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Chapter 167 – The Trial Is
After taking the quests from the beautiful and sociable elf receptionist I left the guild, and return to the plaza.

During the time I was taking the quests in Guild, Lily and Fiona were buying Potions and various sorts of items, in short, it was division of roles.

However though we had formed『Element Master』, but we haven’t officially registered ourselves, so in the end all three of us have to go to guild.

So let’s go tomorrow, while thinking I try to find the two but can’t find them, seems like they are still shopping.

Even if it’s potion, are female’s shopping always this long? I sat on a bench in the plaza which has the obelisk of 『Beginning of History (Zero Chronicle)』in the centre, and wait for the two.

「Trial, huh……」

While muttering that, I touch the top of eyelid of my deep crimson left eye.

It was completely out of my expectations, that I would find the identity-like thing of trial.

In the first place, I opened the Monster list of Guild for fighting the rank 4 and above monsters for getting stronger.

As expected of Spada, a big-city, the information amount is heavens apart from what was present in Irz.

Well in the end, just like explanation of receptionist, rank 1 adventurer should refrain from fighting high ranked monsters even if it’s their own free will, but like I care about.

But that’s not the problem, but the fact that I found a clue to trials within the monster list.

Within the many monsters in the list, some particular monster names were releasing red light as if it was a sign.

At first I thought the list had some sort of magical trick, but the name of monsters in red light could only be seen by me.

It was proved when I asked the surrounding adventurers「This is shining with red light, right?」, the reply I got was cold stares saying pitiable guy.

For confirming I closed my left eye, the luminescence vanished, conversely the light could be seen when looked through right eye.

Without a doubt, this red light could only be seen through my ‘left eye’.

Thinking back, Mia said something like this.

「In future, my eye will tell you the necessary things」

In other words, this eye literally is telling me.

Along with the affirmation, I recall the drastic move of gouging out the left eye and transplanting into me, I somewhat squander my eyes.

Even god would say, couldn’t you have done it in a more divine and sacred way.

After all this time, that complaint arose in me.

「Hm, Geez, You’re rude to say that, even though I healed it!」


I shake my hand off the eye, there the person with the same face I was thinking just now is standing.

「Is it you, Mia?」

The appearance is somewhat different from that time, but still has the black short hair, deep crimson eyes and androgynous beautiful face, the so-called self-proclaimed God, ancient Demon Lord, Mia Elrod.

The left eye that was supposed to be transplanted into me, is naturally with her, and shining with constant red light.

The black robe and uniform like clothes are the same as the students from before in guild and people within the city, by the way it’s a male blazer.

On top of that is Mia’s hand is, the same small fruit with sourness and sweetness and a not-yet-seen faint yellow milk like liquid inside a cup, it won’t look anything other than a child buying and consuming food.

But, that completely food consuming middle schooler, boldly announced the name with the jet-black obelisk at the back.

「Indeed, We are the King of Elrod Empire, Mia Elrod! Just kidding」

The figure of him/her/it with the little tongue out had a lot of cute destructive power.

Even though, there is no trace of divinism anywhere to give presents and hail screaming「God!」, to me Mia’s remains as the ‘Mysterious Magician’.

「I have something to ask」

I ignore Mia’s unexpected appearance and disappearance, and ask what I want to ask.

「What is it, I can answer everything until it touches the God’s Rule」

While smiling, it sat on the bench I am sitting at, moreover really close that our shoulder come in contact.

「My left eye indicated the name of monsters, is the trial to defeat them?」

It’s horribly lacking explanation, but with this much Mia would understand.

「Yeah, roughly it’s like that, but defeating everything is not the only way」

「What does that mean?」

I can’t tell you more right now, while saying that Mia puts the fruit in the small mouth.

All the names of monsters that showed red light are monsters of rank 4 above. It won’t be bad to train for it.

Probably, I might discover something new related to trials while fighting.

I throw another question to Mia who is eating the fruit with relish「Delicious~♪」

「Then one more, Mia are you really the ‘Emperor’ written on that (Zero Chronicle)?」

On this obelisk, there is not even a word of the emperor’s appearance, so just by looking won’t give even one hint.

「I can’t prove it for now」

「Will I know after I get the Divine Protection through completing the trials?」

Revealing a vague smile, That’s right maybe, Mia answers as such.

Looks like there is no intention to answer me clearly.

In the end, I can’t know the name of god until the ritual at temple, until I get the divine protection, getting Mia’s true identity is postponed.

「Sorry, The people from ancient times, can tell you the magic and techniques lost in the current era, but――」

「It’s violating the rules, right?」

Showing a somewhat surprised face, You’re sharp, and said those words of praise to me.

「All the『Black Gods』are people who have lived in this world, People like me who got the Divine Protection are permitted to talk with gods, that’s why there are many who tried to get the information about Lost Technologies like this.」

Even so in the current era the ancient magic is classified as Ancient and is said to be impossible to reproduce.

