cat who was trying to intimidate its opponent.

“Answer my question.”

“It’s a coincidence. Total coincidence. As if I would come all the way to Pandora just for someone like you. But, now that I have come across you, I have no choice but to capture you right? Even though there had been 0 escapees till now, because of you our reputation was tainted.”

A coincidence, eh? I don’t know serious he is but I guess he really is here not to capture me but for some other objective.

“hehe, don’t make such a difficult face. It seems you really don’t know anything about yourself or us.”

“What is your objective? Why was I, no, why were we summoned to this world?”

“But, I have no obligation to explain all that to you. If you want to know, then ask the geezers in Elysion by yourself. I think they’ll tell you how many toys like you they have made and everything as well clearly.”

The man smiled jokingly from the bottom of his heart. Shit, how much does he want to play around?

“Don’t make such a scary face, if you let yourself get captured peacefully, I’ll give you a special service and tell you everything I know—“

At that moment, something that had been hiding on the sides, jumped out on the road.

Except for the common helm, they were wearing random armours on their bodies. Probably, they are those mercenaries that had attacked us the day before yesterday.

Judging by their bodies, 2 are men, 2 are women. A total of four people.

As they quickly assembled beside that man, their movements showed no wastage. It seems they are not mediocre as they look.

“—-for example, just how much these ones begged for their lives.”(man)

As the man snapped his fingers, reacting to that sound, the 4 people removed their helms.

“You worthless scum…….these guys are your new experimental bodies eh?”

They had the pretty much same age. Those black hair and black eyes that had been revealed were no doubt the same as me, people of japan.

“They are the experimental squad the Hundred numbers. Actually, not me but No.49, you were supposed to lead these brats you know?”

100 numbers you say? You mean you sacrificed 50 more people after me?

I can’t forgive this, but, since I myself had only run away with all I had and had not even thought of going against that facility, I might not have the right to say anything to them either.

Although, now that they have completely lost their ego, my words wouldn’t reach them anyway.

There was no light in the eyes of those 4 people. Their eyes had a dull swamp-like black colour and it was irritating just to see it. They must have been brought under complete control with those white rings.

I have experienced it that’s why I know that they will never have their consciousness back ever again.

“So, what do you say? If you surrender then you’ll be happily appointed as the commander of these hundred numbers as per the original plan. Of course with the [Thought controller – Angel Ring] attached though.”

While grinning, the man touched the ring on the head of the girl beside him.

So its called [Angel Ring]. Giving it such a ridiculous name, I only became more and more disgusted and annoyed.

“I refuse. I’ll kill you as well as these experimental bodies right here.”

I took out my hatchet in my right hand and baton in my left.

I don’t have the time to talk with him anymore, and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to talk anyway.

“Oioi, you’re so damn cold. Aren’t they of the same ‘Japanese’ race of yours? Don’t you want to even try to save them?”

“You should know it best right? Even if I removed the ring now, their consciousness and personalities will never return.”

In the first place, I can barely protect myself. I don’t have the power to protect them as well.

In such a situation I will not show any mercy to my ‘enemies’.

Then, all I can do out of pity is to kill them so that they can’t be used by this motherf*cker.

“Tch, you really are a troublesome bastard. No choice then— Seal Unlock, blow away No.49’s limbs and bring him to me.”


With those words, the equipment they were wearing suddenly dispersed in the air like black particles. The disappeared armour was replaced by a grey robe and everyone of them changed to look the same.

“”Preparing for battle—“”

As they held up their right hands, black particles converged and became a black long sword.

And on their left hands, just like the sword, a black baton was created.

And behind them 3 long swords floated in mid-air.


“The same black magic as me, huh?”

Their armaments are so similar to me, as if they had been looking at me till now.

If they can use the same abilities as me as well then this will become a 1 vs 4 trial of strength.

No, if I were to add that grinning bastard as well then there were 5 enemies.

“Kurono! Lily will fight as well!!(lily)

“Yeah, I know—–“

I ended up smiling towards Lily as she asserted by pulling my robe.

That’s right, I have a reassuring partner as well. It’s different from how I was fighting alone in that facility.

