Kuro no Maou Chapter 172

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Chapter 172 – Subjugation Quest x5
「It seems you were enjoying a lot last night」

Next morning, I was sitting in front of Fiona’s glare with reproachful eyes in the dining hall of『Cat’s Tail』.

「No, well……Sorry」

Only the words of pathetic apology comes out.

I turn my sight to Lily for some support in the same crime,

「Nh~, Uu~」

But, she is dozing off while shaking her head slightly, she’s still not out of her dream world, it seems.

「Leaving me alone, you played in the dead of night……leaving me alone……kicking me out」

「That’s why sorry! I apologize! I got carried by the flow and played at night with Lily!!」

Having said that, frankly I completely forgot the existence of the girl named Fiona.

Last evening, after meeting with Lily in front of plaza, I plunged into playing in night, after all it was full moon night.

The big city of Spada is really great, the pleasure quarters have a really large scale, there are even bars where men and women can drink the night away.

Of course, there were also indecent shops which are essential parts of night city, but I didn’t step in the realm of R-18 yet.

With this and that, along with young girl Lily we ate and drank food and wine, and just like the time in the small hut somewhat 1 month ago, we both have fun while spending the time calmly.

Yes, by leaving this party member, Fiona out.

「While you two were making merry in nightlife, I was peacefully sleeping like a child in the bed, truly deplorable」

In truth Fiona knew the sender of letter was Lily, and she even cooperated while keeping quiet.

That’s why knowing there is no mysterious enemy, she didn’t complete her mission to keep guard in the plaza, and only saw off Lily then stayed at the inn.

「I will truly invite you next time, no, I will let you eat as much as you want, it’s all up to me, is that fine?」

「……Weren’t you going to complete the quests today?」

「Hm, in that case let’s change it to some other day――」

「No, postpone the quests for tomorrow, something like that can be done anytime」

What, you said that and now you’re going back on it?!

Well it’s fine, Lily seems like she lacks sleep, and there is still time for the time limit of quests, there is no problem to complete them tomorrow.

The real problem is,

「Kurono-san, let’s exhaust every food in Spada today」

Whether my purse will go bankrupt or not…… [ET: Learn something from Gintoki!]




Further next day, on the 16th of Hatsuhi Month, I am standing in front of dining hall of inn――not that, but in front of the open main gates of Spada.

Naturally, to complete the quests.

Yesterday, in between the gourmet tour in Sapda of the gluttonous witch Fiona, we stopped by the guild and registered『Element Master』officially.

The preparations to go out are all done, I want to go out and complete them just really soon, I can’t help but be impatient get the reward, due to the light feeling I’m getting from my purse.

「All right, well then let’s go」



Leaving aside Fiona’s languidness, Lily is not in high spirits, no she’s in a really bad mood.

「What happened Lily?」

「……Nothing in particular」

The fairy clings at my leg, completely revealing that she has something going on.

No good, I don’t understand a thing unless she tells me herself.

「Aren’t you sad, that we three will have to go separately?」

But, there was an unexpected person, who unexpectedly answered correctly.

It is Fiona the girl with the reputation of not even trying to read the atmosphere, no, it’s not like I’m dissing her because I want to retaliate to her for emptying my wallet.

「Is that true, Lily?」

「Hmー, Yeah, it would be better to go together」

She said such a  thing in a lovely way which wavered my heart strings,

「Sorry, we would go on quests as a party later」

But I can’t listen to her selfish desires this time.

Were heading to complete the quests, but there are 5 quests to be completed at once, quite troublesome to do together.

All the quests can be completed even bare-handedly, but because the habitat of monsters differ, it’s better to go solo rather than going one by one in a party, and it would even finish overwhelmingly faster.

I don’t know how much time remains before Crusaders attack here, so I don’t want to waste any more time here.

「Yeah, I will work hard!」

「I see, I will look forward to it, Lily!」

Lily still understands the situation clearly, she really is good child.

「Then this is the quest document for Lily」

I give the quest document to Lily with a feeling of giving a child the shopping memo who is going out for errands first time.

Incidentally, the contents are,


Quest: Subjugate Slime

Reward: 10000 klan

Time Limit: 1 month from the agreement of quest

Client: Adventurer Guild

Request Contents: Subjugate 5 slimes. On the subjugation of more than required the reward will be increased.


Written in a quite blunt business-like way.

The slime subjugation quests are always being offered as quests for guaranteeing the security of people living in area, quests like this are not exclusively put up by other people.

Even the army sometimes goes on quests like this, but due to the monster’s marvellous reproductive abilities it’s far away from extinction, therefore by taking the help of adventurers too, they can keep the monsters away from human habitations.

By the way, all the quests taken this time are of this type.

Quests like these can be taken by any adventurers, furthermore they’re even suitable for the conditions required for upgrading the rank.

「It seems like there is an increase in slimes population within The Great Forest of Latifundia, that’s why Lily is going there」

We three enclose the rough map of Spada outskirts, and once again confirm its geography.

Great Forest of Latifundia expands in the northwest of Spada, just like it’s name it is a really big forest.

Inside it’s deepest part is the dungeon area, it seems even in the shallow areas rank 2 monsters are loitering around, compared to Fairy Garden, a similar dungeon forest, this one’s rank is incomparably above.

Though it’s like that, with Lily’s strength, the shallows areas with rank 2 difficulty level is not even considered as a risk.

「You can come back after completing the goal, we both might be late, so try to subjugate for the whole day with the intention of getting additional rewards」

「Yeah, I will defeat many slimes!」

Like that, Lily is now in charge of slime subjugation quest.

It’s not like I’m giving favorable treatment, simply there is nothing else than slime subjugation we can achieve in Latifundia forest.

The monsters for other 4, are all living in the northern part and southern part of Galahad Mountain Range.

「I will leave the Vindol and Dagger Raptor in the southern part to you, Fiona」

「Yes, I will take care of it」

Here too is the same as Lily’s reward, time limit, and number of monsters to defeat.

Aside from their individual strengths, for example dagger raptor has high individual power whereas the slimes attack in numbers, so defeating 5 in both doesn’t has much difference.

Of course, upon proceeding, defeating the monster with low individual power is more easy.

「I will take care of Goblins and Punpun in northern part」


「Pun?」 [ET: This is both the japanese Pun of monster’s name and english pun. XD]

I think I had been doing the a serious talk here, but with the pronunciation of this name of『Punpun』monster,

「Kurono-san, is this another world high-grade joke?」

They are now thinking I’m screwing around.

or rather what the hell is this another world joke, of course to you me being from Japan is me being another world inhabitant, but I don’t have any strange sense of humour.

For clearing the misunderstanding, I explain about this Punpun.

「On the quest document it’s written as Bear-Rabbit, but it’s read as Punpun」

「I see, there are many strange monsters in Pandora」

Though, the name is the only thing that’s strange.

I have completed the investigation on this Bear-Rabbit, correction Punpun in the Monster List, from what I read it’s not much different from other monsters living a mediocre life.

「Puーn, pun?」

That’s right, only the name is strange.

「Anyway! After clearing them, we all are rank 2, let’s complete them quickly and aim for the top!」

Oou! This time surely I got a good cheerful reply.

「Well then, good luck everyone, Dismissed!」

Then, we three start walking separately, towards our own battlegrounds.

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