Kuro No Maou Chapter 145

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Chapter 145 Element Master Vs The 8th Apostle (2)

“Now then, we need to think of a way to defeat that ridiculous Apostle in this one hour. Got any ideas?”

I said that pretty much irresponsibly but,

“Yes, there is just one way.”

Unexpectedly, a proposal that I thought was impossible was given.

It was Fiona who raised her hand to give the proposal.


“It’s not a sure-fire method and there are a lot of prerequisites as well.”(kurono)

“Tell us.”(kurono)

Honestly speaking, I couldn’t think of anything else other than fighting her head on. So if there actually was a different plan, I would definitely hear it.

I urged Fiona to continue while laying my hopes on her.

“Among the Apostles, there are items that can seal their magical power so that they can hide their identities apparently. The 8th Apostle Ai is the missing Apostle that I had told you about back then.”

Oh right, she had told me something like that as well. I thought that they must have hidden themselves to do some reforms etc. but to think that it was that girl.

“But, you’re pretty knowledgeable about them. Aren’t such things supposed to be secrets?”(kurono)

“The 8th Apostle is famous to move around incognito all over the Republic. But due to that, there is no info regarding her abilities or powers at all.”(Fiona)

I see, so she’s quite popular unexpectedly.

“Since she’s a person who has been hiding themselves, there is a large possibility that they would be using a magical energy sealing item, is it?”(kurono)

“Exactly. And if she is using magic items that seal magical energy, then we should be able to interfere with it and stop her from unsealing her powers.”(Fiona)

“I see, the three of us together could defeat a weakened Apostle but—-“

The problem was whether Ai was actually using such an item or not.

I fought Sariel twice but I never confirmed the presence of such an item.

And even if Ai did have one, then the problem would be exactly how are we supposed to interfere with it.

At least, it’s impossible for me who can only use black magic and is absolutely illiterate regarding how magic actually works in this different world.

“Say Fiona.”(lily)

As I was thinking about it, Lily spoke beside me.

She had returned back to her child form but I guess she kept her adult consciousness considering the way she is talking.

“Are there a lot of types of such sealing magic items in the republic?”(lily)

“No, there are not much variations of such items that can continuously seal a person’s magical energy. They are extremely costly as well and not to mention the church has restricted them so they are kind of a taboo item.”(Fiona)

“I see. Then the sealing item on that Apostle is—“

As Lily activated her Dimension magic as a small magic circle of light appeared, a white ring that I recognised appeared.

“—–Then there’s a high chance it is similar to this one, right?”(lily)

“Wha, that’s!”(kurono)

As Lily slightly traced her small fingertips around the ring, 7 needles jumped out with a shrill sound.

“Yes, it’s an [Angel Ring] attached to those experimental subjects.”(lily)

As she traced her fingers around the ring again, the needles went back inside the ring.


Honestly speaking, this item which has a ridiculous name like [Angel Ring] has already become a annoying symbol of restraint and confinement for me.

I feel bad just by seeing it.

But, there must be some meaning behind the fact that Lily has it right now.

“If it has the same structure as this ring, you think you can easily interfere with it?”(kurono)

It seems the [Angel Ring] also has a magic sealing feature in it.

When I had this thing on me, no, it was probably just not used on me. Although I myself have no experience of having my magic sealed, it was definitely used by Cyprus to bring those experimental bodies along with him here.

“Exactly, although I’ll need to use a completely different type of [Mind Jammer] than the one I used against those experiments, but I think I can do it.”(Lily)

“Well if it’s Lily-san, I think she can do it.”(Fiona)

So it seems using the sealing strategy is actually possible.

“But the main problem is still whether she actually has such a sealing object or not. It’s obvious that she’d hold back while fighting against us but that doesn’t really require a sealing item to do so.”(kurono)

“That’s true. Also, if we are going to interfere directly with the sealing item, we need to where exactly it is located as well.”(Fiona)

Just as Fiona said, to obstruct the experiments, it was fine by just using [Mind Jammer] in the surrounding space but in this case, there was a need to pinpoint the sealing item before using the jammer.

The former worked like an EMP in our original world which obstructed radio and other electrical devices. The latter was more like hacking a PC through the internet.

“Either case is not a problem. I’ll find that out with my Telepathy.”(lily)

“You can do that? An Apostle might be able to defend against telepathy you know?”(kurono)

I’m not really sure how telepathy works exactly since I can’t use it myself.

But still, I know that telepathy isn’t omnipotent. Magics like [Mind Protect], or attacking back with [Counter] or [Reflect] also exist to face against it.

“It’ll be fine. Sariel’s mind was rigid and ‘frozen’ enough that there was no gap to peek through but this one’s quite lax. I’ll be able to read the outer thoughts without any problems.”(lily)

It seems there would be no problem then. Or rather, Lily actually used telepathy on Sariel as well?

Maybe I should ask more about this later in detail…….

“Alright, then let’s go with this strategy. I’ll ask just in case but do we have any way of dealing with her in case a sealing item did not exist at all?”(kurono)

“In such a case, let’s just work hard and give it our all together.”(Fiona)

“Lily’ll work hard as well!”(lily)

“Got it. In case it doesn’t work, let’s just go with a full on frontal attack. Also Lily, you won’t fool even if you act like your child form.”(kurono)

Lily averted her gaze as she blushed slightly. Ah, she’s really cute.

