Kuro no Maou Chapter 168

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Chapter 168 In Search for a Robe

After eating our meal at this restaurant which had an Orc with a scarred face as the manager that made one ask – Are you a former mercenary with a long experience of being in service?, we left to complete our plan for the afternoon which was to buy equipment.

“There are so many stores that I can’t decide where to start.”(kurono)

After crossing the plaza once again, we reached the crowded shopping district that had various shops for adventurers lined up like weapon shop, item shop, a blacksmith workshop, and even a suspicious looking magic item specialist shop as well.

They weren’t ones used by normal people but even so the number of adventurers here was simply too big compared to a rural village. And even here countless number of people were passing through here.

As expected, since I’m a Japanese, I am used to such big crowds so I wasn’t carried away by the flow of people.

And since their various shops here and I since I had no sort of guide which I could have referred beforehand, just as I had said, I was currently troubled in deciding which shop I should start from.

When the number of people increases, the percentage of bad guys mixed with them also increases. I’m sure that in this city as well, shops that aim to fool newbie adventurers exist.

“Kurono look! That robe looks so cute!!”(lily)

Near my legs, Lily sparkled in high tension. In her line of sight, a white fluffy robe with bunny ears attached was being displayed.

That too, it was made for babies. It was a size which would perfectly fit Lily. This is what destiny must be like!

“It seems that shop specialises in selling magic robes.”(Fiona)

“Is that so? Then let’s go check it out.”(kurono)

After all, our party is one made of all magicians and completely ignores every adventurer theory used.

Since there are no warriors or knights to act as the vanguard, we [Element Master] had no business with the armour shop.

Well, the only one who needs a new defensive gear right now is me since I lost my [Baphomet’s Embrace].

If the shop specialises in magician robes then I should be able to find a black robe befitting me, a black magician.

While getting excited about the robes I had not even seen yet, I cut through the crowd and opened the doors to [Fix & Fica], the magic robe specialist shop.

By the way, Lily was still entranced with the white bunny robe in display at the window and didn’t enter with me.


In a voice that didn’t sound too welcoming, the middle-aged woman sitting on the counter glanced towards me.

Having a tall nose just like the witches in those fairy tales, she also had a glaring look but as if she was not interested in me, a customer, she returned back to reading the hardcover book in her hands.

As I looked as she said nothing at all, I judged that it should be fine to look around by myself.

Since I didn’t really have much expectations in the first place, I didn’t mind her being not very courteous and walked around the inside of the shop which was bigger than I expected.

At a single glance, half of the robes here were either black, grey or white.

The robes had been displayed on some mannequins but will they arrange it in a different size for me if I ask them to?

While thinking such things, I looked at the various types of robes casually.

Unlike the Irz village’s item shop, most of the articles displayed had a price tag attached to it.

Since they had no intention to negotiate the prices, that’s why they can show sucha  dry attitude towards customers, eh? No, maybe that’s just how that witch-like old lady is normally.

“What do you think?”(Fiona)

Suddenly, Fiona asked me while standing beside me.

“Since I can’t really appraise them, I am not sure about anything with just seeing them.”(kurono)

There was not a single one here that was a high class item with a defensive magical enchantment that even I could sense. Also, with every robe, the affinity to an element, elemental resistances and the level of defensive magic, all change.

More than half of the ones here had used the skin of monsters, without knowing what monster had been used I couldn’t even roughly discern what kind of property it would have.

“I’ll just obediently ask if they have any robe that is suited for black magic.”(kurono)

“Considering the grade of this shop, I doubt something very high quality would appear though.”(Fiona)

Fiona-san, those things shouldn’t be said out loud even if you think that’s true.

While hoping that miss shopkeeper didn’t hear that, I headed towards the counter.

“Excuse me.”(kurono)


The woman looked at me with a really sharp glare.

Un, though she’s wearing a simple apron that had the shop’s logo on it, if she were to wear the same clothes as Fiona, she’d completely look like a perfect witch.

While holding such rude thoughts, for the time being I asked for the thing I was looking for.

“Do you have a robe called [Baphomet’s Embrace]?”(kurono)

It had been destroyed after the fight with Cyprus and then taking on Fiona’s Aur Soleil, but if possible, I’d like to get the same thing——

“Don’t talk foolish Rank 1, those apprentice use robes over there would suit you more.”

An incredible abuse came at me.

At the end of the line where she pointed, a simple black robe with a ‘For newcomer use!’ board was kept.

“Umm, I had been wearing [Baphomet’s Embrace] before as well so I’m looking for a new one. Do you know of any store that might be keeping them?”(Kurono)

Since this old woman doesn’t seem to be interested in selling me one even if she had one, I changed my question.

“Had been wearing before? Hah, what, so you’re a spoiled brat of some noble? Then ask your wealthy ‘papa’ to take you to one of those ‘upper’ stores. They’ll have the ‘amazing magic equipments’ that you’re looking for.”