Now that they have come along with experimental bodies, I won’t get a better opponent to unleash my hatred than this.

“—-Let’s go.”

I’ll make you regret coming in front of me.





Vulcan’s large sword slashed away the light golem along with its fake armour as if it was paper.

“Hah, there really is no resistance.”

He who had been fighting against the actual elites just a while ago, could only feel disappointed towards these powers.

“Oi, don’t go too far off Vulcan. They are still stronger than goblins and they have quite a lot of numbers as well.”

A beastman of the same party stopped Vulcan as he was about to jump further into the enemies.

“My bad, my bad, I had been fighting like that just a while ago so it was unintentional.”

As his sharp wolf eyes looked around, he realized that the members of his {Vulcan Powered} were fighting in their usual formation beside him.

Only, it felt a bit sad to be using this formation again after they had lost one of their members who had taken part in the assault team.

“But still, this really feels like a normal collaborated monster clean-up quest.”

As he looked around, just like them, the other adventurers were also fighting with their original parties, and were in formation.

Warrior centric parties had become lesser due to the high death rate of the assault team but they were compensating for that with the help of solo adventurers and teaming up with other parties.

During quest, that too in front of the enemy, to take up formations like that so smoothly, the various parties needed an extreme amount of trust and faith in the other even though there were chances of being tricked by the other party. But that trust and faith had been built up during this battle at Alsace.

Thus, none of them felt anxious as they very naturally entrusted each other’s back to others and concentrated on the enemy in front of them which allowed to deal with them much quickly.

“Alright, let’s quickly finish up these puppets—–oh!”

Instinctively, he guarded with his large sword against the killing intent and magical energy aimed towards him.

“This one is!?!”

As expected, the enemy’s attack magic was easily blocked by the [Evil Eater] and absorbed completely by the large sword.

But, Vulcan clearly saw the black bullet fired towards him before it was absorbed by his sword.

“Isn’t this Kurono’s Magic Bullet Arts!?!”

Did he actually misfire? No that was impossible.

That’s because the one who had fired that was standing right in front of him.

“Hah, what the actual f*ck? He can use Magic Sword Arts as well?!”

The enemy that had jumped in mid air using the shoulder of one of the light golems as a foothold possessed similar armaments as Kurono except    for the grey robe he wore.

In his right hand was a black long sword and in his left was a grey baton. And behind him were floating 2 swords of the same black material.

From the air, the Kurono ‘replica’ moved towards Vulcan to slash at him and foreseeing the time their blades would clash, he controlled the 2 floating swords and fired them towards Vulcan.

“Tch, doing troublesome things—“

Vulcan full swinged his large sword like a bat hitting a ball.

The Evil Eater had a bigger reach and the blade attacked the opponent blade and repelled him away through sheer power.

After that, Vulcan magnificently dodged the 2 flying swords by using the wind enveloping him due to the DP of Wolfegand.

The 2 swords that missed it targets began to return back to its user but one of them was struck by Vulcan’s large sword as he swung it back and was smashed to little pieces.

“The bastard withdrew, eh?”

The grey robed magician had already disappeared from in front of him. He had simply jumped back even further when he was flung away and once again mixed among the puppets like an assassin.

A distance had been created for now, but Vulcan did not drop his guard and continued to survey the surroundings with his large sword still in his hands.

(“Oi Oi, there are quite a lot of these Kurono ’replicas’ hidden among them.”)

As he looked, he saw many other adventurers come under attack like him from the grey robed men.

He had been able to repel him with his ability but it didn’t go that well for others.

They could control 3 swords at the same time. There were very few who knew how to deal with such attacks.

Even a rank 3 would end up getting slightly injured. It was that troublesome of an attack.

“Oi, everyone be careful! There are guys that can use the same techniques as Kurono mixed up within them!”


“Damn, who the hell are these troublesome bastards? Do they have some connection with Kurono?…….”

As Vulcan raised his large sword while complaining like that, he had no way of knowing that beyond the barbed wires, Kurono was currently fighting against that person that had a ‘connection’ with him.

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