Kuro no Maou Chapter 194

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Chapter 194 – Angel Appears!?
2nd of Red Flame Month, We『Element Master』are running on the highway aiming for the dungeon to complete the next quest.

But, the legs that are running are not ours.

The thing that is running like a gale on the highway while kicking the ground is  two black horses.

In other words, we are horse-riding.

One side is Lily and the other side is Fiona.

Incidentally, the formed is named as Merry and latter as Mary.

「Kurono-san have you gotten somewhat used to horse-riding?」

「Ah, No, Lily is also here……so not that much」

Lily, who is supporting the beginner at horse-riding, me, by using telepathy to form a bond with horse, laughs「tee hee」 proudly.

Looking just that would seem like a pleasant scene of Element Master having fun as adventurers, but this black horse I’m currently straddling on is a present from these two, so I just can’t feel happy.

Yes, this horse is the present.

Yesterday, Fiona said this,

「In truth, we both have prepared a present for Kurono-san, please take it」

That is this horse, moreover it came with a set of splendid harness.

No not only that, the other present was the Cursed—–no, for now let’s only worry about this horse.

Cavalry is a necessary item for adventurers.

For reaching the dungeons in the various places, there exists the dragon carriage service, but having a personal horse is more useful.

Its uses isn’t something, I, who has lived in a world where private automobiles have spread big and wide, needs to know again and again.

But however, that useful personal horse is expensive, its price equates to the price of cars on earth, no exaggeration in saying that here.

That’s why it is said to take a personal horse only after becoming a veteran of rank 3.

Their opinion is that rank 1 and rank 2 should hone their abilities in the dungeons nearby, so it’s only natural for them to say that.

Comparing from the common sense of adventurers we have purchased a personal horse before time, so to speak, it’s like a school student already has bought a personal car.

I have no intention of shouting that luxury is enemy, I too had been thinking to buy a personal horse after reaching rank 3.

Lily and Fiona gave this to me as a present as if to say, it’s isn’t much.

I’m grateful for their feelings to give me present, and am happy too.

But, this present in itself is really expensive.

If I had to say in modern-day Japan like feeling it would be, I’m still a high-schooler but got myself a luxury car.

My money sense is not paralytic that I can meekly accept the present by just saying「Thank you」.

Due to my sensibilities as a comman man, it’s natural to suppress my surprise more than the happiness.

「What happened Kurono-san, you’re making a complicated face, did you perhaps not like this horse?」

「Eh, you want to buy a new one?」

「No, wait wait, there’s no problem with the horse!」

The statement of Lily is really scary, just buying something new because you didn’t like it……that’s the thinking of celebrities.

「I still haven’t recovered from the shock completely」

Thanks to this present giving case, I found out Lily and Fiona are really rich people.

Up until now we hadn’t needed any large amount of money, so I too have never asked them「How much do you have?」

But, opening the lid they both have several tens of millions of klan, adding up both of their total assets it crosses over 100 million klan.

With that much, they can buy me millions of horses as gift, but I just can’t recover from the difference in money sense.

Or is my thinking strange as an adventurer?

「You shouldn’t worry much about it Kurono-san, we can easily earn hundreds of millions easily」

「That’s right, Kurono don’t worry about it, okay?」

We’re not being conceited, our true strength far surpasses rank 4.

For high ranked adventurers earning that much is really easy, naturally, the danger levels and strength of monsters too is high.

「I see, that’s right……I will just accept it grateful for now. But when I get more money, I will present you both something awesome, get hyped for it!」

If I don’t say that, I won’t be able to get out of the uncomfortable feeling of being blessed.

But this, my equipments, funds for Simon’s research, and presents for these two……just how much will I have to earn?

It feels like I have been caught in a really big debt cycle though being only 17 years old.




After shaking on the horse for some hours, I have arrived in the base of northern part of Galahad Mountain Range, the village of Dacia after a week.

Compared to the time I came here in the dragon carriage, the fatigue levels are completely different, I still can’t get used to horse-riding.

However, it’s not the time for complaining about it, this is a required skill for living as an adventurer, I have to learn it as fast as I can.

For that, I am heading towards the stable of village which keeps the horses, by pulling the reins of this two-headed horse.

That’s why I have sent Lily and Fiona to the adventurer guild of Dacia for completing the formalities, and this time we have to capture something alive, so the situation is different from normal.

「Oh, there it is」

Pulling the reins of black horse, after walking some time I see the destination, stable.

I will reach in some time, the moment I had that impression,


I was stopped by the reins.

I don’t know what it thought, but the horse had stopped moving.

「Oi, what happened?」

I naturally ask the question, but a normal horse can’t possibly answer my question.

What? Why stop? While thinking that I pull the reins hardly, but the horse doesn’t even move a centimetre.

Really what happened, just before it was following me.

What, do horses stop moving suddenly?

I neither have the experience in straddling neither nor do I have any knowledge of horses’ behaviour, so I have no idea what actually happened.

「What happened, come on, move」

This is bad, unless Lily and Fiona come I have no way of solving this problem.

But I’m not a summoner, or else I would have called a servant and sent it to call them both here.

Having said that, if I leave here to call them both, then these two horses might run back to wild.

