Kuro no Maou Chapter 187

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Chapter 187 – About the School
On the fact, that I have already come to here, I decided to let Simon inform me about the Royal Spada Academy.

I am guided, while walking east and west in the whole huge land.

I understood this place not only has a splendid gate and school building, but also has various other institutions working.

There are, shops for weapons and items, workshops for blacksmiths, the manufactured products are also sold within the school.

Among all this, the thing which surprised me the most is, the existence of Coliseum.

The gladiators are popular within Spada, just like ancient rome, for that, many coliseums are established in the whole city, but for it to be even present in the school.

However, this coliseum is used for training or for events, rather than a coliseum it’s more of an even space like that of a gymnasium.

Others are, a very large outdoor exercise field, infirmary wards instead of infirmary room, a library instead of library room, at any rate, the scale of buildings is really big.

If I went on to take the whole tour of school the day would get dark, so leaving the guiding, I took the explanation about the Academy itself.

「Originally, it was an Academy」

At that time it wasn’t Royal, but a religious educational institution which enshrined gods.

Though not on the large scale as that of Cross Religion, the gods from various places are enshrined, and in a big city it’s natural to find such shrines.

The transmission of knowledge was helped by religious organizations in this world too, so at first they were made as educational institutions for teaching the theology of gods and various other educations.

The first academy made in Spada, now is Spada Academy.

「However, almost 100 years ago it became Royal, and after that it started teaching other things than theology too, like other subjects, magic, martial skills, and techniques」

This Royal Spada Academy, on top is the part of young elites which bear the future of Spada, that’s why they even accept a low-ranked adventurer like me inside, quite a big-hearted school.

Though, it isn’t like I and an elite noble son of someone can take classes together.

Each and everyone is divided in courses based on their ability and status.

「It’s better to not get close to the elite cadets, who knows what false charge will they put up, be careful of people wearing Red mantle!」

The elites Simon is warning to me in a harsh tone, are students who have been enrolled in the course with the highest status in school.

One cannot enroll in elite course, unless one competes for the first or second place in exams, and also has a good status.

But the problems come after enrolling, one cannot graduate unless they learn the subjects, magic, martial skills, and everything needed to be the centre of Spada army.

「They must considerable, for them to use magic and martial skills, both」

「Though, the weaker ones know the lower grade ones, and strong ones, from the time as student, know the high-grade ones」

Based on the characteristics of race and talent, it’s extremely difficulty to learn the highest level magic and martial skills both.

Magic for Elf, martial skills for beast-people, a human without any special ability, can earn both to some extent.

Of course, humans too are probably influenced by the character and talent, so naturally they too are divided in classes like Magician and Warrior.

Though they learn both magic and martial skills, but just like Simon said, because of weak points there is a large difference between the two parties.

Still, there is no change that it’s great thing to learn both, and they also learn about subjects and whatnot, they really should be called elites.

「Next, the Knight and Civil courses with more peoples」

The Knight course, just like its name suggests, is for joining the Spada army, so the basic curriculum is same as that of elite course, it seems.

However, because it puts more emphasis on combat, and other subjects are not given emphasis, so learning both magic and martial skills is not regarded highly.

The Knight course is further divided in, Warriors and Magicians, everyone take their choices for learning more advanced martial skills or magic.

The division is somewhat like that of liberal arts and Sciences.

The Civil course, doesn’t make a curriculum for entering Spada army, but for working as an government official, so it focuses more on study of subjects.

This Civil course gives me the image of a typical Japanese school.

Of course, it’s mandatory to learn somewhat magic, because they would be trouble if they couldn’t use the magic items used in work.

The magic item like that which performs updation of guild card, are spread as official supplies.

Incidentally, the Civil course not only sends to government offices, but also large guilds like Commerce Guild or Adventurer Guild.

That beautiful receptionist might also be an alumnus of Civil course.

「And, the course I’m enrolled in is magical engineering course」

From the engineering word, I can understand this course is a technology-based course which manufactures products.

The most famous ones are, blacksmiths who use magicite metal like mithril to make armors.

Manufacturing from not only metals but also materials of monsters into armors, is also the skill of these people.

Here they can learn the knowledge of engineering many things here like making furniture or daily necessities, or architectural skills.

Hearing all this, it’s only natural Simon took alchemy in this course.

「I too took the exams of elite course, but naturally, I failed in practical skills」

For three consecutive years, that is, Simon says that making a sour expression, as though she has eaten a bitter bug, looks like those are quite terribly bad memories.

「Lia-nee still persuaded me to change into Elite course……though, it’s impossible for me」

fufu, I, who could only be yes-man to Simon who is expressing a dark laughter, feel like a useless bastard.

「And, for the last is Adventurer course」

This Adventurer course is more near to training institute rather than a school.

The other courses have a detailed curriculum for one year, but this adventurer course is also used by active adventurers, so they can take the lectures they want to at any time, this is quite a free class course.

The normal classes are of a year according to curriculum, but this adventurer course, just like the course of a person delivering morning newspaper, is of small period, that too of some several months.

Though one can graduate if earned required credits, but there are more cases in adventurer course, of people dropping out of school after taking classes they deemed as necessary.

「Novice adventurers do take the course seriously, but the ones with low education and good strength, leave as soon as they learn how to read characters. Among them, there also who seriously want to study, so there are various types in adventurer course」

「So that’s the reason behind many older people wearing school uniform」

So the adults I saw in uniforms in the city and guild, are those who only take the classes they want to take.

Which reminds me, I, Lily and Fiona also fall in this category.

After all this time, I don’t have any need to take lectures on how to deal with monsters, make camps, how to use guilds, like a novice adventurer.

But, I do want to know about this world’s subjects, geography, history, and also about black gods.

「Yeah, I really should try going to school」

「Oh, Onii-san haven’t you graduated from a military school at your home place?」

Eeh, what is that back-setting, did I ever say something like that?

「I thought you went to an army school, because Onii-san knows things that adventurers don’t know like, speaking in formal language, reading and writing, knowing tactics, and using awesome black magic」

Is is different? Well, the answer is Yes, it is.

「Were you some magi’s apprentice?」

「Nope, wrong」

「……Then, Onii-san just where and how did you learn magic?」

Eyes of suspicion pierce into me.

Well, is it fine if I tell Simon that I’m an another worlder?

「No, it might be better tell you」

The disadvantage to me revealing it is only, me being treated as an insane person with no proof.

But, Simon understands the scientific knowledge I have, so she’s the person who can easily believe me than others.

「I will tell at a place where no one else can hear」

「Ah, I see, Yeah, then how about going to the roof?」

Like that, we head towards the splendid main building that extends from the main entrance.

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