Kuro No Maou Chapter 133

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Chapter 133 Element Master Vs Hundred Numbers (1)

“Magic Bullet Arts.”

Let’s make the first move. Heavy knights had blacked it with their armour and shields but a magician’s robe wouldn’t be able to do the same.

Black bullets appeared around me and turned towards the experimental bodies.

Reacting to my actions,


Lily also deployed her Oracle Field and entered an attack stance.

I swung my baton to fire a storm of bullets without any gap towards the 4 experimental bodies that were protecting the man.

And above them a magic circle of light that possessed incredible destructive power also appeared.

It was impossible to dodge. In the first place, if they wanted to protect that man, they couldn’t let even a single attack magic to pass through them.

“”منع انتشار الظلام الجدران السوداء الداكنة الدفاع””

I had expected them to take defensive measures obviously, but I didn’t expect them to know how to chant as well. Are they even more skilled than me or has the experiment simply moved further.

“”—-Black Wall.””

The chants of the 2 men on the sides were completed and a defensive shield was deployed around them.

A black wall, similar to [Death Wall Defan], appeared in a wide range.

But these shields were not made of dark magical energy but black magic. They look the same but the quality is different.

At least a materialized black magical energy shield would be much more effective in blocking my bullet arts.

But why is it that every other experiment except me was so good at making defensive shields? Do I just lack the talent at it?

Well leaving that aside for now, the shields that appeared were 2 in number. One in front to block my bullets and one above to block Lily’s attack.

From here it looked like they had been suddenly covered by a black rectangle.

“Full Burst!!”


The moment their defensive magics activated, our attacks were shot out.

More than a thousand bullets were shot out and a pillar of light came down like lightning to envelop the black shields with a flash of black and white. A shockwave and sounds of explosion resounded.

With the sound of shattering glass, the black shields broke.

“So they nullified each other out.”

The shields had been broken through but not even a single bullet or a beam of light could reach them. No, I guess it was a good thing that our attacks were able to at least break their shields.

“”Automatic Fencing – Auto Killer.””(experiments)

Just when the black shields were destroyed, the 2 women began to attack with the swords in their hands and the ones floating behind them.

But still, [Automatic Fencing] sounds so nostalgic. It wasn’t [Magic Sword Arts] back then during the maneuvering experiments.

And it had the exact same effect as my own attack. That is, swords came attacking on their own.

Excluding the swords in their hand, there were 3×2 = 6 total swords.

“They’re aiming for Lily?—-“

Rather my sturdy body, they must have decided that it would be easy to defeat Lily who had a child like body or maybe they found the pillar of light to be dangerous.

In any case, what I have to do hasn’t changed.

“—–Don’t you dare even think of touching Lily in front of me you f*ckers!! Magic Sword Arts!!”

I faced the blackened swords flying like arrows with my own 10 swords.

I sent 2 swords towards 1 of theirs. I can easily bring them down.

The swords used by the enemies are a total of 6, meaning 1 of their swords will definitely pass through.


Putting my vigour behind it, I used my favourite partner, the cursed hatchet, to bring the last one down.

Both were blackened blades but my Hararetsu’s performance was overwhelmingly better.

The edge of the hatchet that was shining with a black aura completely pulverised the blackened blade that was flying towards Lily.

(“Lily step back a little.”)


Connecting through Telepathy, we smoothly entered our roles as vanguard and rear guard.

Even if I was a newbie adventurer, I had been constantly doing quests along with Lily for the past 3 months. We could easily use such simple coordinated movements.

I moved in between the 2 women who were aiming for Lily.

Without any change in their expression, they came rushing directly towards us.


Both of them released the martial art [Slash] at the same timing. I’m surprised that they even know martial art skills! They didn’t teach me anything like that!

But you’re not the only ones who can use martial arts.


I was superior in both, the ability of my weapon and the power of my martial art. It was easy to counter attack against both of them with the same one attack. In fact I had enough power to force them back.

With a loud sound of metal clashing, 3 swords intersected as they released sparks.

As expected, the two women were outmatched by my Kuronagi and were blown back 2 steps.

They didn’t really broke their stance but that was enough to provide an opening to attack.


