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Chapter 176 – Nightmare Berserker
「We are the, son of『Sword King』Leonhart Tristan Spada, the great man owning the, the white holy sword, forbidden black magic, and, the epitome of darkness, the reincarnation of demon king, that’s right, We are Wilhart Tristan Spaー」(SK: Wilhart uses ‘Waga’ for ‘I’ which is more ‘royal’)

A rusted iron sword in goblin’s hand is swung towards the slim male student, wearing a red mantle proving him to be a leader cadet in the Royal Spada Academy and is naming himself in loud voice.


Stopping naming himself in the middle, he does a forward somersault with all his power to evade the sword, that boy is the leader cadet shouldering the future of Spada, Wilhart.

Due to the somersault his monocle was about to fall, in a quite haste, he fixed it and stood back up to only howl at the goblin while pointing at it.

「You son of a bitch! To actually attack without hesitation while someone is naming themselves, you really are a rude savage!」

「It’s not a savage but a monster, you’re a big idiot to expect it to show manners」

From behind Wilhart’s back, a refreshing beautiful voice came.

It’s owner is, a maid wearing a pure white apron with no signs of dirt at all within this thick forest.

Pale green colored hair braid in a ponytail, the light blue eyes and face with adult beauty, would be like an elder sister if compared to Wilhart.

Otherwise, that manner of speaking which doesn’t mince matters even against her master, shows the good relationship of that of siblings.

「Very well, in that case to this savage knight, We――」

「It’s just a normal goblin」

「We will tell you the etiquettes of how nobles fight! By this great man owning the white holy sword, forbidden black magic, and, the epitome of darkness, the reincarnation of demon king, Wilhart Tristan Spadaaaaaaaaaaa!?」

Once again the powerful slash of the goblin assaulted  Wilhart who is howling at it while pointing his finger.

And, once again he did a front somersault with full strength to evade the attack.

While spoiling the costume of a leader cadet which is a symbol representing Spada’s glory, he stands up in an unrefined manner.

「You attack us not once but twice using fowl techniques……We won’t forgive you, definitely not!」

As though to win against Wilhart in howling, goblins too bellows while spitting saliva.

「We would let you become the rust for our White Holy Sword! Here we go, you barbarian knight!!」

「Wil-sama work hard. Also, that’s a goblin」

Wilhart takes out the rapier made of mithril from the scabbard hanging on his waist, though in a very textbook style, he took a clumsy stance and faced the rogue goblin.

Wilhart has already entered the world of fighting man against and man, he can’t possibly hear the words of the boorish maid anymore.

「Haaaaaa, in response to our request, reveal your true form, 『Holy Sword Vaiceschveato』!」

「It’s only a normal『Mithril Rapier』」

「And take this! The secret martial skill passed down in the royal family of Spada since time immemorial, 『Heinrich Untergang』」

「It’s only a『Slash』」

Voice of boorish maid, can’t be heard! while praying wholeheartedly, Wilhart assaults the goblin in front of him with a normal『Mithril Rapier』, while using『Slash』which he had learnt many times in the classes of the Academy.

Though it did reveal the might of martial skill, the straightforward swordsmanship was just too easy to understand and couldn’t surpass Goblins reflexes.

With high agility like that of a monkey, goblin evaded the slash attack with a side step, in that posture assaults Wilhart.

「It evadeddd! Nuooooo!!」

From that moment onwards, without any martial skills or sword techniques, it changed into a competition of mudslinging.




「Fuu, it was quite good, you nameless barbarian」

Like that, Wilhart gives the words of departing of Goblin who is now lying on the ground without moving even a bit.

His red hair inherited from his father, is disheveled due to evading here and there by somersaulting and rolling, right now a single green leaf is sticking to them.

It can be seen at a glance, the black blazer type uniform and bright red mantle are slightly dirty from the sap of weeds and mud, it has some traces left of the fierce fight against goblin.

Wilhart looked down upon the loser by making his golden eyes shine, though he himself won narrowly.

「For you have to this much hard time against just one goblin, as expected of Wil-sama」

While revealing a brutal light in her pale light blue eyes, the maid gives her blessing to her master, Wilhart.

