Chapter 201

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Chapter 201

Even though it was night time when the darkness ruled, in this vacant land that had been cleared open by some goblins, brightness similar to a normal day had returned.

Above the monster trapped inside the rock prison, Lily’s [Meteor Strike] had exploded.

It was an attack that had taken down every enemy with a single hit till now, but,


Kurono saw the monster intercepting the oncoming rainbow-coloured meteor with its fist.

The moment the white magic circle appeared and [Meteor Strike] was activated, the monster had regained the freedom of its right arm that was bigger than the left and felt unbalanced.

It had simply used brute strength to rip away the black constraints and had blown away the rock walls surrounding it.

By that time, the mass of light had been fired with a speed like an actual meteorite.

The monster glared above itself and swung its giant right fist against it.

As the red jewel on its right arm, that looked like [Queen Beryl] shined, its right arm was enveloped in crimson flames that came from it.

And then the burning right arm attacked the incoming meteorite like an intercepting missile.

On collision, the rainbow-coloured light and the crimson radiance became a torrent of light flashing all over the area.

Kurono who saw that impact had to close his eyes due to the intense light.

But the scene of that monster hitting the [Meteor Strike] with its fist seemed too powerful.

And in the next instant the flood of light settled and once again only the light of the [torch] remained shining in the night.

“It actually defended against [Meteor Strike]………….”

In front, in the centre of a crater with a diameter of few meters, was the figure of the monster standing free of all its constraints.

“Shit, this really looks dangerous. As expected of a god’s trial, eh?”

He complained like that, but there was no going back now.

Kurono jumped into the vacant land with Fiona and Lily. It was right around the place where that student and maid were standing.

“Ah, you are…….”

The first one to react to Kurono and the others appearance was the tall, though not as tall as Kurono, male student.

He looked extremely surprised, well it was obvious considering the situation; Kurono thought so and decided to briefly say what was important.

“Oi, we’ll take care of this monster. You guys should quickly run away!”

Since it was an emergency situation, Kurono didn’t use the polite form of talking and spoke so with a strong tone.

“Eh, ah, but——–“

Maybe he felt bad for making some random adventurer face such a strong monster, the boy couldn’t speak properly.

“Thank you very much!!”

But the bodyguard maid was able to take decisions cool-headedly even in such a situation.

She quickly put her master on her shoulder and turned her back to run away towards Kurono and others while leaving a simple word of gratitude.

Of course, Kurono had no intention of stopping her, in fact he’d be troubled if she didn’t run away.

“It’s a rank 5 monster called Wrathpun! Don’t think of beating it, you guys should also quickly run away!!”

While being carried by the maid, the boy shouted so.

Kurono ended up smiling due to those words of consideration.

“So its called a Wrathpun. Is it an evolved form of Punpun?”

That’s quite a ferocious kind of evolution it went through. Thinking of such things nonchalantly, Kurono faced the rank 5 monster.

“Sorry Kurono, I wasn’t able to finish it off.”

Lining on his right side while apologising was Lily who had already turned to her girl form and was covered by her green [Oracle Field].

“No, that thing used flames. It must be quite resistance towards heat. It was only a problem of compatibility.”

When monster itself uses flames or lightning, in most cases it is also highly resistant to that element.

This Wrathpun was also no exception to that. In fact, since it’s a rank 5, its resistance should be strong enough to almost nullify the effects.

“Then that means I also have a bad compatibility with it.”

Lining by his left was the berserk witch that could turn everything to ashes, Fiona.

Certainly, since it had been able to take on [Meteor Strike] without losing any of its limbs, [Aur Soleil] would not have been able to defeat it either.

“We are at a disadvantage against monsters with heat resistance eh? Well, we found one of the biggest weaknesses of our party.”

That doesn’t mean that they could fix that right now though.

“It can’t be helped, I’ll have to cut it down. Lily and Fiona, you two cover me.”

Roger. The words of agreement came to Kurono’s ears from both sides.

In his hand, he already held his partner [HaraRetsu] and 10 blackened swords spread behind him like wings.

“Let’s go—-“

Just as Kurono began to run, the Wrathpun’s red hair stood on its ends and once again raised a roar that echoed in the whole Gallahad mountains.




As the angered Wrathpun raised an ear shattering roar, it showed that the [Meteor Strike] had done almost no damage to it.

Since the heat of the light of [Meteor Strike] had been almost completely nullified, the only thing that reached its body was the shockwaves.

If it was a normal human, no, even a minotaur would have been blown away by just the shockwave but the Wrathpun was a power type monster that held high resistance against shock type attacks.

(“But what about slashing attacks?”)

No monster is omnipotent. If it has some strengths, it’ll also have weaknesses.

The Wrathpun looked like a thick furred bear or a gorilla, a demonic beast so as to say.

That fur and muscles held high resistance to shock and striking type damage but a slash from a sharp blade should be effective going by the theory on monsters.

Conversely speaking, if the enemy was a skeleton that held no muscles or flesh or a monster with hard scales or shell, shock based attacks will be more effective than slashes.

If it was Kurono’s [HaraRetsu] that had cut through all kinds of things till now, even if it was a rank 5 monster, it should be able to cut through this monster’s flesh.

But, the Wrathpun wasn’t going to wait for Kurono to come and cut it.

There was still quite a distance between the two but as the Wrathpun raised its arm, flames began to concentrate in its palms.

(“Is it going to use a fireball!?”)

That was, as if it was fire-type magic, a giant fireball formed above its palm.

And, before Kurono could come close to the monster’s body, the flaming right arm fired the fireball with the speed of a bullet.

“—–Black Shield!!”

Black fibres overlapped each other to form a defensive magic.

It’s size was a rectangle starting from Kurono’s knees to his head. In front of the incoming fireball, the black shield didn’t look very reliable.

Probably, the Wrathpun thought the same.

It collided, then exploded. As black smoke and heat waves spread around, its lips which hid sharp fangs twisted into an evil smile.

Element Master Vs Wrathpun (1)

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