No, this isn’t the time to be admiring Lily. I must think about the current strategy right now.

“Even in a sealed state, our opponent is still an Apostle. It’ll be normal for her to have magical energy better than a first class magician and she can probably use the same level of magics as well. Even if our plan goes well, it won’t be easy enough that we’ll get out of this unscathed.”(Fiona)

“I guess that’s true. In case the fight was dragged on too much, she might find a way to release her seal as well. If possible, as fast as possible…..let’s aim for the timing when she’d be panicking after finding that she can’t remove her seal—-“(kurono)




And, our strategy worked just as planned.

As expected, Ai fought while holding back against us at first. And as for finding out whether she had a sealing item or not,

“Even though you say that, you’re still holding back right?”(Lily)

Lily had only grazed against her head but her hand had definitely touched it. And at that moment she became sure of it.

(“I found it. There are two sealing items. The silver hairbands.”)

When Lily had asked her whether she had been holding back against us, Ai had thought of those sealing items for just a moment.

It was clearly at a level which could be read by Lily.

With this, “Ai is using a sealing item.” The first condition had been cleared.

(“—-It’s fine, it’s the same structure as the ring. I can use jammer on it!”)

And that cleared the second condition.

After coming this far, we only needed to move as planned.

Stopping Ai was my job. And delivering the final blow was Fiona’s job.

To use the [Golden Sun – Aur Soleil], Fiona didn’t take part in attacking actively and simply supported with enhancement magics.

Though, even her enhancements were showing incredible effects. I was extremely surprised when my blade actually hit an Apostle.

And as a result, Ai decided to release another level of her seals to fight against us.

And with this,

“……Eh? Seal unlock! Seal Unlock!!”

As I expected, a clear fatal opening was created.

“—-[Mind Jammer]!?!”

It seems she had already found out the reason behind it, but it’s already too late.

“How foolish. Do you really think we’d let you run away?”(lily)

“Got you!”(kurono)

And, finally I restrained Ai with my [Anchor Hand].

“Now! Do it, Fiona!!”(kurono)

Now, this checkmate 8th Apostle!

Just as my body was covered by the Oracle field used by Lily, from the sky, I saw a giant fireball approaching.

“Eh, wait—–“(Ai)

Ai opened her eyes wide with surprise but she still struggled to get out her restraints.

But, in her sealed state she wasn’t able to bring out enough power to get out of my tentacles’ grasp. She could only squirm and struggle around like a powerless girl as my tentacles refused to even budge.

That’s good, just like that, in the next 5 seconds, [Golden Sun – Aur Soleil] will impact and turn everything to ashes.

Of course, I won’t get out of this unhurt either. I’m actually scared whether I’d actually even survive that but I really don’t want to go down along with her.

While knowing that my [Anchor Hand]’s binding ability will fall, I turned it into thinner wires and at the same time began to retreat away from Ai at max speed where the fireball was going to land.

The remaining time is around 3 seconds. I want to get atleast 50m away from the centre of the explosion. As expected, I wouldn’t have a chance of surviving if I was only 4m away from her.

I ran and ran, without turning back, as fast as I could. I don’t know how much distance was I able to create but I didn’t stop my legs wanting to take as many steps away from that as possible.


And, finally the golden shining second sun reached the earth, and exploded.

A blinding flash spread all over and even though I closed my eyes instantly, I could still feel the incredible flash even with my eyelids closed.

That wasn’t all. As if that light was trying to burn my body whole, an extreme heat enveloped my body.


Probably due to the impact and shockwaves, I was being blown away in the air. I felt the sky and the ground, and all directions rotating around and reversing around me.

Thanks to the full power Oracle Field used by Lily, I didn’t feel the impact of crashing back on the earth.—-but that was only what happened just a second ago.

I had been able to block the strongest impact and damage but the Oracle Field had already disappeared from it.


Heat and shockwaves ran through my whole body but they weren’t fatal. I still had ways to defend myself.

Since it was decided that I’d be facing the [Golden Sun – Aur Soleil] at a close range, Fiona had give me a rare magic item for defensive use called [Protection of the Blue Flame – NanaBlast Amulet].

It’s effect was to greatly reduce damage caused by flames. Fiona was able to use her [Aur Soleil] even at close range to barely survive.

But still, since I wasn’t even 50m away from the centre of explosion, it could barely protect my body from the immense heat passing through, no a normal person would not have been able to tolerate this level of heat.


The [NanaBlast Amulet] inside my chest pocket was releasing a deep blue light and was showing an incredible about of defensive ability.

But, this is bad, too dangerous, I don’t think I’ll be able to bare this any longer.

Even my robe [Baphomet’s Embrace], that had protected me till now, caught fire.

It had already become damaged after my fight with Cyprus but due to the waves released by the [Aur Soleil], its ,magic has finally run out of strength.

While protecting my body till the very end from the heat, the robe began to lose colour from the cuff and started turning to ashes.

If the robe also disappeared, even if my body had been greatly enhanced by countless experiments, I don’t think I’d be able to withstand this sweltering heat.

Basically, the moment my [Baphomet’s Embrace] began to turn to ashes, my death was also being confirmed.

Shit! Please hold out, just a few more seconds, withstand it!! While bearing through the immense heat attacking my whole body I strongly prayed.

And finally, the Demon’s Embrace left me——-

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