Kuro no Maou Chapter 163

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Chapter 163 An Oracle to the Hero

The Holy City Elysion, which was the centre of politics, economy, everything of the Syncrea Republic.

Befitting of the place where the authority of the White God was concentrated, the headquarters of the Cross church [Holy Elysion Cathedral] had a pure white majestic look. In one of the rooms in the depths of the cathedral, 2 of the strongest authority holders of the Cross were currently meeting.

Unlike the outer appearance of the cathedral, this room had no adornments at all and was simply surrounded by pure white walls but with the help of numerous magical and physical methods, this room was created to ensure absolute confidentiality.

It was truly and appropriate place for these two to meet in secret.

“It really has been a long time since we have met, just the two of us, like this, right?”

An old man with a wrinkled face, that was the proof of his age, was smiling and sitting on an armchair that was simple like the room yet complexly created.

He was the one who stood above the millions of followers of the cross [Pope] Alexanderos the 11th.

“Pardon me for the sudden visit, your highness Pope.”

The one who spoke with the hard yet low voice was a man with a height that reached 2m.

His sharp body line with his big frame, his dignified closed lips and tall nose and his chiselled face gave of the feeling of both beauty and boldness of a man, an ideal figure.

Even among that, what really caught attention was his eyes that had different colour.

His transparent-like long silver hair were slightly longer for a man, and though the bangs slightly covered his eyes, his heterochromatic eyes gave off an overwhelming presence.

His left eye was black like the dark night and his right eye was blue like the clear sky itself.

Though there were many who had heterochromatic eyes, none had a colour combination that varied like day and night like his.

In front of this man with a unique appearance, Pope Alexanderos spoke in a truly weird way.

“There’s nobody here to look at us, stop speaking to me like reserved stranger.”

The man who heard that, as if all the courtesy he was showing to the Pope had blown away, flopped down on the seat opposite to the Pope’s instantly.

“That’s true Alex, I still can’t get used to speaking to you so formally.”

The man who had removed his expressionless face that he had been showing till now was now smiling and speaking in a tone used with a childhood friend.

“Hahaha, it’s been 20 years since I was inaugurated as the Pope, even you should get used to it already.”

The Pope who had been called by his nickname changed his expression from his gentle smiling face shown to believers to a somewhat childish smiling expression.

“Has already so much time passed? When speaking of Pope, I can still only think of that old hag Crossray laughing loudly.”

After hearing the name of the previous Pope after a long time, Alex gave a wry smile and once again realized how fast time passed.

“In that sense, I can also only think of you as the man who proclaimed himself as [The White Hero], Abel.”

“Oh don’t remind me of that. It was a mistake of my youth……..”

The man that gave a bitter regretful expression was truly the 2nd Apostle Abel that acted as the mediator of the 12 Apostles.

Normally he would only show himself in a hood and robe covering his whole body and would always seem calm and composed but if they were to see his rich face full of expression, more than half of the Apostles would open their mouths in shock.

“The legend of the Hero Abel is famous not just in the republic but even the whole Arc continent. No need to try and hide it now.”

In fact isn’t that more embarrassing? Alex asked,

“No, my duty is already finished. I’ll leave the rest to the young ones.”

But Abel replied in an old soldier fashion.

But still, Abel continued speaking after returning to his usual cold expression.

“But it seems, I can’t simply do that just yet.”

On those words, Alex also turned to a serious expression.

“Hou, so that’s the main topic for today?”

He asked what had happened without beating around the bush.

“I received an Oracle, that the Demon King will be born.”

On the words Abel spoke, Alex opened his eyes wide with surprise.

“A Demon King, you say? What’s that supposed to mean? I haven’t heard of such an ominous oracle ever before.”

The ‘haven’t heard’ part applied to the word ‘Demon King’ itself as well.

In the first place, the word ‘Demon’ was used to signify evil that’s why all those who lived on Pandora were referred to as ‘Demons’.

And to call someone from the scorned demons with the title of ‘king’ was never possible in the human-ruled Arc continent.

Thus, [Demon King] wasn’t referred to as a person who left his name in history but as a general name for the final enemy that needs to be defeated by the Hero chosen by the God.

“Even I’m not aware of the details but considering it properly—-“

‘Demons’ already exist, the a Demon King would be an existence that would rule over those demons.

“But Pandora is divided among various countries. Is there any power except our own that has the ability to unify and control the whole continent?”

The Pope had obviously never gone to Pandora himself but since God had personally asked them to conquer it, he had been looking over all the information regarding it.

And as far as he had heard, he could only think of the situation there as the situation of countless warring states fighting each other barbarically, which was once also the case in Arc continent a long time ago.

“No, someone who can do that will appear now, that’s why the oracle said ‘A Demon King will be born’ is it?”

Alex had answered his own question to which Abel gave a nod agreeing with him.

