Kuro no Maou Chapter 137

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Chapter 137 – Fairy and Witch (2)

Inside the forest with a firing tower a new flame arose.
“――『Ignis Kris Sagita』”
The intermediate level offensive spell『Ignis Kris Sagita』fired by Fiona is activated 3 times faster than normal due to shortening the spell (TN: a.k.a short spell)
Short Spell is the high-class technique of shortening the normal needed chanting spell of any magic. As a matter of course, the shortened part will also have less power than the complete chant.
If『Ignis Kris Sagita』is fired normally by Fiona it would make a flaming whirlwind of 20 metres height but with short spell it is reduced to just a little over 10 metres.
However, Fiona is suppressing about 40% of the reduction rate of Short Spell which is the technique to reduce the power of a spell below 50%. The proof of it can be seen by seeing her magic.
Though Fiona’s spell power is 60% of her normal power but the spell is of her specialised attribute, so the intermediate spell contains the power of high level spell. This attack can even make the experimental subjects with enhanced bodies to be degraded in pitiable state.
Both of them evade the extreme sweltering heat to the maximum extent possible and block the rest with the help of a dual shield.
Though dual shield won’t activate unless their chanting is completed at the same time, but it’s not much difficult for the experimental subjects to do it because of telepathy transmission.
Two black shields rise and start defending against the hell-fire, at the same time the two experimental subjects start their counter-attack.
The experimental subjects have already inspected that Fiona’s black robe is able to completely block the attacks of low-powered『BuckShot』and so they only fire at her using『Rifle』.
The black bullets fly through the trees. Suddenly, several『Ignis Sagita』in the shape of a fire globe come flying in from the opposite side of Fiona, as if intersecting with the bullets.
Fiona was standing right behind the attack, so the experimental subjects had predicted that she has good evasion or defense left. But in reality, the attack not only defended her but also counterattacked.
Though it is unexpected action, but the two quickly jump to the left and right and dodge the fireballs.
Fiona is looking at their movements, but suddenly turns her sight to the place from where three presences are approaching at high speed.
“『Terra Blast』”
Fiona strikes the『Terra Shield』in front of her with a clunk, which she made for protection against two experimental subjects who attacked her with『Rifle』.
The lower level ranged attack『Terra Blast』uses the rocks in surrounding as bullets and shoots the lump of rocks in the surroundings.
The rock bullets get thrown towards the place with the presence of 3 experimental subjects, but due to Fiona’s imperfect magic control the rocks are also thrown in places with no relevance to those three.
The Dual Shield made for Lily is also included in its targets. Some rock bullets strike severely against the tower of flame.
(Can’t you fight by making less noise?)
Lily’s complaints run into Fiona’s head.
“I think that I’m fighting by making so less noise that even I’m surprised.”
It’s not a joke. Fiona herself is believing that she herself is fighting really good that she can praise herself later.
That is purely because of her wanting to show her good side in front of her companions. As for, if the result is really good or not, then,
(Stop joking around. It’s so noisy that one would undoubtedly make mistake in Life Drain if it wasn’t for me.)
Just as Lily says, the fight that is happening is really noisy.
In truth, Lily after sensing the fighting going outside of shield, consented as to why Fiona was taken out from parties till now.
Fiona’s fighting style is like that of a rogue dragon just firing extremely powerful magic in all directions. Unless someone excels in magic or has tough body like Kurono, no can form a party with her.
But, that was the only thing that allowed Lily to let Fiona enter their, the part of her and Kurono.
“Lily-san are you drawing the magic circle for『Life Drain』here, right now?
I think you have some scrolls left”
(I have 1 left. I always save one or two for emergencies.)
“Isn’t that ‘emergency’ right now?”
from above the tree, from the tree shadows, from the rear and from all and every blind spots, blackened swords come flying at Fiona.
(Impossible, something of this level. Isn’t this a wonderful event with crisis coming in?)
“――『Air Walker』”
Just at the time Lily’s carefree comment resounds, Fiona starts to evade the line of fire of swords.
『Air Walker』that she is using is not magic but is a martial skill.
One mouth is not enough for Fiona’s talent. She can use Short Spell with high proficiency, uses two-staff-style of『Ainz Broom』and『Custom Fire Ball』along with activating boost using only magic.
Hence, it’s only natural Fiona chose for an martial skill which can only be activated by her talents.
