Kuro No Maou – Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 – Start of Summer

In the eastern region of the Pandora continent, including Irz Village, a festival known as the [Festival of Natsugoshi (lit. beyond summer/keeping summer)] on the 30th of the month of new sun (Shinyou).

The word ‘Natsugoshi’ might seem like an unfamiliar word, but every Japanese should have heard of ‘End of the year/New year’s eve’.

‘End of the year’ is a time for doing major cleanups, meant to wash away the impurities and welcome the New Year.

This ‘Natsugoshi’ was also similar to that. In the same meaning, the villagers start doing major cleanups and then welcome the summer.

Originally, it was meant to maintain hygienic conditions and surroundings by doing major cleanups during the start of summer and end of year.

Although medicines and pharmaceutics had also developed in this world along with restoration and healing magic, but they are still not on the same level as modern japan in terms of medical facilities. So it was extremely necessary to improve the hygienic conditions through events and also prevent any outbreak of diseases or epidemics.

Though it possessed such an important and serious objective, in the end, a festival was a festival. Whether it was this world or my original world, it was normal for people to get excited during festivals.

Finishing the cleanup by the 30th, on that day a festival is held with all the effort of the villagers.

This was what I heard from Nyarko inside the guild’s lobby as I ate my lunch.

“I can’t stay silent if we’re talking about festivals!” (Kurono)

“I have also enjoyed them every year.” (Nyarko)

My first festival event in the different world! I am of course excited but it seems Nyarko is excited as well.

In this different world where there are few sources of enjoyment and pleasure, a festival would definitely be one important and large event.

“Lily-san also comes every year. She treats people who get injured.”

“Is that so? That’s unexpectedly mature of her…..”

Just like her age, no wait, just like her outer appearance suggests, I thought she would go around frolicking in high spirits, but to think she would be a part of the management staff.

That mature Lily was currently in a corner of the lobby playing around with a round fat cat.

If you play around too much then your valuable Ancient Velvet one piece dress would get covered with fur you know?

“This year Kurono-san is also there, so this year Lily-san can also be carefree and go around enjoying the stalls.”

“Yeah, the two of us can—–oh, are you saying that there will be stalls too?”

“What are you saying Kurono-san? If you talk about a festival, then the first thing you think about is the numerous food stalls, isn’t it? Ah, could it be that it wasn’t like that in Kurono-san’s hometown?”

“No, we had them in my hometown as well. Guess they would be selling eatables that can be easily consume while walking right?”

“Yes, there are a lot of shops selling skewered grilled meat, and sake~. During festivals, people loosen their strings on their purses it seems, so it’s easier to make more money. Even though I know this, I still end up buying lots of things after all~especially on that mysterious lottery done near the item shop.”

“Ah, old man Kische seems like he would do a lot of things……..”

“But, it really is fun to walk around the various stalls even if the feet get sore~. This year I am lifting my ban on high spending!”

“It really was fun to but as much as you could from the little pocket money I was given as a kid…”

Well, in my original world, I would have still been officially a child though.

I went to the literature club, and didn’t have any part time jobs either. But to think that my first ever manual labour would be as an adventurer in a different world, really, no one can tell what life has in store for you.

“When I was a child I dreamt of conquering over all the types of sweets being sold in the stalls, but this year I’ll make sure to actually realise that dream~fufu~.”(Nyarko)

“It might not feel that amazing when you actually do it, you know?”(kurono)

“Oh come on~Don’t say such realistic things now~”

Today also, I kept on chatting idly with Nyarko. This will probably continue until Pine-san comes, I guess.

Although Nyarko doesn’t stop no matter what, but I guess I’m also the same since I never stop her either. Maybe what Nino said about me interfering in her job might be actually true.

“But still, doesn’t it feel like summer has already started before the festival? It’s become much hotter in the past few days.”(Kurono)

Probably, Irz village is on a lower latitude than Japan. I can already expect that the days would be extremely hot for a long time later on.

Will I be fine wearing my favourite [Demon’s embrace] under that scorching sun?

“Yes that is so..makes you want to drink something cold, right?”(nyarko)

In this world ruled by magic, ice isn’t something high priced.

Even a rank 1 magician can create a lot of ice. If I used Aten’s Ice Armour Shield, just how much shaved ice could be made out of that?

“Yeah, I really want to eat shaved ice, also ice creams—“(kurono)

As I remembered about such captivating ice items,

“What’s shaved ice or ice cream?”(nyarko)

“Eh, you don’t know?”

“Never heard of it. Is it a food from Kurono-san’s hometown?”

The Irz village had all sorts of eatables except junk food, so I thought they would have had ice cream. But, I see, in this world, at least near this village, Ice cream hasn’t been created yet.

“Yeah, it’s a pretty much staple item to be eaten during summers. But, alright, if you don’t have ice cream, then no choice but to create some!”(kurono)

“Ooh, a local dish from Kurono-san’s hometown!? This should be exciting!”

Well, I wonder if it’s fine to call shaved ice or ice cream a local dish…….

“Alright, tomorrow also looks like it’ll be hot as well, so I won’t take any quests today and try making some.”

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