Kuro no Maou Chapter 188

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Chapters 188 – Things to do in School

Aiming for the roof of right wing of main building, I went up the stairs.

From its appearance, I thought only students with high status from the elite course could use the main building, but in truth, it wasn’t like that, and we easily entered it.

The rooftop is always opened, so there was no reason to be blamed, and we can go up the stairs without any problem.

Apparently right now it is class times, so there are no students in this area.

But during the lunch break after an hour, this place too would be filled with many students, weather too is good today.

While thinking that, I walk under the guidance of Simon and,

「We have a preceding visitor, eh」

「Looks like it」

On the rooftop, which I thought nobody would be present, there stood a single a student.

At a glance, he looks like a boy of same age, his hair is same as mine, black hair, it adds up the resemblance to my former classmates.

Maybe he was taking a nap, but noticing our presence, he sluggishly straightened his body, and languidly stood up.

He is wearing the same black blazer like Simon, but there is a red mantle waving from its shoulders.

I see, so this is an elite studdnt, eh


This elite student, maybe, had thought his nap got disturbed due us appearing and like that he started moving towards the door for leaving the roof.

I clearly see the face of student, who just now passed by me.

My first impression, quite a lady-killer he is.

I envied him, because if I had looked more like dad, not mom, then I would also be a handsome boy with neutral gender beauty.

No, though a handsome boy, but he’s isn’t much younger, his height is not like that of mine but it reaches 180 cms. He has slender tall stature, and his languid expression on face too looks somewhat elegant.

However, other than the beauty, I am more curious about his black hair and red eyes.

His black hair and red eyes are the same as Mia, at least, I still haven’t seen any other person with those colors.

No, here are people with strange colors that can’t be found on earth, like Fiona, so maybe people with red eyes black hair are not so rare.

Agreeing on self-hypothesis, I without keeping it in mind, I,

「Is that the so-called elite student?」

Casually ask Simon.

「Yeah, but that person is special even among the elite students」

「Is that so?」

I thought, it must be because he is a delinquent among the elite students, but the answer from Simon was far exceeding my expectations.

「Nero Julius Elrod, he is the first prince of ‘the old demon king territory’, Avalon」

Avalon is a big city-state adjacent to Spada.

Above all, the second name ‘old demon king territory’ is something I heard even when I was living in village of Irz.

The imperial empire created by the ancient demon king, Mia Elrod, is Elrod Empire, Avalon is its imperial capital.

In other words, the present city-state Avalon, is the legitimate successor state of ancient Elrod empire.

「By any chance, Mia Elrod and the guy from before are of same blood line?」

In that case, I can explain that he got those black hair red eyes due to genetic inheritance.

「Who knows, just like Bardiel, it is doubtful if the royalty of Avalon have the same blood as that of demon king」

「……I see」

In that case, should I think it’s a coincidence?

I try to hear more, but they all keep getting away from Mia’s appearance, like the king of Avalon has black hair blue eyes, before that was blonde hair blue eyes.

Yeah, so this coincidentally happened to be same colors.

I have many curious question like, why some big like him from another country is commuting to this school, but before that,

「Well then, looks like there is no one, I will now tell about myself」

「Ah, Yeah, That’s right」

I should speak about the fact of me being another worlder.




One day, I got summoned to this world, got turned into a guinea pig for human experiments, fortunately escaped from the laboratory, met with Lily, and Irz was destroyed, all that is my connection with crusaders till today.

「But, no matter how much I hate it, I can’t possibly got to Arc continent and kill the people and destroy the laboratories. Ever since I got this left eye, I had thought――」

I gently touched the deep crimson left eye, from outer surface of eyelid.

「The current me, can only fight against the crusaders in front of me. If they invaded Spada, the many soldiers, no, it would be completely destroyed and once again people living life peacefully would die, in large numbers. I alone cannot protect all those people, but, if I didn’t fight then I wouldn’t be able to save even one person」

「Don’t you ever think to run away? After all, this country isn’t the one Onii-san was born in, the world, in the first place is different, it hasn’t even been 1 year since you have come to this side, do you think it has that worth that you will fight with your life on line?」

Simon said, while facing downwards.

Run, eh, certainly I had thought about it, but I forgot about it three seconds later.


