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Chapter 195 – Camp

「We are the, son of『Sword King』Leonhart Tristan Spada, the great man owning the, the white holy sword, forbidden black magic, and, the epitome of darkness, the reincarnation of demon king, that’s right, We are Wilhart Tristan Spa一」

In front of the entrance to Dacia village, the second prince of Spada, Wilhard named himself in high spirits, but

「You’re too noisy, idiot brother!」


After getting a strong drop kick from behind, Wilhart rolls on the ground for some times.

He has already dirtied the glorious red mantle of elite cadets by the mud.

「W-Who was that!? To slip through our sixth sense field and attack me, you don’t seem like a normal person……don’t tell you’re the lone survivor of the crazed assassination organization ‘Shadow Moonlight’一」

「Who is the lone survivor of some assassination organization, can’t you stop discharging your delusions, idiot」 

[ET: Try to remember this delusions about a great assassin, it might help in next chapter for you to know that this guy is a genius!]

Wilhart gets up while thinking about the heroic past of a great assassin who had learnt threatening assassination techniques.

Looking in front, there stood a red twin tail haired girl in an imposing manner with a scornful expression.

「Oh, isn’t this our sister, the attack just now was a really good one, looks like you have learnt a part of monk’s strength」

「I’m a magician! Don’t change my class on your own accord!!」

Wearing the red mantle of elite cadets, the second prince and third princess of Spada, Wilhart and Charlotte were looking at each other face-to-face.

「However, why are you here?」

While positing his monocle with his index finger and doing a cool pose he had practiced a lot, he asks his sister.

「It’s because of quest, isn’t that obvious. We’re not here for ‘camping’ unlike you ‘substitutes’」

The elite cadets are divided in two teams, one is formed by superior people and the other one is mish-mash by  inferior people.

The people from the first team call this second team as ‘substitutes’, a team with substitutes, in other words it’s a derogatory term.

「Gununu, I never said it was my outdoor training trip, you shouldn’t judge on your own speculations――」

「Several groups of 5 people with that big luggage, moreover the destination is Dacia Village, what else can it be other than camping?」

The outdoor training trip is the class commonly called as camping by students.

This is a humiliating class for those who can’t survive on the outside easily, in other words someone less than an adventurer.

The contents of the outdoor training camp i to spend 1 week within the mountain forest present in the northern part of Galahad Mountain Range.

And, because they are given more things than needed, it becomes overloaded, besides a group of 5 people has been set as a rule.

The current Wilhart has been selected applicable for taking the outdoor training.

Of course, the other 4 members have taken quite a distance away from Wilhart.

「Fu, Kukuku―――That’s a good reasoning my sister Charlotte, I, indeed have to take this cursed asceticism of hell, I have come to this Dacia village for that and am about to go to the training place」

「Asceticism of hell, eh……quite an interesting hell that is, if you even have a maid」

「Ku, Nuoo……」

Wilhart getting hit on the soft nerve, clenched his teeth with a desperate expression to bear the wicked tongue attacks of his sister.

Behind someone like him, a beautiful maid in clean apron dress is standing like a shadow.

「Yes Seria, it must be troubling for you to take care of an idiot like him」

「No, it’s an obligation of a maid to take care of her master」

While bowing to the princess of Spada, she added the words of salutation.

Looks like the girl Charlotte cares more about this maid rather than her own brother, Wilhart.

「Please take care of this idiotic brother so he doesn’t make trouble for other camping members. Every time he discharges his remarks the glory and grace of Spada goes into decline」

Understood, Wilhart glared at Seria, who said words of acknowledgement, with the eyes that seemed to look at a traitor.

But, he concludes that rather than cutting in there would lead him to getting abused more, so he changes the topic.

「You were saying quest, what is it about?」

Though Charlotte has quick beating hands and bad mouth, but it doesn’t change the fact that she is his blood-related sister.

Though he admits her ability in magic, but he is overprotective and worries if she took up on a quest with dangers.

「Sigh, what does it has to do with you――」

「――It’s salamander subjugation」

Blocking the statement of Charlotte, the voice of another man told the contents of quest to Wilhart.

「……Nero, huh」

「Yo, you’re the same as always」

Though they are students, but Wilhart is a prince.

For Nero Julius Elrod to talk friendly with him can be either because he too is a prince or it is his innate character.

At any rate, Wilhart and Nero in the truest meaning have same social positions, at the very least they never talk in formal language even in public.

「When you say Salamander, do you mean their nest?」

「Correct, you only have good brain Wilhart」

The ironic smile on the face of Nero with black hair red eyes and mysterious looks can easily capture the hearts of girls.

But, Wilhart is not a girl, and he has seen the beautiful face of this prince of Avalon since childhood, so he surely has been envious of his beauty.

The thing he is more concerned about is the contents of the quest for entering the nest of salamanders, the strongest monsters in the Galahad Mountain Range.

「Even though you are rank 4, but isn’t that dangerous?」

Though his pompous tone didn’t go, but the joke surely did.

「Don’t worry, no matter who is against us we will somehow get through it」

In front the Nero’s line of sight, stood the prideful party members.

Heaven-sent child of sword Galbraith,『Magical Eyes』of Hydra, Wilhart, being in the same school year, knows about their strength.

