Kuro No Maou – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 – The Prologue of the 7th

“Welcome to the [White Sacrament] 1st laboratory, Priest Head Ars, no, you are now Senior Priest if I am correct? Congratulations on your promotion.”

“…….No need for sarcasm Bishop Judas.”

Why am I here?

“It’s true that you have become a senior priest, but then again, I guess that was only due to the death of the previous superior.”(judas)

“ You should understand; it is a very cruel condition where someone so young like myself had no choice but to become a senior priest.”(ars)

The two men are talking about something. I know one of them. He is Bishop Judas-sama, a very influential and big person.

I don’t know about the other, but probably, he is also the same.

“This parish does not have the military force to stop another invasion anymore. We need to urgently call reinforcements from the church—-“(ars)

“Enough, don’t say anymore. You are not stupid enough to not understand that the parish governed by you has been already abandoned by the church, right?”(Judas)

I wonder what they are talking about.

I cannot understand what they are saying.

“……….are they telling us to die? To be ravaged and killed by that heretic army, is that what they mean!?”(ars)

“So you do understand. Well then, let me ask, why did you come to meet me now?”(judas)

It’s somewhat scary.

To die, to kill, I don’t really understand, but I think it is very scary.

“Bishop Judas, you have stayed here even when all the other priests have run away. You are not going to tell me that you are staying in this dangerous place which could be overrun at anytime, just for you research, right?”(ars)

“I see, I see, and?”(judas)

Heretics………those who don’t believe in god. I have never seen them. Just what kind fearsome creatures are they?

“You are a bishop, a rank higher than my own. And on top of it, even the Pope himself has visited this facility. You have many connections in Elysion, no, if I have to say it frankly, you should have the means to maintain the peace of this land, don’t you?”(ars)

It was the first time I heard that the Pope has visited here. It’s amazing, but, what is it that’s amazing? I don’t really understand.

“I see. If you use me, you could call for enforcements from the church, is that what you’re expecting?”(judas)

“I understand how unreasonable it is, but please. If I am able to drive those heretics away, and a day where this parish once again regains its peace and blessing of god, I will you pay you back with no matter what you ask for. I swear in the name of God.”(ars)

The man bowed his head. He had a big body but somehow he looked pitiable.

“……umu, alright.” (judas)

“o, ohh, really—-“

The man thanked a lot of times. He looks happy, no this is different, this is probably ‘being saved’.

“Sariel.” (judas)


I was surprised to be suddenly called by Bishop Judas-sama.

But, nobody probably realized that I was surprised, after all, everyone says that my face is like that of a doll/puppet.

Rather than laughing, or crying, I have been good at just being silent, yes, from a long time.

“Bishop Judas, that girl is?”(ars)

“The ‘reinforcement’ you wished for. Now, take her with you.”(judas)

The man looked at me with a surprise.

I stared back into his blue eyes.

“……this is not a funny joke, Bishop Judas.”(ars)

“Sariel, he is Senior Priest Ars, how about you introduce yourself?”(judas)

“Yes, I am——“

I thought for a bit.

My name is not——– anymore, it’s Sariel now.

One who has received the divine protection of God, one of the special 12.

“7th Apostle Sariel.”

I introduced myself with this name for the first time.

“Impossible!? The 7th apostle is Lord Ariel of the [silver judgement]! It is unforgivable to use that name–“(ars)

“Ah ‘that’ is already dead. From now on this Sariel is the new 7th apostle. She has not yet been appointed officially so she has yet to be awarded a court rank. So no need to put ‘Lord’ in front of her name when calling her.”(judas)

“An apostle died…………and on top of it, such a young child received the divine protection………..”(Ars)

“Now then, your task is finished right? I still have a lot of research to do.”

As Bishop Judas-sama stood up, he faced me and said.

“Sariel, what is your duty?”(judas)

“Yes, it is to kill the enemies of God.”

“Yes, that is all you need to understand. For everything else, obey Senior Priest Ars’ commands.”(judas)

“Understood, Bishop Judas-sama.”

“fu, I guess this would be the last time to be called with a ‘-sama’ by you.”(judas)

It seems when I’ll become the 7th apostle, I’ll be even above Bishop Judas-sama.

Although I don’t understand what will happen then.

“Then, I shall take my leave now. Senior Priest Ars, may you have the protection of God.”

And thus, my first ‘duty’ began.

Will I be able to do it? Who are the enemies of God? Why am I here? And why am I the only one alive?

I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore.

But I know just this.

God will not save me—–.


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  1. Phantom Starlight says:

    I will be honest. I am not fond of “this side” of the story.

  2. Jack says:

    Many thanks for this awesome chapter and the awesome novel!

  3. Fafnir says:

    True. I’m not fond of it either. For all I care they can rot and burn in pergutory. At least this story only has this side every 20 chapters or so.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am also not fond of it, mostly because this story does not have the credentials to be a “dark story”. It does not take itself seriously.

    Our protagonist suffered for holy-shit how long, and how horribly, he came to know what’s being powerless is like, what being dominated is like — and yet, when he’s free…What does he do? He plays around with his loli and plays house.
    He does not train, he hardly prepares…He just fucks around in his little slice-of-life comedy story.

    A character like Kurono is supposed to be obsessed with getting stronger, to be paranoid to the point that he has to prove to himself that he’s making progress, that next time he’ll be faced against Sariel, he’ll be able to win.
    But he doesn’t.

    To be frank, this story is not about anything “Dark and edgy”. It just pretends.
    So, really folks. Try to ignore this “slavery oh so dark so evulz” thing. The story itself doesn’t care.

    • EnTruce says:

      At this point Kurono is still thinking he’s safe, and he thinks that his feeble thinking will make his life go happy way. But keep on reading, the shit hits the fan from Volume 5. You’re still far behind. Furthermore, this story will turn harem, though there will no Tsundere, Kuudere, Shitdere only


      Yandere, all girls are Yandere

      *Spoiler end*

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