「That’s right praise us Seria, We haven’t released even half of our true power! Fuhahahahaha!!」

Hitting both hands on waist, Wilhart raises a loud laughter, his whole body is without a doubt slightly dirty and shows that he won by a narrow chance.

But, aside from his father’s wild looking appearance, this intelligent looking face, white skin as though he were a shut-in student, his thin body which can somehow gather power to take stance with sword, everything only looks like that of a bookworm student, so Wilhart should be praised that he even defeated a single goblin with sword.

Long story short, it means that he worked really hard.

「Well then, let’s search for the rest of 4 goblins」

Seria, the maid in an indifferent tone, tells the progress of 5 goblin subjugation quest and urges her master to make haste.

「Fumu, this was just the weakest of all The Great 4 Barbarians, the other ones waiting are the true deadly weapon knights with true power」

「The Great Four, in that case, wouldn’t one be left out?」

「Fu, that on left in the end is the『Sword King』that controls The Great 4 Barbarians, the abominable tyrannical ruler, Barbarian King!」

Hmm, while shaking her ponytail in the light breeze, Seria throws appropriate words at Wilhart with a mannequin-like expressionless face.

「Well then let’s make haste, let it be the goblin quartet or their general, just kill the 4 of them fast.」

「Wrrrroooong! It’s The Great 4 Barbarian and Barbarian King!!」

「There is a nest near here, let’s get near it and then search」

Seria turns over the long skirt of apron dress and starts running on the mountain road, her movement is like that of pair of wings helping her.

「W-Wait! Don’t leave your Master who has completed a Soul Contract with you!!」

Before he lost sight of her, Wilhart, in a panic, started chasing behind the maid who has run before him.




「It’s strange, we should be very near the nest, but I don’t feel the presence of Goblin at all」

Seria, who stopped abruptly, says those words with a nonchalant face.

「Pant……Pant……I, Is that true? Certainly, We too……cannot feel……the evil waves, the……speciality of…… The Great 4s」

Leaning on a tree, WIlhart replies a completely nonsense crap while gasping, apparently, he doesn’t know that it’s good to breath without talking.

「Either the nest is extinct or has moved otherwise is in the middle of fighting――let’s go and check it」

「Eh, Ah, Already……」

He urges to let him rest for a little more while with eyes of pitiful puppy, but the maid with no hint of understanding her master’s urges, starts running the mountain road once again.

「V, Very well……in that case the time for us to remove the seal of Soma and revive has come……Fu, Kukuku……」

Like that, he drinks the potion for recovery (500 klan) taken out from pouch, and chases after Seria so that he doesn’t lose sight of her.




I’m a man like the example of bean sprouts, Wilhart carries that in actual real life practice, gathering willpower somehow, he chases after the apron dress with the contrast of white and blue.

Seria has stopped for hiding in the bushes, but he is doubtful as to why she has stopped here.

There is no way she would stop for him, she is the maid who doesn’t give a f*ck about her master, or so Wilhart is thinking.

「*Pant*……*Heavy Pant* What happened, stopping here,did something――」

Seria turns back in a second, and shuts Wilhart’s mouth with the dress glove she is wearing on her hands.

「Nnnh!? Nn, NNMU~!! (Y-You! Don’t tell us that plan to betray us)」

「Keep quiet, and look at that」

Upon being urged by Seria, Wilhart rides her urge and looks on the other side of bushes.

Apparently there is a cliff on the other side of bushes, so he was able to get an unbroken view of the whole meadow spread below the cliff.

And, he realized that place is one of the nests of Goblin, out of numerous nests of Goblins present in the northern part of Galahad Mountains.

It would be obvious to anyone, because there are many storage shed like buildings and goblins near it.

「O, Oi! There is someone there!?」

Wilhart suddenly noticed, there is a lone man present inside that nest.

No, there is no way he won’t notice, after all that man is basking in the hostile glares of numerous goblins surrounding him.

「Why is an apprentice magician in a place like that alone!?」

Wilhart releases that line unintentionally, Seria too knows there is no time for composure left.

Aside from that, the thing more worrying it why an apprentice magician jumped into the nest of goblins.

