Kuro no Maou Chapter 139

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Chapter 139 – The Black Mage vs Summoner (2)

“Yeah, how can I let a shitty ass-hole scumbag like you living in this word?”

Finally, I can finally see the chance of winning.

Cyprus takes stance while thinking my words are just a bluff and is still smiling faintly with disgust.

I grasp the『Cursed Grudge Hatchet「HaraRetsu」』in my right hand tightly, and commence the attack having the resolve that I will only get one chance for it.

“Here I go—”

I run straight towards him. That guy is completely underestimating me, and so he definitely won’t use long-ranged attacks.

Most probably he doesn’t have any other way to attack other than sword or snakes, but no matter what, that guy has no intention to thwart my approach and will wait until I get recover my posture. He is giving me excessive service.

Thanks to that, I am able to make a plan to surely kill him.

“――『Anchor Hand』”

Normally, this black magic is used for moving up and down on cliffs and walls.

I don’t use it mostly even when it is needed, but this time I pour the most of the black magical power in the black wire and as if rivaling『Crime Eater』the『Anchor Hand』became of the same width and length as that of the snakes.

I send the 4 log-like wire towards the 4 snakes who are licking their lips to seal their movements.

“Ha, just when I think what you were about to do, you go for such a foolish method.”

Even if he has sensed my intention, he still sends his 4 snakes against my 4『Anchor Hand』as if they aren’t a threat to him.

When both of their distance is approximately 3 metres apart. The black and white intertwined and starts their struggle for supremacy.

The tip of the wire, originally have a fishing hook sort of end, but for grabbing the head of snakes, I have made 3 fingers on each of their ends.

On the other hand,『Crime Eater』bites at the 4 wires made from black magic to eat them.

“It is directly connected to your body. At this rate your magical power inside the body will also be sucked.”

“Don’t underestimate—”

Just as Cyprus said, I can feel my magical power being drained through『Anchor Hand』

If I cancel『Anchor Hand』right now then I can maybe be safe from the drain caused by『Crime Eater』

But then there will be no meaning then. I bear the pain of my magic power being drained out every second while clenching my teeth and try to maintain the shape of wires trying to capture the snakes.

“—my magical power!”

I take one more step forward.

“OiOi, don’t do boring things like falling down due to magical power exhaustion”

I reach the distance where both of our swords can reach each other and I swing my hatchet towards Cyprus who has a complaining face as if saying joy-destroyer.


“Lux Slash—”

SFX: Gakiin!

The moment the two blades come in contact,『Cursed Grudge Hatchet「HaraRetsu」』in my right hand easily slips past and flies towards the horizon.


My hatchet getting flicked is not a point which Cyprus would think as strange.

But, no matter how much he sees the victory, he wouldn’t have felt the power in my strike that should have been there.

It is only natural, after all I never activated the martial skill『KuroNagi』, just swinged the hatched nothing more.

“I got you—”

I clench fist with my right hand, and my left hand which was originally empty,


Shakes off the sword with power beyond my control and I grasp the Mithril Blade tightly.

The sharp edge of blade cuts my palm and blood starts to flow, but as if the blood dropped on the blade is covering the blade, the blade soon enough starts to corrode due to my black magic.

“Ku, Bastard—”

Cyprus shouts out in an impatient voice, but it’s already too late.

Your boastful Mithril Sword is now mine.

“Go flying away!”

In an instant black magic covers the white blade and blackening is complete. I start the throwing action which I used instinctively.


Understanding my actions, Cyprus tries to grasp the hilt of sword tightly, but it slips through without any resistance and he flies towards the horizon.

At very close range, the sword is unneeded, it will be good if I just take the sword. I don’t have the confidence to pull off Sword Arts in this situation, so for the time being I put my whole power in throwing him away.

In the meantime, in my clenched right hand fist concentrates another sort of black magic.

Controlling 4 extra-large『Anchor Hand』and Blackening along with 1 more magic is really difficult,


But, if it’s this most simple black magic that I learned at first, then there is no difficulty in activating it.


The Black Magical Power turns into a spiral of destruction and starts swirling around my fist which I punch towards the face of Cyprus.


Neither having a way of evading or defending, my fist cleanly hits in the middle of his face.

But, I didn’t feel the resistance I should have felt when piercing through someone’s head and pulverising his brains. It’s hard. As if I had just struck a shield.

“U, oooo……”

Even so, after taking a clean heat, his nose his crushed and he staggers while his nose is bleeding.

I pay attention to the cross hanging on the chest of the ugly Cyprus as it starts releasing magic light.

I see, so it’s a magic item with defensive magic.

Shall I destroy it or cancel it, no, I only have my body now, so


I have no other choice than to beat this bastard till he is disabled to move.

“Guu, Haa—”

I fiercely attack Cyprus who is reflexively trying to gain distance.

I can’t let him run here so I throw Cyprus down on the road with full force.

And quickly secure the mount position as if sitting on a horse.

At this point of time『Crime Eater』has eaten near half of『Anchor Hand』.