With a cute sound that came from behind me, 2 balls of light rushed towards them.

The balls of light that possessed tracking ability, easily passed through me and rushed towards those two. It had the perfect timing that did not allow even time to use defensive magic.

“”Black Bullet rifle.””

But, the balls of light were blocked by the black bullets that were rapid fired from the front.

It was a protective fire made by those two men behind them.

It seems that side can perform pretty good coordinated movements.

“”Black Buckshot.””

I stepped forward to attack further but the two women quickly back stepped to create a distance between us and fired buckshot towards me to stop me.

“Kuh, Black Shield!”

I stopped right there and deployed my defence. Though buckshot has a wide range, it lacks power. It could only barely put some cracks in my shield.

But still, just how much more are they going to imitate my moves before they are satisfied? At least try to name it something else other than ‘Buckshot’! Do you even know what it means!?

“…….so we’re back to how it was.”

Leaving that aside, the 2 women who had attacked Lily had now retreated back towards the 2 men.

The swords held by those 2 had now cracks due to my Kuronagi.

It seems that the effect of losing the enchant of black magic on receiving a huge shock attack was also the same as me. In fact, theirs’ seems to be even weaker.

Were they being stingy while pouring the black magic inside the sword?

While I was thinking that, the 2 women threw away that sword and brought out new ones and blackened them for use.

I see, so they have countless replacements.

At the same time, I also realized that those black swords were not made completely of black magic but were actually brought out through Dimension magic.

To be able to bring out materials directly in their hands; it seems that their Dimension magic is one step above my own [Shadow Gate].

I seem to be superior in direct attacking strength and magical energy quantity, but in everything else they seem to have better skill. I need to stay on guard.


(“What happened Lily?”)

As her voice resounded inside my head, I still kept on paying attention towards those 4 as well.

(“Well, it seems they are also connected with telepathy!”)

(“……These 4 are?”)

(“Yes! So they are able to move even when they cannot see!”)

I see. So that was the trick behind their coordinated attacks and perfect timing.

I don’t know whether that’s due to their black magic, or due to the ring in their hand or maybe they have communication device embedded inside their heads, but in any case this really is a troublesome ability.

Even a normally weak monster can overpower a higher ranked adventurer by attacking in groups. To be able to communicate within thoughts is an extremely amazing advantage for group battles.

(“Can you jam it?”)(kurono)

So if they lose it, it’ll also become a huge minus for them.

If they were experimented later than me, then not much time should have passed since they were ‘created’. If they lose their telepathy, they won’t be able to use a high coordination team play like now.

(“uu, sorry Kurono, I can’t do it now. It’ll take too much time.”)

(“How long?”)

(“1 min…but if they are using a [Mind jammer], Lily won’t be able to do anything.”)(T/N: constant reminder- Lily talks in third person many times when in child form.)

I should be able to tank them alone for 1 min but if Lily won’t be able to attack at all, it’ll become troublesome.

If their telepathy gets jammed, I alone could take care of them but if I go on full assault, who’ll protect Lily?

On the other side, they are in battle with the 100 light golems. I can’t expect any reinforcement to come from that side by crossing the barbed wires.

Then, the very best action we can take is to kill that masked bastard as quickly as possible—-

“oo, as expected of that old geezer, you’re made very well No.49. Is 4 people too easy for you?”(masked bastard)

“Then how about you fight as well? You’re acting as their leader in my place right?”(kurono)

“How can you even think of me as a just a boss of these things? A human chosen by god will only treat a foreigner that is even lower than a slave as just an item to ‘use as much as he can’! Just as how God won’t take actions for humans, why would a human like me act against foreigners like you—“

As he snapped his fingers, 4 more appeared from the forest on the sides.

Their equipment and armaments were exactly the same but the blackened swords behind them were only 2. They must be weaker than the previous ones.

But, suddenly the number of opponents doubling is not a very good. Considering that all 8 of them are connected with Telepathy, their teamwork would be a deadly threat.

“Well, I doubt an uncivilised imbecile foreigner could understand what I was saying.”

While hearing the man’s unpleasant laugh, I decided.

I really need to kill this man first and foremost.


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