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Chapter 99 The Natsugoshi Festival (1)

Normally, the Natsugoshi Festival was held on the 30th of Shinyou but we still continued with our preparations—–or so I thought.

“Wha, what the hell is this……..?”

As I returned from the construction site of the protective wall by evening, the lobby of the guild was filled with lantern-like decorations and the dull guild hall looked like a festival ground now.

This is strange. When I left the lobby during the morning, it was the same as usual but was it decorated while I was out?”

“Ou, you’re back Kurono.”

“Vulcan, what’s going——- What the hell is up with your getup!?!”

It was Vulcan who appeared first but currently he was wearing a Happi coat over his large frame and a headband on his wolf head.(T/N: Google happi coat. You’ll recognize it from animes.)

By the way, on the back of the happi coat, the character for [Summer/Natsu] was painted on it.

“Well that’s obviously because the Natsugoshi festival is today. C’mon hurry up and change quickly. Everyone’s waitin for ya.”

Vulcan looked at me as if I asked something stupid and handed me a set of happi coat and headband.

I didn’t hear anything about this. Neither did I hear anything about the fact that we were celebrating the festival nor did anyone told me that the dress is an almost traced copy of what the Japanese wore during festivals. If there was a fundoshi to go along with it, it would have been similar enough to make a claim in court and win!

“Why are you making such a face? The enemy is currently focused on occupying the Vato village. They won’t come here today.”

“Is, is that so—-“

Certainly, as per the reports of the scouts, the enemy won’t be here by the speed with which they are advancing.

Then tonight, it might be nice to actually enjoy the festival, no, looking at the hopeful eyes of the adventurers in the lobby, I really don’t have the option to deny them.


I took off my trademark black robe and the shirt beneath it and put on the happi coat.

I fired myself up as I tightened my headband, yeah, I’m already in a total festive mood!

“Alright! Let’s do this tonight!!”

“Ou, that’s the spirit Kurono! C’mon, go and quickly raise the cheers!”

I took the sake cup prepared by Vulcan and moved towards the middle of the lobby. Everyone already had a sake cup in their hands and were waiting to put it to their lips.

This atmosphere, I don’t need to give any long speech, just one word is needed. I lifted my cup and shouted,





Now that I think about it, it’s the first time that all the adventurers are partying together like this. On the day the alliance was formed, we did go drinking in the Kuar village but at that time only the adventurers of Kuar were present and the number of adventurers was much less.

I needed to use this chance to increase my friendship with the adventurers. I went around making courtesy calls around the big table and was busy left and right.

Well considering that we have been working together for so many days, all of them had already become my acquaintances.

“hee, how hardworking.”(Vulcan)

At the end Vulcan said that to me as I returned to my seat.

“It is important, you know?”(kurono)

I wonder if only I think that since I am a Japanese?

Well it’s fine, now that I am done greeting everyone, I can finally sit down and eat some food.

“Oh right, where are Lily and Fiona?”

They were at the table during the toast but did they go away to have some girl’s talk with female adventurers?

“She’ll be back soon, well, you can increase the friendship among your own party now.”

Saying that, Vulcan stood up and left towards another table.

“Well, that’s how it is so I’ll also take my leave.”(mossan)

After Vulcan, Mossan also left towards another table.

“Wh, What’s going on??……”

I had various doubts but I was the only one left on the table.

Eh, what, could it be that I’m being avoided?

Just when my heart was about to start aching,



The ones who appeared were Lily and Fiona, the members of my party.

Why the hell is Lily in her normal bishoujo form? It’s not the full moon today, no, that’s not it, the most surprising point isn’t that.

“Wh, Wha, What the hell is that costume!?!”

That costume, if I had to use one word, it would be – Bunny girl.

The two girls were currently clad in black cloth that was like a swimsuit and it covered only half of their chests and their legs were fully visible.

I don’t know how but on their heads, two fluffy bunny ears were attached. Yup, it’s definitely a bunny girl.

“Does it look good?”(lily)

“…….how is it?”(Fiona)

Lily who had absolute confidence and Fiona’s eyes were swimming here and there and her cheeks were dyed red with embarrassment.

If you were embarrassed then don’t force yourself, is what I was thinking, but seeing Fiona’s super rare expression worth 1000 gold coins, I decided to change my thoughts.

I was well aware that Lily was beautiful enough to possess ‘Charm’ but Fiona who looked shy standing along with her was almost equally comparable.

“It, It suits you, yeah.”

I had already been charmed by the two but somehow I gave a reply.

“ufufu that’s good.”(lily)

With a wide smile, she walked towards me and as if she was still in her child form, she sat on my lap like it was normal.

“Uoh, wait, Lily!?”

“nn, what is it Kurono?”

As she sat sideways on my lap, her bare legs fully came into my view as she crossed her legs and at the same time both of her hands locked around my neck.

Dangerous, her face is too close. No her body that touching me is even more dangerous.

I shouldn’t have removed my undershirt as well. Her body touching directly my kin is too dangerous! It’s not at a level a high school boy can tolerate.

