Kuro no Maou Chapter 182

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Chapter 182 Rule of the Adventurers

The proof of subjugating skeletons, the [Imitation Heart] was certainly in the shape of a heart but it wasn’t located in the left chest like a normal one.

It was located inside the cranium. It had a crystalline look like a slime core and gave of a fiery light which is why from the eye sockets of the skeleton, a weird light could be seen glowing inside.

Similarly, the [Imitation Heart] of the minotaur zombie was also in its head so I recovered that as well for proof of subjugating it.

We, after collecting the proof of killing 17 skeletons and 1 cow, once again began to climb the stairs, this time without any further hindrance.

“It’s pretty long, eh?”(kurono)

After we began climbing we realized that it was a big spiral staircase continuing upwards.

Since the curves were easy and gentle, we couldn’t see how long we’ll need to keep on walking.

At least, after entering this dungeon, this is the biggest staircase we have seen.

At the same time, there was a chance that those dull skeletons might appear to attack from both sides like in the passages so we couldn’t lower our guard either.


“What happened?”(lily)

Lily walking beside me asked.

“I can hear sounds, there’s someone fighting not far from here.”(kurono)

It seems Lily and Fiona can’t hear it yet but after walking a few more meters, those two became able to hear it as well.

“This is definitely the sound of fighting.”(Fiona)

The sound of swords clashing and continuous explosions.

Probably, it must be a well-balanced party with both swordsmen and magicians.

And going by the level, the opponents must be skeletons.

“Now that I think about it, this is the first time we’ll run into other adventurers inside a dungeon right?”

“Is that so?”(fiona)

I affirmed. Well, the only other dungeon I and Lily had entered before was Fairy Garden and it was pretty much impossible to meet the few adventurers in the village inside that huge forest.

But, in this kind of dungeon that was much smaller than a natural field, coupled with the number of adventurers in Spada, it wouldn’t be weird to run into another adventurer party.

“I think, as per the rules of the adventurers, we’re supposed to not interfere right?”(kurono)

“Yes, that’s right. It’ll be troublesome if we got into some kind of quarrel after all.”(Fiona)

It’d be fine if it was just a simple quarrel.

Considering the case where they are in battle, if we were to recklessly try and help them, there’s a chance that they might discreetly push the enemies on us and run away themselves. Truly, what you’d call MPK (Monster Player Killer).

There was no gratitude or morals here. When your own party was in life threatening danger, running away even at the cost of others was a very adventurer-like action.

Also, it could be said that the one who tried to help without thinking at all was responsible himself.

“Then, we’ll be ignoring them ‘kay?”(kurono)



That said, in front of a party that is about to get annihilated, I doubt whether I’d be able to abandon them without feeling any guilt.

I’m sure, in front of dying adventurers, I’ll end up remembering Vulcan and the others.

No, let’s not think about that anymore. Waving my head, I began climbing the stairs again.




The place where we climbed to was a hall with the same structure as the one from where we came.

Only, it was probably 2 size smaller than that one, I think.

And, inside this hall as expected, were adventurers who’d be the first party we meet here.


I ended up making a surprised sound.


Responding to my voice, one of the adventurers looked towards us.

The battle seemed to be over before we reached here and currently they were collecting the [Imitation Hearts] from the skulls.

Among them, the one who looked towards me was a light armoured Werecat swordsman.

Even if they have hair, I still couldn’t differentiate their faces but I could clearly recognise this one because of the giant sword he had.

No doubt, the sword this guy has is Vulcan’s [Fang Sword], that means, he’s, Jouto was it? A rank 3 adventurer.


While I was unintentionally focused on the sword, Jouto called towards me.

“You’re rank 1 right? Why the hell are you here?”

I wondered whether Jouto actually remembers me from the time at Modred Weapon shop but in any case, I don’t really care.

“No, we’re rank 2.”

“Seriously? Even though you’re an apprentice magician?”

I really should stop wearing this robe…….

No if I take off the robe, I won’t even look like an adventurer anymore and will be treated as a normal citizen.

“Well, by the looks of it, you just became a rank 2 recently right? Don’t get over confident and go too deep inside alright?”

Whether it was sarcasm or a warning as a senpai, I couldn’t make out the intent behind it.

Going by this guys mood, it’s probably the former but I’m not stupid enough to get angry from something like that.

“We’re returning right now, we won’t be going any deeper.”(kurono)

“That so? Well you were lucky, the floor from which you just came up from——“

–Jouto pointed towards the staircase like they were descending to hell itself.

“—–even a Minotaur Zombie can appear there. A rank 2 won’t be able to deal with something like that. Don’t get cocky just because you rank upped and go and challenge it ‘kay?”

Jouto grinning in a mean manner but the fact that he still warned us about the Minotaur Zombie, means that he was still giving us a warning in his own way as well I guess.

“Thanks for the warning.”(kurono)

Well it wasn’t something that required an honest thanks from me so I just curtly gave a thanks and passed through the hall.

From behind, “hey, stop talking to newbies and come and help us already!” A voice of the woman that had called him back at the weapon shop as well came.

At that time I didn’t see her but seeing her now I could only feel a bit surprised.

That’s because she was a Lamia.

Unintentionally, I thought of Aten. Maybe, their whole party has the same composition as [Irz Bladers]? Is what I thought but only these two had the same race.

The others were 2 Cleric Goblins and a Gargoyle archer. A total 5 man party.

I didn’t know who the leader was but Jouto was a swordsman and the Lamia woman was also holding 2 scimitars and was also a swordswoman.

The similar looking 2 Goblins were wearing a white robe different from normal magicians that looked somewhat similar to the robe those Priests from Crusaders wore and also had wooden curved staves so I could instantly tell that they were clerics.

The Gargoyle had bat like wings on its back. I saw one for the first time here and they look like a mix between a goblin and an ogre since he’s equipped with a bow he looked like a normal adventurer.

The number of humans in Spada was in majority so their party composition should be considered rare, I think.

But since the image in my head of Daedalus, where other races were more, is stronger, thinking of them like that of the Adventurer alliance, I only felt a bit calmer.

Now that I think about it, even Vulcan would want his sword to once again be swung in action in the hands of another adventurer next.

While holding such sentimental thoughts, we left that place.

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