[ET: It is written as 3 steps later, but that it means seconds. This line relates with an old thinking, that airheaded people forget things in really short time. If it becomes a big problem, we people call it short-term memory loss]


「The only people I want to protect with my life on line, are Lily, Fiona and you, Simon」

Saying that, I get embarrassed, while hiding my embarrassment, I pat the head of Simon.

Strangely, without showing any resistance, I continued speaking while patting her head.

「But, I just can’t forgive those crusaders bastards for doing what they want under the name of god. No matter how many hundreds of thousands of them are, no matter if apostles are there, I will still choose fighting rather than running, fortunately, I have ‘power’ to fight」

The power that those bastards gave me on their own.

Normally, I too would have had to kill the ‘demon race’ of Pandora like those experimental bodies lead by Cyprus, but I can turn the same power on them.

「Onii-san, is it because you’re strong, that you don’t fear fighting……?」

While fixing her slightly disheveled ashen hair, Simon murmurs.

「Of course I’m scared of dying, but I’m more scared of losing someone important to me without doing anything. Don’t those knights also fight because they have someone or something they want to protect?」

Among them, surely there might people who love fight like Vulcan, but saying that right now would be insensitive.

「I’m, scared of it」

A gust of wind blows on the roof.

The bangs of Simon flutter due to wind, and her emerald eyes can be seen.

It, seemed like she could cry at any moment.

「During the fight in Alsace, I was desperate, so I didn’t feel it. However, after I survived when Susu-san protected me, I have gotten scared of fighting」

Maybe she didn’t want her expression to be shown, Simon faced away, and continued her words.

「Even I want to avenge the death of everyone by fighting the crusaders, I too want to save this country. I get scared thinking what if that white army came striking on this country, I still can’t help but shiver thinking what if that monster which killed everyone appears!」

I couldn’t find words to say to her.

The starting point for our fear is different in the first place, I have a tough body which won’t be easily hurt, but Simon looks like a child and has a power exactly like that of a child.

Though we have tasted the pain of hell together, but I got power in short time, and Simon’s training for power didn’t bore fruit for a long time. So, I don’t have words to say to her.

「……Sorry, forget what I just said. I’m fine, I will fight again when crusaders attack Spada」

Saying that Simon turns back to me.

「No, it’s fine」


「You’re an alchemist, then you don’t need to fight, right?」

Simon makes a puzzled expression, having difficulty making out the meaning of my words.

But, without paying attention to it, I continue speaking.

「But Simon, you have the  potential to kill the most crusaders that anyone else」

「Eh, what does that mean――」

「Won’t you create a gun?」

Simon’s eyes widened in shock, after finally knowing my intention.

This is, the other reason I came to talk to Simon today.

「Though we lost in Alsace, but the power of gun was demonstrated, right?」

Machine guns splendidly pulverized the attacks of infantrymen.

Using Yatagarasu, Simon head-shotted many enemy magicians.

We would have more easy fight, if all the adventurer alliance had rifles and guns.

Though there are sturdy people like heavy knights through which bullets don’t cross, but the main power of Crusaders is the enormous numbers.

「……Mass production of gun」

「Not only this, If it’s you, Simon, then it is possible to make even more weapons」

For example artilleries, land mines, it is possible to make the weapons which use gunpowder with some time.

Not only that, if we use magic instead of gunpowder, it is possible to even make a missile.

「The information about science & technology inside my head is not present in this world, though I don’t know exactly detailed information, but Simon would be able to make it out」

That’s right, this genius alchemist, will be able to make things near the original version, all based on my vague information, after all she made a gun on her own.

This girl has the brains to find the answers even with the slightest hints.

「You even have a new research laboratory, so how about it?」

「Hm……Yes! That’s right, I just have make a really awesome weapon!」

Right, you just have to leave everything to tough people like me who will fight at the front-lines.

「Well then, it is necessary to get research funds」

「Eh, Ah……」

Simon has a face as though she just sobered up.

She is a poverty struck student, working as an adventurer to pay school expenses, it’s not possible for her to get capital to make modern weapons.

「I will get that for you, by working」

「Eh, No that’s not good!」

「Don’t mind it, I’m not giving out pocket money to you, but this is investment, thinking that you will make weapons that will annihilate those bastards」

It is good to tell her, that right now, I don’t have assets to invest large amount of money.

