Kuro no Maou Chapter 142

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Chapter 142 – The Circumstances of the 8th Apostle

In the plaza of Alsace Village many soldiers were waiting with the cavalry troops at lead.

The safe and sound Pegasus Knights Group was also included in them.

Their mission was to pursue the demons who planned the escape and had run away from the village. The preparations for departing were already completed, but they were still on standby.

After all,

“Please wait some time before pursuing.”

Sister Silvia had stopped the Norz, who was in high spirits to pursue.

“What did you just say, Sister Silvia?”

It was impossible to not hear her clear tone and words unless one was deaf.

The reason he asked her back was to give her the chance to correct her words.

“I said to wait some time before pursuing. If you couldn’t hear it then there is a possibility of your ear having problems. Shall I use Laser Heal?”

It seems like because of not hearing her poisoned words for some time now, My proficiency in the ignoring skill has reduced.

He had a feeling of praising himself for not punching her who was standing in front of him.

“You, surely aren’t connected to the demons, right?”

There won’t be anything good in her other than her outward appearance if she is like those demons. It will need to ‘Dispose’ of this conceited adjutant, or rather I want it to happen.

The bloodthirst in Norz eyes was the real deal.

However, Silvia didn’t show any sign of fear and continued her words with her usual cool attitude.

“Head Priest Norz, it will be in you good interests if you hear this quietly, after all, this is an order.”

“Order? Order you say, impossible, just who got the balls to give me some orders here, huh!”

He shouted in a loud voice that his subordinates would shudder up if they heard it. Silvia takes out a single sealed letter with an expression that said she was fed up from him.

“Go ahead and read it”

Norz took the sealed letter as if snatching, and was about to see inside but stopped his movements after he saw the red sealing wax on the letter.

“This is the……Holy Cross Insignia?”

On the sealing wax of the Church, which was leading the Crusaders, there always was a mark of Cross imprinted in it.

The sealing wax on the sealed letter in Norz hands, had the mark of Cross with a different design from normal ones.

The people who could use the Holy Cross Insignia as a sealing wax were only Pope or Cardinals. In other words, there were only 4 people in this world who could use that seal.

And, to a cross believer getting a sealed letter with Holy Cross Insignia as the sealing wax, it would be like getting a written order from heavens.

Norz who understood all that in an instant, completely vanished his anger and unsealed the letter with wavy hands.

“Are these the orders from His highness, Cardinal Mercedes……”

Upon reading the content of the document, a streak of cold sweat poured from his face.

“I-Impossible……The 8th Apostle you say!”

“Have your head calmed down a bit now. It is not unusual for the armies of republic being under the command of Apostles temporarily.”

The contents of the document written by Cardinal Mercedes were the words of Silvia「When the time comes, get under the command of 8th Apostel and quietly follow the orders.」written in a roundabout manner which was the characteristic of a high-ranking clergyman.

“That’s not the problem! Just who is the 8th Apostle. Don’t tell me—–”

Norz looked at Sister with red hair standing in front him.

“No, it’s not me.”

“H-Hah, I see, don’t scare me like this—–”

“My superior is the 8th Apostle, though”

“What did you say?!”

Norz yelled as if surprised while spitting out saliva. Silvia instantly took a step back and escaped the range of fire.

“No way. Sister Silvia you are Cardinal Mercedes’s—–”

“That is a delusion you made on your own accord.“

Silvia wasn’t foolish as she knew what Norz had thought about her.

“My head is 8th Apostle Ai-sama. She is quite a wild person, that’s why someone like me takes care of the ‘miscellaneous matters’.”

“Ai? I seem to have heard this name somewhere……”

Other than being angry at Silvia calling the work of adjutant as miscellaneous matter, Norz was trying hard to find the person named Ai.

“It is only a temporary social position, that she is an adventurer in the Cyprus Mercenary Group. The adventurer who came back alive alone from Irz Village, is Ai-sama.”

“Ah, Aaaa!? That foolish looking brat, huh!?”

“Be careful of your words. Or else do you want to be condemned to be crucified due to lese majeste.”

“Ku……but, she doesn’t has look anything like an Apostle……No, the 7th Apostle Sariel is also an exception, it’s only natural for people like her, huh”

He recalled the appearance of Apostles, it won’t be strange for a child or woman to be an apostle too.

And along with it, he recalled the rumours about 8th Apostle.

“I see, 8th Apostle, eh……Well, it’s no wonder nobody found out her identity”

“I’m thankful that you can understand it.”

Norz who had calmed down, asked a question to his adjutant, no, the direct subordinate of an Apostle.

“And so, the standby orders are given from 8th Apostle, huh?”

“She said she wanted to fight against ‘Devil’ and not to let anyone near because it would be a hindrance in the duel”

“To defeat the annoying devil, huh. It’s somewhat regrettable that the good part will be taken away, but I don’t have any say here if an Apostle of the Republic says so.”

Apostle and Devil. It wasn’t even needed to guess who was stronger.

Norz revealed a faint smile after the death of Devil who had killed many of his soldiers, had been confirmed.

“Well, who knows……After Ai-sama returns you will get your commander position once again, then continue the pursuit or whatever you want.”

“An apostle herself has gone, won’t the demons be annihilated?”

Norz knew that the Apostles had the power to kill even the mob of demons under the command of Devil along with devil easily.

Surely, Norz dealt heavy damages to them in the battle, but he had no confidence in winning against the apostles.

“She didn’t have any interest in other demons, so maybe she will let them run.”

“W-What!? Then there won’t be a meaning to it!”

“That’s why, at that time you will pursue them and kill them. Simple as that. Right now it will be good to at least complete the preparations to cross Reine River.”


He thought that only a fool would let the demons escape, but there was no change in their mission, it would be the very best to listen to Silvia’s words and so Norz agreed to her words due to thinking rationally.

“Ah, aside from that, please complete the preparations to greet Ai-sama when she returns. She has been lamenting that she wasn’t getting any good thing to eat recently.”

“……Got it, I will complete the preparations.”

Damn Selfish Apostle, she should learn something from Sariel-sama. Norz nodded while he cursed within his heart.

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