Calm down, don’t lose control. Wasn’t the she completely naked the first time I saw her in this form during that full moon night? Compared to that, this much is no problem.

Bu, but still, for some reason her body isn’t shining like a fairy at all and she looks totally like a normal woman.

What kind of trick is this? Is this also magic? Damn, Lily’s extra magic is too convenient!

I stopped my useless thoughts and decided to somehow end this embarrassing yet happy situation.

“Mov, move away a bit Lily.”

“ufufu, nope!”

This conversation has happened before as well. Normal form Lily really is in a rebellious stage. This 32yr old, isn’t her rebellious stage coming a bit too late!?

“Look, I can’t eat like this.”(kurono)

“It’s fine. I help you eat veeery nicely.”

Those emerald eyes shined mischievously towards me. Somehow it feels the same as looking at a prey. Basically, I have no way to run away now.

“Ah, um, that’s, how should I say, embarrassing. People are looking as well.”

“eeh, it can’t be helped, then —–“

Lily gave a devilish smile.

“I’ll let you go if you kiss me here.”

She said that as she showed her cheek to me that became slightly red.

“Are, are you serious Lily?……”

“fufu, let’s test whether it’s a joke or not, Kurono.”

As she said that, Lily closed her eyes and turned her head away. If I move even a little bit forwards my lips would reach her cheek.

“C’mon, be fast, even I’m a bit embarrassed.”(lily)

Is what she said, but her voice sounds totally composed to me.

Kuh, now I feel stupid to be the only one worrying too much. I don’t know whether Lily’s either drunk or joking or teasing me or serious but I’m not gonna hesitate from just a kiss on the cheek, or I’ll be an embarrassment as a man.

Well I did call it ‘just a kiss’ but this is the first time for me to have kissed a woman on her cheek.

“eei, here I go!”

The moment I resolved myself, before I could feel a soft sensation on my lips,

“Uoh! So bright!!?”

A bright white light struck my eyes.

“Wha, what the hell! I was surprised!?!”

Damn it! As I thought that, my eyes recovered from the whiteout.

“nn, hurry up and kiss me.”

As I lowered my sight, instead of the Lily who was erotically showing me her cheek, the child lily was sitting on my lap now.

“yes yes, kiss on the cheek, right?”(kurono)

Without thinking anything else, without any problem or reluctance, I lifted the small Lily in my arms and put my lips on her round cheek.


Lily twisted around with embarrassment. She really is cute! Yup, Lily should be like that always.

“Now, go sit on your seat properly ‘kay?”(kurono)


With a lovestruck (dere dere) happy expression, the child Lily sat down on the seat right of me.

Her bunny girl outfit had fallen down since her body became small but her bunny ears were still in place.

Lily returned to her nostalgic fully nude body that was gently covered with the shining white light unique to the fairies.

“fuu, I feel tired suddenly.”(kurono)

“Too bad for Lily-san though.”(Fiona)

Before I realized, Fiona had sat down on my left. Of course she’s still in her bunny outfit but she already had stacked up plates filled with meat in front of her as usual.

Maybe because she saw my and Lily’s embarrassing exchange so closely, she had already returned to her usual cool expression.

“…….Fiona won’t ask for a kiss as well, right?”(kurono)

“Do you want me to?”(Fiona)

“Sounds really fascinating but I’ll be troubled if you ask right now.”

“Then, as a replacement, I’ll help you eat.”

Due to that sudden reply, I was surprised.

“Eh, seriously?”

“No need to hold back, this is a special service after all.”

Special service? Because it’s a festival? In the first place, I still don’t know the reason behind the bunny outfit……..

“Then here, Aah~n.”

Disregarding my doubts, Fiona presented the dish to me in her own pace.

The thing brought in front of me was a mysterious meat with gravy, no it should be dortoth’s meat, I ate it a long time ago back in the Irz village guild.

“Say aah~n, aah~~~~~~~n.”

“Alright, alright, I get it. I’ll eat it now so don’t rush me so much!”

She isn’t even giving me time to reminisce about that time. I bit into the meat in front of me.

“Un, tasty, the mysterious—–dortoth meat is really tasty.”

“I see.”

Fiona once again stabbed the juicy dortoth meat with a fork. I once again opened my mouth and wait to be fed, but,

“omnomnom—–it really is tasty.”(Fiona)

“Weren’t you going to feed me!?!”

Now I feel stupid to have opened my mouth like that!

“I gave you one bite, isn’t that enough?”

She implied that all the rest was for her only and started eating the meat at high speed.

“no, yeah, I was stupid to have expected anything……”(kurono)

Fiona’s service time ended very quickly and she was now inside her own world of tasty foods.

“Kurono, Aah~n!”

The voice that came from my right was that of an Angel, no, of a beautiful fairy.

Holding the fork with her small hands, she presented the food towards me.

“uu, thank you, Lily……”

The taste of the food inside my mouth, I felt, was even tastier than normal. Affection is a really amazing thing.


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