Kuro no Maou Chapter 207

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Chapter 207 – Wrath-Pun Subjugation

On the 12th day of Red Flame month, second prince of Spada, Wilhart, was walking on the front street of Royal Spada Academy with a depressed expression on his face.

「*sigh* ……」

He also sighed, as if the unhappiness was truly leaking out.

It wasn’t an「appeal to show exhaustion from heat」, but a truly depressed sigh.

This had continued since 5th day of Red Flame month, in other words, since the night he was attacked by Wrath-Pun and barely saved his life.

In the end, with Wilhart walking here and there around the school showed that he was saved.

However, the things he lost were too much.

First, the four other male students, all died.

And only the identity of two was confirmed, the other two had gruesome corpses beyond description.

But no matter how much gruesome death they had, as an elite cadet they too had resolve for fighting off danger, though this case was truly unexpected, but it could still be closed saying it was an accidental death.

No matter the reason, the elite course and knight course focus on fighting more, which in turns leads to quite a lot of casualties every year.

Hence, from the death of those four, Wilhart hadn’t taken much shock.

In the first place they themselves took the actions of escape, so the responsibility falls onto them.

Running without thinking a monster might be lying in wait was a mistake every rookie adventurer did, just this time it went to the extent of death.

The person Wilhart was most concerned about was, the adventurer wearing apprentice mage robe and had a name『Nightmare Berserker』given by Wilhart.

The people who saved him from the situation where he had to leave Seria behind, were without a doubt him and his comrades.

If they hadn’t appeared, Seria would have certainly died, he himself wouldn’t have been able to escape completely.

In other words, it won’t be an exaggeration to say him as the life saviour.

And, that life saviour hadn’t returned from the Galahad Mountain Range.

「Damn it, why……」

Wilhart and Seria, upon reaching Dakia Village, rushed in the adventurer’s guild, and made an appeal for reinforcements.

Simply put, this reinforcement appeal ended up as a waste.

After all, the time they finished preparations and were about to depart,


「Yeah, that Wrath-Pun named monster, we defeated it ourselves」


The party led by first prince of Avalon, Nero, the『Wing Road』, presented the corpse of Wrath-Pun to guild.

Upon hearing, the time Wrath-Pun appeared in front of them, it was ‘slightly’ injured.


[ET: If just it had all the power, then we would have seen this damn party getting killllllllleeeeeeeddddd!!!!!]


Wilhart’s good brain understood everything, that the party of『Nightmare Berserker』was defeated.

They stopped upon injuring the Wrath-Pun, and the glory for defeating it went to『Wing Road』.

Their achievement of killing rank-5 monster was accepted by guild, and they were promoted to rank-5 adventurers. This turned out to be the fastest rank promotion within the history of Royal Spada Academy, it even surpassed that first prince of Spada, Aisenhart.

The party of congratulations for Charlotte was held by the whole Spada royal family, but Wilhart didn’t feel even a bit happy at that.

Right now the whole school was excited on the achievement of『Wing Road』and was covered with praise and envy for them.

However, no one else knew, that an adventurer fought for saving him.

Thinking carefully, he too called him as『Nightmare Berserker』and hadn’t known his true name.

That’s why, he couldn’t search for him though he wants too, and even if his guild card was recovered within the Galahad Mountains, he wouldn’t be sure if it was his or not.

Wilhart, didn’t even had the means to confirm their death let alone their survival.

It was just too much frustrating.

「Damn it……each and everyone……」

While walking the interior of academy, only the talks about the ‘history’s strongest’ adventurer party reach his ears.

Not only within the school, but their rumours even exist out in the city.

In the first place, whenever a new rank 5 adventurer appears, it more or less becomes a popular topic.

And in this case, it was a party of elite cadets who reached rank 5 within less than 2 years, furthermore, it had first prince and princess of Avalon, third princess of Spada, and eldest child of Galbraith Family and Hydra Family, with this sort of people in the party it can be only called natural for it to become a great topic.

As a result, this news conquered the whole city of Spada more easily and sensationally compared to when first prince, Aisenhart became rank 5.

To the extent, it overshadowed the topic of serial murders of young girls which had been going on since a week ago within the city.

Without even 2 days passing, Wilhart had already gotten irritated on this topic.

He didn’t had any resentment against『Wing Road』, but to him the hero was『Nightmare Berserker』.

Every time they were praised, without even knowing the existence of his life saviour, he came to despise others.

「*sigh* ……」

Hence, a sigh.

The only person who could understand his feelings was, Seria, who also had her life saved.

That’s why, Seria didn’t say anything to Wilhart and was letting him be alone.

Wilhart too knew, if he remained depressed like this, it would be problematic for Seria as well as others too.

He had no choice but to return to his normal form, raise laugher, and live school life while crying within the heart.

And, if no one knew about him, then at least he himself kept the gallant figure of『Nightmare Berserker』with the innermost depths of his heart.

The moment he thought a thing occurred.

「Huh, are you perhaps――」

Somehow he was called out by a man he was about to cross by.


Upon being called out, he instinctively let out a shameful voice, and raised up his head.

「You’re really that student who was attacked by Wrath-Pun at that time, right?」

There stood, the figure of a man with red and black eye, wearing apprentice mage robe on the tone burly body.

Though he had seen him only for some time, but he hadn’t forgotten him, he wouldn’t mistake him for someone else.

「Nightmare Berserker!?」

Wilhart raised his voice unintentionally, and seized the shoulders of man with an expression of shock on face.

「Eh, what? Berserker?」

「Woooooo, you were alive!!」

The man without knowing he had an exaggerated nickname like Nightmare Berserker, just looked at Wilhart with perplexed expression.

Thus, second prince of Spada, Wilhart, and his life saviour, an adventurer named, Kurono, met for the first time.

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