I can’t solve this problem alone, this horse is still not trying to understand my feelings and is just standing there boldly without moving even a bit.

「I give up……」

Is this the the thing, to be at a loss, the only thing I can hear is the nasal breathing of this horse *Bufu*, what is this sense of emptiness.

The time I felt that mental pain,

「Um, are you troubled?」

I was called out from behind by a girl with a warm and pleasant voice feeling like the sunlight of spring.

I turn back and there stood the girl I had imagined, no, even more beautiful girl.

Her age is the same as Fiona, her face has hints of baby face which can let her be called as a young lady, and her expression is serene like that of lady.

The glossy black hair is seperated in two side from the bangs, the back hair is long enough to reach her waist, commonly said it is the princess haircut, no, she does has the air of a princess around her.

Her blue eyes calm one down and her gaze under her sharp eyebrows is lovely, her white face is well-ordered just like a doll, I can’t feel the coldness that comes from Sariel who too is a white faced beauty.

The reason I have overlapped her with Sariel must be because of her attire.

There is no emblem of cross, but a white cloth like that of monks or priests with comfortable designs is wrapped on her body.

Most probably she is not a normal villager, she might be adventurer with the class of Cleric or Priest and works in a temple or somewhere sacred.

Both classes are traditional and have continued since ancient times, I don’t have the theory of hating a person wearing the same attire, so I have nothing to say about her attire.

On the contrary, the more I look the more she is different from Sariel, her height is around 170 cms. Quite tall for a girl.

To add more, she has something that she wins against Sariel, Lily and Fiona too who is far surpassing the normal standards, that is breasts.

That too is so big, even though she is wearing a priest like cloth for hiding body lines, they are still pressing forward claiming their presence.

The scene of Susu-san having big breasts in the morning suddenly appears in my mind, it’s the same as that, or even more.

Well I’m not the man who can be swayed by big breasts only.

No, even a big-breast loving guy, will feel more impact on seeing the thing this girl has.

That is the white wings sprouting from her back.

They are not wings of light like Lily, but white big wings of soft feathers like that of a swan are sprouting from her back.

The little movements of the wings is proving that they are not artificial.

There are various types of races in Pandora, but I have never heard of a race with the appearance like that of an angel, is it mutation? Or else, I just don’t know but they do exist here?

Either way, it’s not good to ask her someone’s race on meeting them for the first time, it is rude

Even if she had a halo above her head and looking just like an angel, but here I should talk to her as a kind girl who called out to me.

「Ah, Sorry, well my horse isn’t listening to me and has stopped moving」

I explain the miserable situation while revealing a wry smile to this angel-like beautiful girl.

「Oh my, that is troubling」

The angel does a reaction which coincided with her expression and words.

Looking at her reaction, looks like she isn’t scared from my face like those female students from the other day, this is good.

So an angel doesn’t judge a person based on their appearances, eh, really grateful.

「It’s only a little to reach the stable, but it suddenly stopped, just what might have happened」

「Oh, so you’re taking the horses there, right?」

Yes, I had no reason to lie so I affirmed.

Then, maybe she liked something in my answer, she opened her mouth full with confidence while making her eyes glitter violently.

「In that case, I can help」

A statement filled with willingness, kindness and volunteer-like intention came out of angel’s mouth.

「Rally? Thank you very much, it will help me a lot」

I immediately accept her help.

It really helped me, now I don’t have to wait like a fool holding the reins and keep on waiting for Lily and Fiona who god knows when will come.

「Yes, please leave it to me」

She smiles brightly as if a halo has started to shine, and immediately starts helping me.

Without faltering in front of large horse, she patted the nape of the neck of the two-headed horse with her white hands as if it is her pet dog.

Do they start listening to their owners if done like this?

I quietly looked at angel and horse flirting while tightly holding the reins.

「—-Hey, please, can you hear to what he says」

I heard her mutter that in a really low voice.

Normally, the animals can’t understand words, so her actions seem to be normally trying to talk to her, but I know person who can talk with them.

Due to that, I cannot help but feel that she can too talk with animals like Lily.

「This child seems to be slightly afraid, but, it’s alright now」

Looking back at me, she tells me that while smiling.

I, feeling 50% faith in those words, pull the reins, and

「……It moved」

The horse moved a step forward.

I pull more then it moves one step, two step, three step, it had returned to the state he was before.

「Thank you very much, it really helped me」

I send the heartfelt words of gratitude to her who is looking at me and horse with an happy expression.

「No, same here, I’m happy I was of use」

She replies with a perfect smile with no ulterior motives.

I have to clearly thank her, I tried to, but

「Well then I will have to go now, let’s both have good luck on our quests」

I couldn’t call out the words to stop her while looking at her gallantly leave the place.

「On our quests eh, so she was an adventurer」

I unintentionally murmur that.

I couldn’t feel the sharpness of an adventurer who fight as if it is usual, so I can’t hide my surprise that she wasn’t a normal priest.

But, there are also exceptions like Lily, not all have that ‘-esque’ feeling on adventurer, not always people match with their appearances.

Anyhow, there is no doubt that I was saved by her kindness.

I once again thank the angel, who is now no-where to be seen, in my heart and started walking while pulling the reins of the horses.

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