Kuro no Maou Chapter 206

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Chapter 206 – Nest of Firedrakes

[ET: Firedrakes = Salamander. Author changes between both, so I also changed it from using salamander all time]


「Whoaaaa!? What is this, what is happening here!?」

The power idiot knight Kai, entered the nest of firedrakes and shouted those words.

Normally any one would retort saying「Shut up」, but currently everyone, even I, weren’t able to retort.

That is because, the thing waiting for us in this nest wasn’t the two-headed salamander but the heaps of corpses.


Nell, standing besides me, knit her thin brows and turned her eyes away from the disastrous scene being illuminated by『Torch』.

Small or big, powerful or weak, the bodies of all sorts of monsters inhabiting within the Galahad Mountain Range, with their well-fleshed parts eaten, was lying all over the place.

Innumerable number of corpses, no, it must be the leftover food.

「What, so a salamander did all this?」

Charl, with her eyebrows knit, looked at the bloody spectacle, as expected of a firm-hearted princess of Spada.


Then Safi, the person familiar with corpses, told her result from observing the surroundings with a cool-mind.

「Salamanders are carnivorous, but when eating other monsters, they aim only for herbivores, while there are large quantity of carnivores mixed in this place」

I see, so even the powerful Salamanders, don’t eat something that they can’t.

「Besides, there are also plant-based monsters in there too」

While looking at the corpses of headless wood golem, and a mouthful bitten off Matango, I said those words.

「Eh, then what does that mean?」

Let’s leave this idiot named Kai, you go and practice swinging the sword.

「Then, this is the remains of leftover food of a omnivorous monster, right?」

「Sure it is」

That also meant that the deed of eating all sorts of monsters while littering around the leftovers was done in this nest of drakes.

The salamander couple rearing children wouldn’t have allowed this overbearing visitor to do its work.

In that case,

「It means that ‘omnivorous monster’ even ate the salamanders living here」

The proof of my words was in front of my eyes.


Seeing that Charl gasped, other members too, more or less, weren’t able to hide their reaction of surprise.

Similarly, seeing the unexpected spectacle even I was surprised within my heart.

In no way, the corpses of the rare-large-sized salamanders in pieces, could have been expected before time.

「Judging from their size, they are one」

Safi, being the most cool-headed person, inspected the bodies of salamanders.

The wings, tail and the rest has been torn into bits, but even those parts were bigger than normal salamanders.

Incidentally, parts about the size of young birds was also lying down.

It ate parents and children without exception, really makes me want to puke.

「T-Then this……just who might have done this?」

Nell fired the question in a trembling voice, anyone would think this question.

「The strongest in this area is salamander, that’s how it is」

「Yes, that’s true, unless there is a irregular――in fact, this is that irregular, right?」

Just Charl answered to her question, this is one hell of an irregular situation.

Places designated as dungeons, have investigations and research upon the actions of monsters, and do know most of the monsters inhabiting the place.

However, for some unknown reason, sometimes a tremendously powerful monster appears.

「Now that I think about it, Wil was saying about monsters running from the summit」

「Ah, I see, so this is what it was!」

The fluctuations within the habitat of monsters, wasn’t because of salamanders, but because of the appearance of an predating monster.

「In that case, it means we nonchalantly came to the nest of that strong monster, right?」

While raising an uncanny smile, Safi said some sinister words.

「Oh, that means, we can fight monster more stronger than salamander, ain’t it great!」

「Kai, shut up for a bit」

Charl retorted one second faster than me.

「Onii-sama, shouldn’t be head back just in case?」

Nell is right, in the first place, we came here to fight against salamanders.

In short, our equipment was of anti-salamander use only, and couldn’t be used to fight against some other monster.

Changing the equipment based on the monster, that is called as common knowledge of adventurers.

Holy water is useful against undead, but against salamander it won’t help a shit.

「Yeah, but――」

I put my hand on the sword hanging from my waist, no a『katana』which is made in a peculiar way, and turned back to face the entrance.

「――To our bad fortune, looks like the landlord has returned」

There was a single monster standing there.

「What is that!?」

Charl raised her voice in surprise. Even if she asks, what is that, I don’t have the answer.

The monster which appeared without any sound, had smaller body compared to salamander, but the bloodlust emitting from it ain’t no half-assed thing.

It had dichromatic hair of red and black, height of about 6 metres, sharp face like a wolf, and ears of rabbit growing from the head.

But, the most eye-catching thing was, the loss of right hand which seemed to have been cut off from the upper arm part.

Indeed a wounded beast, no, more like wounded magical/demonic beast.

「That is, probably, a Wrath-Pun」

「As expected of knowledgeable Safi」

This necromancer prodigy girl knows lot of monsters, because she had been aiming for creating the strongest servant from the good parts of every monster.

Investigation and research on monster materials can be said as a hobby for her.

「It is a rare rank-5 monster, by the way――」

Safi, while taking out her favorite spell book from the dimension she made a magic circle for with her hand, told a quite interesting thing.

「――It last appeared when His Majesty Leonhart, slayed it 20 years ago」

「Is that so, then today is a new record update for『Wing Road』’s subjugation list.」

At this time, all members had completed their battle preparations.

Me and Kai as vanguards, Charl and Safi as rearguards, and Nell in the end, this is our normal formation.

The monster with an odd-name of Wrath-Pun glared at us with fiendish glint in eyes, even while showing signs of exhaustion.

「I don’t know who got you first, but unfortunate for you, you need to go down here」

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