“I’m the only one who has received this Oracle.”(abel)

“umu, it was the same during the previous ‘ritual’ as well. Including me, no other priest has received the oracle either.”(pope)

Their talks continued as if there was no doubt the Oracle.

Alex had no doubt that Abel might be lying, no, nobody in the whole Republic would doubt him.

After all, he was an Apostle. He would never do something to defile the name of God.

“It seems God has appointed only me for this task. As usual it is a completely unexplained demand but it’s not like I can ignore it either.”

With an expression that seemed to have given up on thinking too much, he gave a short sigh.

To call a holy Oracle as an ‘unexplained demand’ was not something that could be forgiven to a normal believer but because he was an existence that was closest to a God, an Apostle, he was allowed to speak like that.

“Then, you’ll be going to Pandora?”

“I need to go scold those three idiots who went to sightsee in Pandora as well after all.”

The three idiots referred to the three who actually went with the intent to meet Sariel, i.e. the 3rd, 11th, and the 12th Apostle.

Obviously, Alex knew that the 3rd Apostle Mikael had already failed as the leader of those Apostles to educate them without even being told by Abel.

And even if they were such troublesome Apostles, they needed to be put on work for the defence of the Holy City Elysion.

If the 2nd Apostle Abel also went away before they came back, the only ones remaining here would be the 5th Apostle Johannes and the ‘legendary ‘ 1stApostle that might not even appear at all.

The 4th Apostle Judah had once again secretly went away on a journey so it was impossible to call him back now.

Thus, Abel could not leave till those three returned and the safety here was guaranteed.

But, at the fact that Abel was about to leave towards Pandora, Alex made an amused face and spoke.

“fumu, I see, so it’s the beginning  of another legend of the hero Abel, eh?”

The last time the 2nd Apostle left Elysion was 20 years back when a huge invasion by heretics of the east took place in the Republic.

But, for Alex, the [White Hero] Abel was an existence that wouldn’t lose no matter where he went or who he faced which is why even when he was going directly into enemy territory, Alex could only think of poking and making fun of him.

“It’s not a joke. I’ll just roam around randomly and return.”(abel)

“And wouldn’t that mean that Demon King really would end up being born?”

Abel gave a nod while smiling wryly.

“Without any leads, in the first place, it is doubtful whether he actually is on Pandora. There’s no way I’d find him like this.”

Sitting on white throne floating in the darkness, an evil looking man wrapped in jet black clothes and laughing loudly; it’s hard to think that such a stereotypical Demon King that appears only in fairy tales exists even in Pandora.

“Even the oracles aren’t absolute, you should know that better than anyone else.”

Expecting the Demon King to be on Pandora, and just because he went to that direction, fate made them meet and Abel goes ‘So you’re the Demon King!!’; something miraculous like that will not happen, even Alex knows that.

An Oracle is simply a demand from the God, it’s not destined to be successful either.

The believers would work hard to make it a reality but whether they can really do it or not is a different matter altogether. Just as how the conquest of Pandora had been almost abandoned.

“Probably, a Demon King will be born no matter what. After the fall of Daedalus, every country would see the Crusaders as enemies and there’s a chance that every country would unify against the Crusaders.”

There is a high chance that the various countries would become one in such a time, then the birth of a demon king wouldn’t be weird either.

“but, I doubt it’ll go that smoothly. Just how many countries are there in Pandora? How many races are there? If one was to rule over all of them, he’ll need to have absolute strength to do that.”

“Still in any case, if someone like a Demon King will appear, it’s better to take some measures in advance.”

Even then, I’ll have to go to Pandora, Abel said that as if he was troubled by it and found it tiresome.

“Then, should we contact the Crusaders and ask them to look for this Demon King, or anything indicating to it?”

“No, it’ll only create chaos right now. And only reports about rumours would come back. Till the situation becomes a bit more clearer, or atleast till another Oracle comes, I’ll move alone.”

Of course, for the 2nd Apostle to take action himself was equal to a thousand man army taking action but Alex decided not to say that.

“Very well, I understand. Then I’ll make preparations for you to cross over to Pandora.”

“Sorry for the trouble as always.”

He had allowed three Apostles to go to Pandora for personal reasons but he didn’t expect that he himself would also have to do the same thing.

“That’s all for today, then, let us both return to our duties, your Highness Pope.”

And thus, after giving some words of formality to the Pope, Abel began to leave.

“umu, I had fun talking to you after all this time. Made me remember the old days. Now then, 2nd Apostle Lord Abel, have a safe journey.”

Saying that, the Pope Alexanderos the 11th put on his pure white robe and left the room with a magnificent walking pace that would make one doubt his age.

After seeing him off, Abel also stood up and

“As expected, the legend of the Hero Abel won’t end till he defeats the Demon King, eh?”

He muttered to himself in a small voice.

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