Kuro No Maou Chapter 129

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Chapter 129 Miscalculation

The job of guarding the boundary of Alsace village was usually handled by thief class or any other quick witted and agile classes.

However, to keep an eye on the surroundings in a large area, the duty was given to summoners.

It was not really a major class among adventurers. Among the 100 adventurers in their alliance, only 3 were summoners.

In the first place, a summoner was a derivative class of magicians that focused on training monsters through spells and using them as familiar servants.

By using rank 1 monsters like dagger raptors and windwolves, they could cover a large area in their surveillance.

And that was applicable even when the battle was going on.

In the first place, due to the terrain around the cillage, it was almost impossible for the enemy to surround them or lead a surprise attack. So this familiar was only sent out as just a bare minimum precaution.

It could be said that it was actually meant more to make sure that monsters don’t attack the village rather than the enemy coming from the rear, which had been deemed impossible.

But, the reason why they could immediately realize that the ‘impossible’ situation had become a reality was thanks to this familiar.

On the other side of the main gate protected by Kurono and the others, a windwolf of a certain summoner was running on the bridge made on the Reen river.

The windwolf looked like a wolf with light green fur and could use a wind Extra magic even though it was weak.

To complete the mission given by its master, the windwolves ran at full strength.

Their mission was the surveillance of the area and to inform in case they found an enemy.

And currently they were in process of doing the latter part of their mission. That was the proof that the ‘enemy’ had appeared on the opposite rear gate of the village.

2 kms away from the rear gate, on the highway, the windwolf had sighted the enemy.

“Wh, what the hell…..to think that such a big squad could have circled us and come from behind……”

The summoner read through what the windwolf saw telepathically and confirmed the fact.

“I must quickly inform Kurono-san—-“

And that information was quickly delivered towards Kurono through the telepathic crystal.

“—-Enemy squad sighted behind the village! It’s an heavy armour knight squad of around a 100men!!”




“—-Enemy squad sighted behind the village! It’s an heavy armour knight squad of around a 100men!!”

“What……did you say……….”

The moment I heard that, the words of defeat were thrusted in front of me.

Due to the terrain it was extremely difficult for the enemy to go around and surround us. I had chosen Alsace as the defensive line for that very reason in the first place.

But that advantage had been easily overturned.

Shit, just when I was thinking that we might be able to protect the village today as well. I wished that this report was false.

I wanted to think that, but the option of continuing the battle while ignoring this report could not even exist in my head as I calmed slightly down.

“Kuh, this place won’t last now…….we’ll retreat……”

I didn’t have the time to hesitate anymore. Now that our rears had been taken by the enemy, our loss had been confirmed here.

“…….are you sure?”

A hesitating voice came from the other side of the crystal.

“Yeah, We’ll abandon Alsace. Give the signal for retreat. We need to get out of here as fast as possible.”


As the transmission ended, the crystal broke as it had finished its job.


Why?! How did a low mobility squad like a 100 man heavy knight squad come to Alsace from behind?

There was a detour but if they used that it would have taken at least one week. I don’t think that’s possible here.

Even if they had forcibly gone through the thick dense forests, there’s no way we would have not realized a 100 man squad passing through.

We were definitely that vigilant, but, not a single movement had been seen by our observations.

I had no idea what kind of magic had they used to get so suddenly behind us.

No, maybe they might have a convenient magic that allowed them to transfer a whole squad to other places instantly.

Then what should I have done? Should I have also created a protective wall on the other side as well?

We barely had 1 week before the enemy came at us from the front main gate. We didn’t have surplus time to create another protective wall on the rear which had low chance of getting under attack. It was more than enough that we were able to deploy guards there.

Thanks to that we had been able to at least sense the enemy before they came rushing in from the rear gate. I guess our luck hasn’t run out completely. I need to think that way or I won’t be able to keep on going on like this.

“Alright, calm down, just think about running away now…….”

