Kuro No Maou Chapter 140

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Chapter 140 Tell Me

Kurono fainted with a peaceful looking expression but his whole body had become crimson red from the large amounts of blood flowing from the wounds.

The method of killing someone by biting off their wind pipe made Kurono look like a mad serial killer but,

“fu,fufufufu you were too cool Kurono!!”

For Lily, the blood-stained Kurono looked more glamorous than a prince on a white horse.

“Oh how lovely! Superb! *chuu* *chuu*”

Using the fact that he was fainted, Lily gave kisses on his cheek.

“Lily-san, I think you should heal Kurono-san now or we’ll be too late you know?”(Fiona)

Maybe she didn’t think much of Lily’s actions or was maybe too amazed by it, or maybe she was jealous, Fiona came to interrupt Lily with her usual unreadable expression.

This situation where two men were lying in the middle of the road like corpses along with 4 corpses of snakes wasn’t exactly suitable for a romantic kiss scene.

Cyprus’ servants, the [Crime Eaters] were lying dead, not because Cyprus had fallen but because Lily had simply shot them down.

Although, neither Cyprus nor Kurono knew just when Lily had done something like that.

“—n, I guess that’s true.”(lily)

As if she was used to it, Lily picked up Kurono’s body easily.

“It’s really unfortunate but I’ll have to leave Kurono’s treatment to you. You still have the [Fairy’s miracle drug] remaining right?”(lily)

“I don’t mind but, is that fine?”(Fiona)

“It’s fine, I need to—–“

In Lily’s line of sight was Cyprus trying to stop the blood flow from his neck as he fainted.

He was on the verge of death but he was still alive.

“—–hear a lot of things from him.”




As he woke up, Cyprus realized that he was still alive.

“ha, haha—–“

He ended up laughing with delight on this miracle.

(“That’s right! I, I am not someone who would die here!”)

Yes, there was no way he could die like that.

After all, there has been nothing that hasn’t gone as he wished till now in his whole life.

Good looks and high physical abilities, having talent in both the sword and magic, and having rich parents, he was a born elite. He was different from others, a man truly loved by god.

Someone like him wouldn’t die so pitifully while fighting against an escaped experimental body.

“Oh, so you’re finally awake Mr. Scumbag?”

The moment he was called ‘scum’ by a voice as sweet as a little bird, Cyprus once again brought his consciousness back to reality from his thoughts.


He finally understood his situation then.

Among the lush green tress, a gentle early summer wind caressed his cheek with the sound of rustling of the branches.

Apparently he was sitting with his hands tied back and legs stretched forwards. And judging by the sunlight coming from between the gaps in the leaves, it was still daytime.

“There are a lot of things I want to know from you. It’d be nice if you answered them all honestly.”

In front of him stood a beauty with platinum blonde hair and emerald green eyes.

“You bitch!!”

She was a beauty that would have normally made him fill with the desire to make her his own woman but Cyprus hadn’t forgotten his current situation.

(“No. 49’s woman, that fairy who suddenly turned into a brat!.”)

For some reason, she was supposed to be in a child like form but maybe by using some kind of magic, she returned back to her original girl form.

“You shouldn’t make such a loud noise. Or have you forgotten the condition of your throat already?”


In his mind the figure of the truly devil like no.49 biting off his throat appeared.

It should have been a fatal blow but since quick healing had been done, it’ll still take some time to heal completely. Cyprus who was well versed with magic ascertained the condition of his injury and healing.

If we were to make a loud noise, the wound might open again and start bleeding profusely.

“Well, even if you don’t talk, it won’t really trouble me though.”

(“Shit, underestimating me this bitch—-“)

He was alive but had become a prisoner. He started thinking about what to do but,

“After all, I only have to listen directly to your ‘heart/mind’.”(lily)

With a girlish smile, a shining white needle appeared in front of Cyprus and he stopped thinking.

Starting from the injections in the facility, he had seen a lot of needles but the one in front of him was bigger and thicker than any of those. It was more like a skewer or a thin stake.

Probably it had been made by her magic and by her words he understood what she was about to do to him.

“You people have done the same thing, it’s only obvious that you’ll realize my intentions, ufufufu.”(lily)

As she twisted the needle as if she was having fun, the girl raised her hand overhead.

What appeared was the same structure that appeared from an [Angel Ring] that could directly interfere with one’s thoughts.

“Now then, first, let’s start with your name.”


As he tried to speak the words to stop, the girl gave a dazzling smile and brought down the needle while accelerating it with magic.

*Dozu—-*(sound of stabbing)

Cyprus heard such a dull sound inside his head.


The giant needle that stabbed into his head turned and scraped at his cranium and aimed for his ‘mind’.

Surprisingly, he felt no pain but Cyprus knew what was happening to him as his hair stood on its end as his brain was being violated.


While still smiling enjoyably, the girl put more force in it.

Finally, the needle completely pierced through his skull and encroached till the delicate part of his brains.

“—-Cyprus Vermani, Oh, you were quite the rich guy. How enviable, I also want to live with Kurono in such a big mansion.”

Someone who possesses strong telepathic powers can directly ‘touch’ and draw out any and all information from the brain.

Even a single human possesses massive amounts of information in their head. To draw out the required data, its best to question them straight and then read their minds to know the answers.

“I don’t really care about your personal info though. What I want to know is what kind of connection do ‘you people’ have with Kurono. How did you ‘summon’ him to this world? What did you want Kurono to do? What did you do to Kurono? What did——-“

Something ‘else’ ran about inside his head and gave rise to a fearsome amount discomfort.

Violently, forcibly, inside his head, inside his mind, every time that ‘something’ moved about, some part of his memories got destroyed.

All of that was info she did not need after all. Everything other than info connected to No.49 was unneeded, useless, trash, garbage, and there was no value in leaving such info inside his head.

“C’mon, tell me, more, more about Kurono!!”

Once again a turbulent sound resounded inside his head, the sound of his cranium being destroyed, the sound of having his brains pierced. The needles being inserted in his head kept on increasing. 2, 3 and more.

All he knew was that ‘something’ was raping his mind vigorously and gave birth to absolute despair that was increasing like surging waves.

“I want to know more about Kurono. I want to know each and everything about Kurono! That’s why, tell me everything about Kurono that even Kurono himself doesn’t know!!”(lily)

The girls voice didn’t reach Cyprus’ ears any longer.

His eyes turned white and he became a cripple as drool flowed from his open mouth. There was no way he could understand words in such a situation.

“Aah, I know! I now know more about Kurono! I can learn more about Kurono!!”

Maybe she realized that he wasn’t responding to words any more, using her telepathy in its original form to communicate directly with one’s mind, she sent direct messages to Cyprus’ brain.

“Doing such cruel things to Kurono, I really cannot forgive you. I’ll completely and thoroughly make you suffer and then kill you.”

In his head, a cruel, genuine killing intent was carved.

As a replacement for his destroyed memories, killing intent, hostility, disdain, abuse, scorn—–all sorts negative emotions were crammed inside his head.

Cyprus finally understood that his own ego, his own personality was being destroyed right now.

(“aa……so this is what ……..having your mind broken feels like……..”)

The only thing left to him was,

(“ Oh God…….save me……..”)

To pray to his God for salvation that would be never given to him.

(“Please…save me….save—-“)

“ahahaha, that’s it, keep on praying to your god to preserve your mind. After all, the true suffering and pain will start from here onwards. The despair you love so much, I’ll make you fully taste it as well, ‘kay?”

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