I’m still a rank 2 adventurer, I can’t accept the quests that can help me make a killing.

However『Element Master』will easily get promoted to rank 4.

I don’t know how much great rank 5 is, but rank 4 will give enough money, that I could even buy a big house in noble district.

「Yeah, I will work hard! I will live up to your expectations, Onii-san!」

Simon has her eyes blazing for doing research. It’s good that she’s in high-spirits.

「Ah, but right now, only Simon knows how to use a gun, so maybe you will have to fight as a sniper」

「Ehh, you say that now!?」

At any rate, the modern weapon development projected, Established!

「Simon’s weapons will kill the crusaders, and defeating crusaders――」

A bullet wouldn’t be able to pierce that white aura, no matter how many bullets are fired.

With the cannon balls in artilleries, it isn’t possible to aim perfectly.

The weapons made for ‘normal people‘ is not of any help against apostles having superhuman strength in their bodies.

「――That is my work」

That’s why. I will ‘personally’ oppose apostles with power rivalling them.

There is a possibility to materialize the divine protection of Mia Elrod, above all Mia talked as though she knows about the apostles of white god.

Mia’s identity is still unknown, but currently this is the most probable one that I can think of.

「But, is that divine protection something you can trust?」

「It is still a possibility……」

It hurts that I cannot affirm whether I will certainly get the divine protection or not.

Currently, I have no idea what the trial is, and there is no reason Crusaders will wait for me to get divine protection.

The uncertainty of divine protection, the unknown departure time of crusaders, I have a mountain of problems.

「More or less, my basic policy is to get power by fighting stronger monsters」

I’m not relying on divine protection only for power, I chose to increase the rank because I want to polish my power by fighting stronger monsters.

「Fighting them, that is going to be hard. I thought you will train to learn new magic or martial skills」

「Training, huh……I didn’t do anything other than practical fights during mobility experiments, so I never even thought about it」

Now that she said it, the way to get stronger is by training, right.

It might sound exaggerated, but a bullied child starts learning boxing for getting stronger, that is the right way to get stronger.

「Though you say training, I have no idea of what to do in that」

Do I have stand under a waterfall? No, that is for mental strength and won’t help for power, right. [ET: seriously, what is this guy thinking. Lolololol]

「In that case, learn that in the school, right?」

I see, you’re completely right.

Now that I think about it, I had talked to those two for going to school.

At that time, I was thinking to go to school for learning more about fundamental knowledge of this world.

「If I want to, then can I come to this school?」

From what I talked before, I couldn’t get the detailed information of this school but a student is in front of me, I will easily get it.

「Yeah, there might type of people like Onii-san in the Adventurer course.」

「Are there other type of people too?」

In the first place, what sort of type am I?

「The novice adventurers, join the adventurer training school which tells each and everything from the start, rather than joining Adventurer course which only has a curriculum and doesn’t tell that much」

I see, certainly I’m not a rookie adventurer, but in less than 3 months I have already reached rank 2.

「That’s why, Onii-san wouldn’t want to learn explanation of Guild or quests, so it will be better if you only take the classes of things you don’t know」

Completely right, I’m thinking if this system was made specially for me.

「Just like I said before, there are more adventurer with power and no brains, so our school accepts them, here they can learn whatever they want to」

The dropping out of school without graduating after learning the things needed, is like a symbolic phenomenon.

And, the only place I can study while being an adventurer is this place only.

「By the way, how much will it take for enrolling?」

「I don’t know the particulars, but the adventurer course is the most cheap course, you can earn the school expenses during school, like me, as for enrollment fees, minimum you should have around 100K klan」

100K, is this high or low……yeah, when I was in Irz, it didn’t even take a month to earn 100K klan, which in Daedalus currency is, 10 gold.

In that case, if a rank 1 adventurer can earn that much, then 100K is not that costly of an amount.

The most expensive things for adventurers is the equipments, let alone cursed weapons, even a normal sword costs 1000K klan.

「That’s right……I think I will try going to school」

「Yeah, it will be good!」

Simon approves it with a smile.

「Alright, after I become rank 3 after completing the currents quests, I will come here」

For sure, Lily and Fiona will also come with me, it is going to be a good interesting school life for me.

No doubt it is due to me having lingering affection for my high-school life which was suddenly interrupted.

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