Don’t think about anything else, I can regret as much as I want later. If I, the leader, was late in giving my directions, I would end up sacrificing that many of my allies.

Calming down my heart, as I threw on a switch in my head, the signal of retreat, the sound of the horn, resounded throughout the battlefield.




As the sound of the horn resounded, a black and white smoke spread out all over the front main gate.

“The demons are retreating! Don’t let this chance escape, we’ll press in!!”

On the other side of the river, Norz shouted in a loud voice to give his orders.

The smokescreen enveloping the battlefield was a trick to assist their retreat was a fact that was truly obvious.

“fuu, finally the balance has been broken.”

“So it seems. I thought that it might last a bit longer.”

Sylvia standing beside him also agreed to his statement.

Certainly, the assault team made up of the elite demons had decreased quite a lot of their numbers and were still attacking the heavy knight squad with full vigour.

Even Norz had understood that, but seeing them suddenly retreat, he didn’t find it very doubtful either.

“With this, we’ll finally capture this annoying village as well.”

Norz who had now become certain of his victory loudly laughed as the Crusaders attacked while crossing the smokescreen.




A dazzling flash attacked the eyes of the Pegasus Knights in the air.

“……Tch, she ran away.”

Seeing Lily who had run away using this chance, Estel cursed.

“It seems she’s heading directly towards the Black Box.”

“It still isn’t the time for her ‘limit’ to end though—-I see, it seems the battle has been settled on the ground.”

Seeing the smoke rise near the main gate and the Rone river, they understood that the demons had started to retreat.

“Will they run away like this, or will they coop up inside the Black box and fight it out? What do you think, Flan?”

“I doubt they would run away directly but, in any case, what we have to do remains the same.”

“Hah, that’s true. Then, let’s start the pursuit!!”

With Estel at the head, the Pegasus Knights began to move towards the Black guild of the village to attack it.




(Kurono POV again)

With Vulcan as the lead, the assault team had kicked away the soldiers near the protective line and retreated till there.

As their rear guard, I was firing magic bullet arts beyond the smokescreen to hold off the enemies.

“When you use all the smoke balls it really produces way too much of the smoke.”

When the assault team had retreated in the previous battle, my black smoke was more than enough but this time we need to get everyone till the guild to escape.

Since the black smoke wouldn’t be enough to cover the whole surroundings, we had to use lots of a famous item meant to use for fleeing called [Smoke ball].

The two smokes, black and white, were acting as a blinder in front of me.

“…….the preparations for the wall are, not done yet eh?”

While pulverising the soldiers that were running through the smoke with spears with my bullets, I steadily moved closer to the gate.

Since Fiona was still in bed, the other magicians were deployed to make a ‘wall’ to stop the enemies this time.

As I was thinking that the preparations should be completed; magical energy ran underneath my feet and indicated that a magic was about to be activated.

“Get back! Don’t get swallowed up inside the wall!!”

As I took a big leap backwards from that place, the magicians activated their wide range defensive magics.

It appeared as a bulwark made of fire, ice, and earth and stopped the advancing enemies in their tracks.

In front of me was the jet black [Death Wall Defan] that I hadn’t seen since the time we fought against those scout troops.

I should also learn to make at least a shield of this level. As the various types of walls stopped the enemies, I rolled in through the opened main gate.

“Good job coming back Boss!”(mossan)

“I made it somehow.”(kurono)

Mossan came towards me while holding a wand that had ominous looking design in the shape of a skull.

“Alright, we were the last ones.”(kurono)

“yes, everyone else has already rushed inside the guild.”(mossan)

As expected of adventurers. Such fast legs. It seems they’re good at at retreating quickly as well.

“We should also hurry up. The shield is already starting to break.”(Kurono)

“That’s right.”(mossan)

While giving a last glance as a halberd pierced through the [Death Wall Defan], I jumped inside the entrance of the guild.

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