Although, martial skills including evasion or things like movements are used mostly by classes of Swordsmen or Warriors. A Magician class person can’t just easily get it.
But Fiona was using that martial skill as if natural. Martial skills use different principles than magic in controlling the magical power in body.
『Air Walker』increases the speed of the person. Fiona enhanced the leg strength and is running so fast that one will definitely mistake it for teleportation.
(Hmm, you can even use martial skills. Looks like witches learn other things than magic too.)
“If I couldn’t do something easy as this, I wouldn’t have graduated.”
She is slipping past the blackened swords easily and quickly in his forest with bad footing.
Along with that, she is checking the experimental subjects to launch an attack with『Custom Fire Ball』
(Schools seems like a hassle. So then, how will one get the so-called ‘graduation’?)
“You’re right. Well the thing which was difficult for me was――تبادل لاطلاق النار على نطاق واسع اللهب مشتعلا”
She senses a concentration of a powerful magic from the front.
And predicts, that it must be『Rifle』 with increased power with the help of chant.
“Killing a two-headed salamander――『Ignis Over Blast』”
Rather than defensive magic, she chooses the attack magic with large fire area for burning the attack of enemy to a crisp.
The『Ignis Over Blast』burns and blocks the surroundings of Fiona with blazing fire, looking at it’s firepower one wouldn’t say it used a Short Spell.
(I see, Salamander, seems like ‘everyone’ had the same experience)
“You’re right. The subjugation of Salamander is a famous project performed as class project.”
(And, you completed it alone)
“It was supposed to be mandatory for everybody in the class to participate, but for some reason they shunned me out.”
While seeing the flame released by her magic, she recalls a bitter memory of her running from the breath attack from a two-head firedrake.
“I miraculously completed it, , though, I don’t want to do it again in my life.”
(Only I haven’t fought with a salamander. I want to go and subjugate it at least once?)
The flames calm down and in Fiona’s sight once again the green forest, no, the carbonised trees are seen.
Looks like enemy’s『Rifle』wasn’t able to cross『Ignis Over Blast』and come near Fiona.
“Do you mean going together?”
(Yeah, together)
Without having any presences coming near, Fiona guesses whether they are devoting themselves to healing because they got hurt.
Though it’s a great chance when the opponent is healing themselves, but Fiona didn’t pursue them.
That is because her work was stalling, she has no reason to defeat them.
“You’re right……If we three are going together, then maybe I can come along”
(I thought you’d say that. well then, let’s end our conversation now—-)
An, Fiona now understood that she doesn’t need to stall them anymore.
That’s right, the outcome is already decided.
“――『Life Drain』”
That is because the preparations for Lily’s DP are already set.
The strong suction of life energy rises up just like a tempest.
Due to that the place with the extreme near Lily is the dual shields which start to collapse.
The the heat of the magic flames is snatched and it vanishes. The rock lose their harness and the magical power inserted in it completely and the tower collapses after the rocks become brittle.
The only thing left are the fragments of the rock which constructed the tower.
Standing on top of the rumble is a fairy clad in mysterious emerald colored light.
She is stealing the magical power in surrounding as if it is all her’s. The life energy of everything is being snacthed away without any mercy, hesitation, restraint or anything. It is just greedily expanding its area of effect.
“The effect does seem fit for a forbidden art”
Fiona murmurs in admiration while seeing the scene of every living thing dying and withering with Lily as the center.
As Fiona is a witch, so her accomplishments in magic must be big that’s why she has no trouble in preserving her magical power from being sucked out. Even the things with magical resistance will be able to resist their energy from being snatched.(TN: Magical Power, life energy and every power = Energy…| I can’t just type every word every time after all,this ain’t Japanese but is English.)
That might be the same for experimental subjects which can use black magic. Even if they have a bit of their magical power snatched but it won’t be able to deal damage to them which is convenient to Fiona and Lily.
However, the common flora and fauna won’t have their way of life like them.
They will without exception, have their every energy sucked out and will only die.
“Well then, the preparations all done.”
Lily after sucking the energy of everything within 50 metres of radius,
“I can at last kill these dolls, who are bothering Kurono”
revealed a pretty smile on her lovely small face.
“Pure of heart and beautiful, Her Majesty the Queen『Iris』”
Fiona silently puts her two wands back in her hat while thinking that her role is now over.

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