What an incredible level of sarcasm. Let alone the son of a noble, I’m not even a resident of this world. Family and lineage is the last thing that has any connection with me.

But, if I try to interpret her words well, then these ‘upper’ stores, basically the stores in the upper strata of the city might have [Baphomet’s Embrace].

But that’s troublesome. I’ll need some kind of big achievement to be allowed to pass to the upper levels or I’d need a special level of permission.

After arriving to Spada, I had received the explanation and reward for the emergency quest from the guild HQ but that was a one-time thing allowed by the Spada government.

To normally go the upper levels, I’ll need to become rank 4 as an adventurer.

“If you want high level equipment like your companion witch then go to the upper levels. Only come here when you’re coming to the school or the guild. I’m not trying to make fun of you but an ignorant rich kid like you would catch the eyes of bad guys that live here.”

Hihihi, the old woman laughed as if she was the representative of those bad guys but I decided to ask something that caught my attention.

“Her equipment is really that amazing?”

I mean of Fiona, of course.

If I recall correctly, she had said that she built it as her graduation exam in Elysion magic academy I think.

Normally, she seems to create magic items but as expected, to collect materials, plan, and manufacture it all alone, such memories would definitely become a far too gloomy of an episode to listen to while chatting over a cup of tea.

“Even without appraising, you can tell what kind of thing is that in a single glance. Abyss silk and feathers of a Black Bird, on top of it, there’s something included in the lining as well. If she was not acting as your bodyguard, that witch would definitely be a rank 4 adventurer.”

I don’t really understand but apparently some amazing ingredients have been used by her.

Also, I have become a rich noble brat and Fiona has apparently become my escort for some reason.

“Well, the fairy who’s admiring the bear rabbit Kid’s robe outside also has an Ancient velvet for clothing. Who made it in the size of a child’s I wonder.”

Not a rabbit but a bear rabbit?! No, rather than that,

“That’s something I gave to her as a present. Got any problem?”(kurono)

“You really are of a high status eh? To give such a high class present to a pet, nobles really do have extreme hobbies hihihihi.”

As expected, I became irritated on seeing Lily being treated as a pet.

“She isn’t a pet, she’s a precious comrade of mine.”(kurono)

“Comrade? Hihi, so is that a new trend? Well, it’s better than just spoiling her as you please.”

It seems I’ll have to explain from the start that I’m not just some rich noble brat who’s playing as an adventurer along with a beautiful escort and a cute pet.

But, I guess the reason must be that I asked for a high class item even though I’m just a rank 1 adventurer.

Well, I don’t have the image of [Baphomet’s Embrace] as a high class item that I can’t deserve since I’m used to wearing it but to an outsider like her, it would really look like that.

It can’t be helped, it’s not like I had much money and I didn’t know how much would a high class item like that cost so now at least I know that it’s too costly for me right now.

Right now, I should complete some quests and collect some money then go to buy such items.

Till then, yeah, let’s go with that newbie magician robe.

“Can I have that?”(kurono)

As I showed the will to buy the robe she had pointed out earlier, her sharp eyes showed a slight surprise.

“hee, to take this old woman’s sarcasm honestly, did you have some sheltered upbringing, boy?”

“I’m not some noble, I really am a rank 1 adventurer.”

Don’t try to act cool. While still not believing me, she went inside the store to bring the robe.

As she returned before even a minute had passed, in her hands was the same robe displayed here with one bigger size.

“10,000 klan.”

After asking for the money that held no discount, I was about to bring out 1 gold coin, but stopped.

That gold coin was earned at Irz village created in Daedalus. After being captured by the Crusaers, I doubt these coins with dragon print on them are still in circulation.

Thinking that I had no reason to let go of a coin that held a lot of memories for me, I decided to pay it out of the reward of the emergency quest I had received in klans.

“Thank you for your patronage.”

After hearing her shopkeeper like words instead of witch-like, I wore the robe there itself.

The feeling wasn’t bad but it was nowhere near the sensation of becoming a part of my body that the [Baphomet’s Embrace] gave.

Now that I think about it, I didn’t feel hot even when wearing it in summer but this one made it hotter almost instantly.

Still, it’s not unbearable. Without showing any discomfort, I decided to leave since I was done with my business here but then I stopped, and asked her.

“That, rabbit robe, how much does it cost?”(kurono)

“37,000 klan”

That much!?!

It’s a cost big enough that would make me hesitate to buy intantly.

“I’ll come back to buy it after I reach rank 2.”(kurono)

“Hihihi, I’ll be looking forward to it.”

While taking her ill gaze on my back, I left the store.

Now then, next is weapons but the fact that I’m a rank 1 and my lack of funds is clear. It’ll probably be impossible to get both, a wand of [Black Ballista Replica] and swords for Magic Sword Arts.

After leaving the store with Fiona, and pulling away Lily who seemed to have gotten attached to that bunny robe, we left towards the weapon shop.

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