Ancient is the general name of the magic used only in the artifacts found in dungeons.

If that complex Magic Equation was deciphered, then it would’ve been added into Model Magic and a Magic system used in old days would have been re-created.

「Yeah, that’s why I can’t tell much about the past」

It’s good, than boasting strange things.

「And, is there some other ‘Strange Function’ in this eye?」

I want to keep it as normal eye as before, it would be troublesome if some kind of beam suddenly fired from the eye.

「Haha, It’s fine, it won’t make any strange reaction to create problems during fights」

So this eye can actually read the atmosphere.

Or rather, is Mia reading the atmosphere or this eye only?

「Then I will be going back soon, anything else you need to ask?」

It doesn’t feel like I’m getting answers in return, while making a wry smile,

「Ah, then one more」

「What is it?」

I decided to attack Mia with the question I had since the point I met Mia yesterday.

「Are you man? or a girl?」

Then, Mia changes to a sullen expression,

「It’s just as it looks!」

and roared, as to show her displeasure, Mia left the place angrily.

When the small figure disappears in the crowd of people, I murmur.

「Just which one is it……」




The talk with Mia was not at all good, but it did help in killing the time I had to wait for those two.

They appeared in the plaza while passing the crowd, if was already noon so we decided to have lunch at some place to eat.

「Still, there are quite a lot people」

Though it’s due to the time period, but this quarter with shops serving foods has more population density than at the plaza.

「No wonder it’s called Academy District, there are many students」

Just as Fiona says, the people wearing blazer like uniform clothes do stand out more than they did at the guild.

Obviously there are some people who look like middle-aged men and women, but most are young boys and girls of the same age as me.

Looking at that, I recall my times of a high-schooler.

Or rather, based on my age I’m still a 2nd Year student of High School, it won’t be strange for me to say myself as an active student.

No, I’m not going to School now so it’s bad to lie, After all I’m an adventurer who left the school in the middle of term, that’s true.

「Kurono, you want to go to school?」

Huh, was I that much immersed in my emotion that it showed on my face?

「That’s right, it would lie to say that I don’t want to, but right now there is no time for that」

Unfortunately, I end my sentence with that word, but I get objection words thrown at me from some truly unexpected.

「No, it’s a good idea to go to school」

That was Fiona who shouldn’t have good memories of school.

「It won’t do any good to study after so long?」

My ultimate goal is to acquire power to defeat those apostles, the most short and certain way is to raise my rank as an adventurer to fight stronger monsters.

Either way, it’s not a problem that can be solved by learning National Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

「Oh, was the objective of school only to learn written knowledge in Kurono-san’s birthplace? In Spada’s schools, you can learn the magic, techniques, Martial Skills, and all things necessary to live as an adventurer」

I only had the image of a school to have 5 + a little more courses, but, I see, this is another world so there might be schools that tell things like that.

Thinking back that students took the quests at guild, it means they’re being trained as adventurers.

「I see, so there are places like adventurer training centres?」

「rather than that, in places like this the ‘combat techniques’ like magic and martial skills are studied, developed, and practiced, it was like that in the Republic」

According Fiona’s explanation, they are playing the roles like the universities in Earth, like researching the latest technologies at places like that.

I definitely had the image of the laboratory places to be in some remote place inside forests with magicians, but in this world with magic, it’s only natural for it to be researched in this big-city.

「Now that I think about it Kurono-san, it’s not been even a year since you have come to ‘this world’, so why not take this opportunity to learn the basics of the basics?」

「Yeah, that might be good idea」

It’s only been 3 hard months since the day I met Lily on 4th of Ryokufu Month till today 14th of Hatsuhi Month, though it was quite a dark period of time, but it’s hard to say that I have learnt about this world.

It wouldn’t have been a problem to live as an adventurer of rank 1 in Village of Irz, but in this big-city called Spada, I have to stand on top of many adventurers, so I have to learn many things too.

「Shall we postpone knowing the school system here for a later time?」

For the time being it won’t be good if I don’t complete today’s goal, after that would be fine, no, after we become rank 2 adventurers.

「If I went to school, what would you two do?」

Though I say what would they do, the feeling to enjoy the school life stolen from me along with these two is swirling in my heart like a muddy stream.

Along with these two, it would be more troublesome than my previous world, but there’s no doubt it would be more humourous.

「Lily will also go with Kurono to school!」

「Yeah, I see, then let’s go together!」

Now would Lily be able to not enter the elementary schools, I thought that for a second, but this lovely fairy is 32 years old lady, there shouldn’t be any problems.

「I too. With you it feels like I can live a good school life, so I would like to once again go」

Maybe the lonely life at the Magic Academy in Elysion has left traces, her comment was quite negative, but because her feelings are like me, it’s okay.

「Then, we three will go to school together」

「But I want to quickly eat noon lunch first」

That’s right, While smiling wryly, we searched for a shop to eat and walked on the streets of Spada full of people.

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