Of course, he only knows about their strength and has no familiarity with any of them.

After being called as「I can’t remember the names of weak people」by Galbraith and「Creep」by Hydra, the conversations stopped forever.

It wasn’t a line to be said to the royalty of the country they serve to, but Wilhart isn’t an intolerant man who would get angry with just that much. He is more or less near good-for-nothing.

Keeping it aside, but indeed it it’s the『Wing Road』of Nero with every member strong then it’s possible they won’t be outdone by salamanders in『Salamander’s nest』too.

But, still he worries.

「Don’t put us as together with weak you, brother. Even without having you worry about us, we can defeat something like salamanders easily」

「……I see」

But still, if Charlotte is in this mood, it would be wasting time to warn her.

「If you get hurt, do get Princess Nell to heal you」

That’s why he wants Charlotte to come back without getting hurt anywhere, he said something between those lines.

「You don’t have to tell me that much……huh, where is Nell?」

Charlotte surveys the surroundings by turning around, but she wasn’t able to see 5 members with her golden eyes.

「Hm. Ah, this always happens if you take eyes off her」

Good Grief, Nero shrugged his shoulders.

Wilhart recalls that his sister, first princess of Avalon, Nell, always seems to roam aimlessly here and there.

And she also has the combo of poor direction sense, it’s not bearable for the people to search for her, and there hasn’t, even once, the pattern where she went and returned back on her own.

「Isn’t she again being helpful to someone somewhere?」

Due to her very kind heart, she can’t abandon a person who is troubled.

That goes the same for people not from her country, and she interacts with them without any division, she’s more like a saint rather than princess.

[ET: Saint the female version here. Not the male sage/saint version]

However, though she extends a helping hand, the things that clumsy girl can do are only limited to her peerless rare talent in healing others.

「I’ve been telling her to stop because it’s dangerous, but she never hears me」

Seems like the prince of Avalon too is troubled by the unreasonability of his sister.

Of course, the girl called Nell doesn’t give a drop kick all of a sudden, nor call her brother idiot, she has a personality fit for princess and is lovely.

Wilhart always prays that the tomboyish Charlotte learns even a part of her lady-like character.

「Oh, rare things happen too, she has returned」

Maybe he sensed her presence, Nero turned back, and there stood, well talk of the devil, the first princess of Avalon, Nell Julius Elrod.

Wilhart though has no ability to sense presences he could still make out her figure even if he looks her from far.

That is because she has rare characteristic of having white wings on her back while having the body of a human.

Nell having the figure of angels drawn in ancient paintings rushes over the crows of her party members while smiling and swaying her big breasts which are quite not suitable for someone her age.

「Oh, isn’t this Prince Wilhart, what a coincidence」

While feeling the feels of healing without any use of healing magic, Wilhart exchanged salutations.

「Geez, where were you loitering?」

Nero whines in a fed-up voice.

「I’m sorry, big brother, but I have a really wonderful meeting」

「Hmm, so you were helpful to that person?」

「Yes! I was able to help an apprentice magician who was standing still because his horse wasn’t hearing him!」

What a heart-warming story this is.

However being touched by this goddess-like princess, that apprentice magician might become the new member of this princess’ fan club.

Thinking like that, only pity for making another man insane comes in the heart.

「Well the members are all here, let’s go to the nest」

Charlotte almost steps forward in high spirits while brimming with motivation,

「Wait, Charlotte」

But Wilhart stopped her.


Though she says in a displeased voice, but due to the fact she didn’t ignore him means that there was not much cracks between in their relationship as siblings.

「In these northern parts, recently stronger monsters have started appearing near the foot of mountains」

「So what? It be because of change in territories, right?」

Though they are monsters, they are a part of wilderness.

Even inside dungeons the loitering routes or appearing places changes everyday.

Even more so in hills and fields, it’s not rare for the inhabiting place to change at times.

「No, it seems to be the case for all monsters」

But, it is too much suspicious if all the monsters of that area have a change in the territories.

「Maybe because salamanders are too strong, the other strong ones near the summit are avoiding them」

Not only limited to salamander, but if a really strong monster appears, the other monsters in the surroundings run away from that place.

And, if it leads to all monsters changing the places then it means the monster is a rogue with lot of power.

Such dangerous monsters rarely are seen by other people.

「So that means I’m now more interested in fighting the salamanders」

「No, isn’t that ‘more’ troublesome」

Hearing Wilhart’s story Nero and Charlotte were contrastive, but they all left the place while increasing their guard.

The elegant bow Nell did completely deleted the bad image those two left on Wilhart’s mind.

「It would be great if they come back safely, sigh」


While Wilhart is worrying for her sister’s safety, Seria comes near him quietly and calls out to him meekly.


「The descending of monsters also means that, Wil-sama, your outdoor training is going to be more severe, so before worrying about others think about yourself」

「!?」[ET: Let me rephrase what he said there. He said: What the FUCjoigeroiehr oioerhofohh K jgfhhioWyr$^&$^$*&$#^%^]

I leave it to you if something happens, help me then, the young prince of Spada requests his maid in a pitiable manner, then he left the Dacia village while praying to the black gods for not letting monsters attack him.

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