There is not much time left to hold off the snakes. If the situation changes here, then this time I definitely won’t have a chance to to reverse it.


I earnestly punch with my fist against the shield deployed by the cross.

“Gaha—-how can , still move uu—-”

I keep beating his face with my fist which is filled with power due to magic and can even break steel right now.

Pierce, Just pierce through this shield!

“Even after—-exhausting the magic……”

Why are you so surprised?

Surely,『Crime Eater』has the ability to eat the black magical power but it can only drain a fixed amount of it in a short time.

It it has the ability to completely eat the black magic when it touches it, then it wouldn’t had shown any signs of being extinguished from the point it touched at the time of smashing the 2 blackened swords or at the time or piercing the shield.

A normal Bullet Arts would vanish upon reaching a certain distance but the Bullet Arts with double magic power would proceed 30 cm more than normal.

I don’t know what the maximum amount of magical power『Crime Eater』can eat. But, if it is fixed for a period then I only have to beat the summoner before my magical power is exhausted.

And to my luck, this guy didn’t pay heed to my approach.

It would have been better if you just spectated by acting as a summoner and letting your servant do all work, but it’s already too late to regret, you shitty scumbag asshole.


The sound of the invisible shield cracking reached my ears.

I can do it, there is still time left.

“Come on! Come on!”

I punch, punch and keep on punching. Though my fists are enhanced by magic, they are still getting injuries due to the recoil of punching the shield.

So what, I can break his shield in a little more time, this pain is nothing.

“Impossible—–this is—–”

“Come onnnnnnn!!!”

I punch with my bloodied fist.

SFX: Gashaaa! (Sound of shield breaking)

And finally, the shield breaks apart.

The moment it is destroyed, the cross too is smashed in pieces and lose its defensive power.

“!? H-hey, Wai—-”


I raise my right fist, the last attack.

However, at that moment, a sharp pain runs through my right hand.

“Guaa! damnit—”

I can’t swing my fist, after all the fangs of white big-serpent are biting my right hand.

Crap, so finally my magical power exhausted and『Anchor Hand』is forcibly cancelled.

“—-Damn it!”

The snakes rush at me after losing their prevention object.

My last weapon, left fist, is also restricted to move by one big serpent.

“Ha,Ha……Hyaaaahahahahahaha! It’s too bad No. 49!”

2 snakes stop the movements of my arms and the rest two are biting near my abdomen.

The feeling of my last amount of black magic getting sucked out is more painful than the pain of fangs inside my stomach.

It’s as if my life force is getting sucked out, I can’t put any power in my body and consciousness also starts to flicker.

“Gu, Aaa……”

“Bastard frightening me, you have more magical amount than predicted, really, you are an irritating and annoying bastard!”

Cyprus punches at my cheeks to repay the gift from before.

But, because he is still pinned down his fist lacked force so I couldn’t feel much pain. I can understand that he had punched me but it’s pain is being suppressed by the pain of both arms and both sides of abdomen.

“Damn it, Damn it, Playing with me, I don’t give a damn shit about mission. I am going to rape your women here and then later I will kill you!”

“Stop speaking—-”

My no-power-left body floats a bit and Cyprus struggles to stand from his current position.

If he gets up away right here, then my attacks won’t reach him.

But, thinking that is useless.

After all, this is my last attack.

I thought this was my end, but thanks to his foul-mouthed provocation, I am able to imagine the pain of losing Fiona and Lily.

Thanks to that, I can muster my last will power to kill you, Thank you. You were truly a shitty asshole scumbag till the last moment.

“Stop speakinggggggggggggggggg!”

And, I bite at Cyprus’s windpipe area.


I can kill you like the method your prideful snakes use. Though it might be childish and primitive, but I have enhanced strong teeths, so I can put sufficient power to tear his windpipe.

“oooOOooAAA”A”AAAAAA!? S-Stop it OooOOOaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!”

Thanks to you guys enhancing every nook and corner of my body even my jaws have the power of an average animal.

There is not any hard scales, so I can tear and devour the windpipe of a human with soft skin easily.


While reaching the middle section of throat and neck, I keep on biting and devouring the blood vessels and meat inside there. [ET: Ghoul anyone? of Tokyo Ghoul]

Inside my mouth is iron like taste, the taste of human.

The blood gushing out covers my sight.


Cyprus desperately tries to stop the spurt of blood with his both hands that seems like he is trying to wring himself to death.

In his wide opened eyes, I am not even reflected.

His face is that of a human tightly clinging on his last remnants of life while being scared of the approaching footsteps of Death.

“Crap……My consciousness is……”(Kurono)

Looks like I can’t see his last ugliest moments.

All the power has already left my body, I can no longer feel the pain from my both arms and sides of abdomen.


Slowly, I fall while facing upwards.

I feel a soft and warm feeling of something on my back.

Within my flickering consciousness and hazy vision came the smile of the goddess of victory.


“You’ve worked hard. Leave the rest to me and sleep”

I try to say something to Lily who is in her young girl form, but my lips only trembled at bit.

“Good night, Kurono” [ET: It’s only noon though, Damn big volume and day]

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