The black robe with simple design worn by the man is a normal cloth that can be found anywhere, but Wilhart, who goes to Royal Spada Academy, knows that the robe is the robe apprentice magicians of Academy are obligated to wear.

In fact, he himself is wearing so he can’t be wrong.

「Not good, we have to save him before it get’s too late!」

「I can’t think of anything happening if Wil-sama jumps in the nest against that many goblins」

「You thought of throwing me alone in there!?」

Wilhart completely lost his haughty first person ‘We’, and urges Seria for saving the man who he hasn’t seen before, but might be going to the same Academy.

「Please, Seria save him!」

And above all, the man is a citizen of Spada.

As the son of King Leonhart, as a person of royal family, he can’t possibly let a citizen die in front of him.

At the very least, Wilhart does think like that wholeheartedly.

[I can’t be useful in a fight, but you can fight against 100 or 200 goblins, right, that’s why please, I will pay extra pay to you after this」

Seria heaves a small sigh, seeing him requesting from someone of lower class than him, and muttered.

「Good Grief, at times like this only Wil-sama acts like a cool person――」

Please! To Wilhart who is joining his hands and without hesitation lowering his head, the mutterings of Seria can’t be heard.

「Understood, let’s save him」

「Whoa, Really!」


Seria points to the meadow below, and declares with confidence.

「――I don’t think he will need any help」


Wilhart widened his eyes in surprise, but the next moment he understood the meaning of Seria’s words.


In the hand of apprentice magician, at some point was a single sword.

He is a magician, so why is he equipped with something like sword?

No, looking at that the ‘abnormality’ of that sword, a doubt like this would never come up.

That’s because, the hatchet clenched in the hands of man, is having a large a wide blade portion, and is clad in an ominous and dark brown aura.

「Is that, a cursed weapon!?」

「Yeah, based on the looks, it is.」

Even a beginner would only think it to be cursed weapon after seeing the fiendish aura covering it.

But, the man holding the cursed hatchet, is only standing silently without showing hints of madness or actions of those who are possessed by the curse.

The stance is different from what is told in Spada, but even Wilhart, who got saved in the sword classes by barely passing from failure understood, that the stance is of a person who is master is swordsmanship.

「Don’t tell me……he can use the cursed weapons」

The muttering can’t be heard by the apprentice magician in far distance, but, as to reply to his question the man moved.

The man, assaulted the goblins carrying the hatchet against the crowd of goblins coming at him from all four sides――.




Heaps of corpses, the scene that can’t be explained anything else was spread below.

There are corpses of goblins spread everywhere, spurting out the entrails and blood in a flashy manner, not even one is a complete body with every part present.

And, the figure of man who created this hell with just one hatchet, was no more in that place.

「As expected, there was no need to save him」

Yeah, while replying that, Wilhart recalled the scenes of battles that was ongoing before.

The single man, with just one hatchet, cut down the flood of goblins coming from all directions.

With just one swing of hatchet, the torso, hands legs, and head are dissected.

On the contrary, the blades of more than dozens of goblins, never reached the body of the man.

This was no more fighting, but one-sided slaughter, similar to atrocity.

The man without showing signs of being mad, just indifferently, like he was given orders to repeat something simple, kept on cutting the goblins with a cold expression showing no emotions as though he were a servant of someone.

He wasn’t angry either, but that man

「It’s a berserker」

Seemed to fit that nickname.

「Ku, Fufufu……Fuahahahahahahaha! That’s right, that guy is the Nightmare Berserker」

「Sigh, is that so?」

「That’s right!」

The man got himself a name out of his permission, but the man has already left the place, and he never noticed the presence of these two either, so there was no room for complaints.

「The time goes back to 10 years ago, a tragedy occurred that pushed down the kind-hearted apprentice magician into madness for revenge, yes, it was later called as Red Night in Spada, the ghastly――」

「I think it’s rude to fabricate someone’s past」

And, the incident of『Red Night of Spada』doesn’t exist, at the very least, Seria hasn’t heard of it.

「He’s Awesome, He’s Cool, that Nightmare Berserker!」

「Did you get high after seeing a stimulating fight……」

Seria while sighing heavily that she can’t handle him anymore, had to listen to the legendary stories of the Nightmare Berserker from Wilhart.

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