Kuro no Maou Chapter 183

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Chapter 183 Let’s Go to School

Today, the month changed and now it was the 8th month, the month of Kouen.(T/N:Red flame)

Underneath the sweltering heat from the bright sun at the height of summer, I was walking through the streets of Spada, which I had gotten slightly used to, while wearing the stuffy apprentice magician robe.

The destination was the Royal Spada Academy, the biggest in Spada, and the most famous academy even among all the central City-states of the continent.

But no matter how famous it was, for me who hasn’t spent even a month after coming here, I knew nothing about it except the name.

Now then, as to why I was heading towards this school, we’ll have to go back to yesterday evening after we came back from [Revival Catacomb] after completing our quest.


“We were lucky that that the reward for subjugating that cow was more than we thought. Maybe we should go eat something nice tomorrow.”(Kurono)

“Yes, let’s do that definitely.”(Fiona)

Because the reward received from the Minotaur Zombie that Lily instantly killed was more than we thought, while seeing Fiona getting excited during our conversation, we entered through the door to the inn. Soon after that,

“Kurono-sama, we have a letter for you. Here.”

I was handed a letter by the werecat employee same as before.

Taking it while giving my thanks, I quickly looked at the contents.

“Is it from Simon-san?”(Fiona)


The sender was as expected. As for its contents,

“What is written?”(Fiona)

“It seems things have calmed down on that side. Also, she wants to talk.”(kurono) (T/N: A reminder that Kurono still doesn’t know that Simon is a man)

Well, basically that.

I had no reason to reject the invitation, in fact there was a mountain of things I wanted to ask Simon who was a resident of Spada.

And like that, I was currently going to meet Simon.

It seems Simon has started going back to school which she attended before due to various reasons and was currently living in the dorms away from his home. So, it was mentioned in the letter that I’ll have to go to the school directly when I come to meet Kurono.

There was even an apology written in the letter for making me go all the way to come and meet her myself but after all I’m an adventurer, there was no guarantee when I’d return. Rather than wait for me indefinitely at the [Cat’s Tail], it was better for me to ask for Simon at school.

Also, I was interested in the Academy as well so in fact, I’m actually happy that I got a reason to confidently go inside and check it out.

By the way, I’m alone right now because,

“It’ll be easier to talk without me right?”

Lily showed such kind of concern.

I don’t think it was something that worrisome but if Simon is going to explain some personal circumstances, it’s true that it would be better for me to talk to him alone.

Also, it seems that both Lily and Fiona had some errands to run today as well.

They’ll prepare for the next quest at the same time as well so by work division, all of us were moving separately today.

While thinking that it felt slightly lonely walking alone, I started seeing more and more boys and girls in uniforms.

Realizing that I was getting closer to the school, I checked the few giant signboards to make sure and started walking again.

“Oo, holy shit it’s big…….”

The Royal Spada Academy, as I reached in front of its gate, those words naturally left my mouth.

Walls as splendid as the outer walls of Spada itself were spread and was much better decorated than at least the 3rd defensive wall.

Maybe symbolising some ancient heroes, on the right was the statue of a sword wielding soldier in a mantle and on the left was a statue of a female knight wearing full armour and equipped with a spear. At the base of both the statues, a flag representing the school’s emblem was also set.

The giant decorated double door main gate was wide open and a few meters inside a giant school building was standing.

In the centre a tall tower with who knows how many floors was standing and from there a 5 storey bilaterally symmetrical school building was spread.

It was much more magnificent than the high school I attended and looked like a great college, no, like a palace.

After coming to Spada, I am seeing such a great architectural structure for the first time.

If I was able to some day see the royal castle behind those walls actually, I might get the same impression then.

For the time being, let’s move inside the school grounds for now.

If I keep on standing here looking like an idiot for too long, I feel like the surrounding students will start looking at me like I am a country bumpkin.

But, in fact, I, who had started to treat this as a sightseeing tour and was having trouble hiding my excitement, finally went through the gate.



After stepping inside the school grounds that was probably much bigger than even the largest college in Japan, I obviously decided to first head towards Simon’s dorm.

So, I decided to ask for directions from the students, or so I wanted to do but………how should I say this, the girls I called to were completely scared of me.

To think that my looks would have such an effect now, I really didn’t expect that.

In Pandora continent where people talk naturally with frightening looking Orcs, there had been none who would be scared of me who clearly looked like a human.

But, here I got such a reaction.

The girls couldn’t even look me in the eye and were squirming while looking below and were trying to somehow answer my question.

No, but seriously, this is troublesome. In addition to my scary looks, since I was nowadays always together with Fiona and Lily, I had completely lost any kind of antipathy towards girls of my same age which is my I ended up making such a stupid decision of trying to talk to these girls.

When I was still a high school student, I was still a pure boy who fidgeted while talking to just Shirasaki-san but due to the existence of Fiona who didn’t mince matters and Lily who stays by my side like it was obvious, I must have become too used to having bishoujos around me.

Leaving aside whether it’s a good thing or bad, calling out to girls so familiarly with my face should be really avoided.

Or rather, I should have simply tried talking to a guy in the first place.

While thinking that, thanks to the girl who showed me the way even while scared, I could get to my destination without hesitation.

And after walking for around 10mins from the main gate, while thinking that I should have arrived where Simon told me to, I was suddenly hit with an immense sense of Déjà Vu.

Remember carefully, yes, it was certainly——-when I first met Simon, the day when I first visited her lab.

Led to a storage shed with the name of a lab, the sense of pity I felt for her back then.

I once again sensed that after reaching here.

That’s because in front of me was,

“Could it be that she’s living there?……..”

There was a shabby 2 storey building standing here which was so worn-out that it was impossible to think that this was in the same plot as those artistic buildings I saw just now.

It feels as if the lab at Alsace was simply expanded in size.

No, I doubt this one was built simply a large storage shed but there’s no doubt that it’s being currently treated as one.

Trying now to be too shocked by the raggedness of the building, I prayed to the self-proclaimed Goddess Mia hoping that this wasn’t where Simon lived and once again checked the place mentioned in the letter.

“uwah, no doubt this is the one.”

While feeling pity for Simon who had to live in a tattered building like this as if she was the protagonist of some world famous theatre play, I faced the giant storage shed in front of me.

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  1. For Academic Purposes says:

    It seems Simon has started going back to school which she attended before due to various reasons and was currently living in the dorms away from his home. So, it was mentioned in the letter that I’ll have to go to the school directly when I come to meet Kurono.

    “when I come to meet Simon”

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